Should Childhood Trauma Be Treated as a Public Health Crisis?


From NPR: “The study [published in the Journal of the American Medical Association] is ‘probably the most rigorous test we have to date of the hypothesis that early childhood trauma has these strong, independent effects on adult outcomes,’ [William Copeland, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Vermont] says.

For Copeland, the wide-ranging impacts of trauma call for broad-based policy solutions in addition to individual interventions. ‘It has to be a discussion we have on a public health policy level,’ he says. […]

‘I think it should put to rest any kind of speculation about early childhood trauma and later life difficulties,’ [Kathryn Magruder, an epidemiologist and professor of psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina] says.

Though the link has been shown in earlier research, Magruder says, this new study can help direct future research and policy. ‘Why are we revisiting it? Because it is time to think about prevention,’ she says. Trauma is a public health problem, she adds, and should be met with a public health approach.

Psychologist Marc Gelkopf agrees. In an editorial published along with the study, he writes: ‘If the ills of our societies, including trauma, are to be tackled seriously, then injustice must be held accountable.’ […]

Bills like the SUPPORT Act enjoy bipartisan and are a promising start, says Purtle — but they don’t go far enough. To really reduce trauma and mitigate its effects, he says, policymakers must pursue community investment and policies like minimum wage laws that reduce economic pressure on people who are struggling.

‘It’s more than just “toughen up and deal with it,”‘ he says. ‘A lot of it comes down to people not having to live their lives in a state of chronic and constant stress.'”

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  1. We need lots and lots of big government with teams of people to check boxes on forms and a databases !

    We should make the government so big that both parents will need to work just to raise the tax money to pay for it, they will be busy but NO PROBLEM ! Just have all our children raised by state institutions !

    There is no problem too big in America that can’t be fixed with social workers, psychologists, check box forms, computer files and tracking databases !

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    • Lol, yes, those social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists – who believe drugs cure concerns of child abuse, and who want to drug up child abuse survivors for healing and doing well on their standardized tests – they’re the answer (sarcasm).

      Someone, other than the “mental health professionals,” who’ve been profiteering off of misdiagnosing and covering up child abuse on a massive scale for over a century, should look into the societal problem of childhood trauma. As to prevention, a great idea would be for the mental health professionals to get out of the child rape covering up business, and the police should start arresting the child rapists. What a concept! End the injustice.

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  2. Yes, the trauma industry is gearing up for action. Soon traumatized people will be the new target group for early intervention. Acknowledging that so many are traumatized will open the door for developing a new generation of trauma-specific drugs, and public service announcements on the warning signs of trauma to help the public sniff out the traumatized and report them as needing attention.

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    • The “mental health professionals” have been proactively attacking the trauma survivors – and their families – for decades already. I was proactively attacked by a bunch of pastors, “mental health professionals,” bishops, then a bunch of thieving corporations before I even mentally came to grips with the reality that my child had been abused.

      An ELCA synod office insider wrote a book about the crimes in 2007, the year after I handed over the medical evidence of the abuse of my child to the ELCA synod offices. I’m one of the likely millions of “widows” mentioned in the Preface of this book.

      “The dirty little secret of the two original educated professions” is that the primary actual function of our scientifically ‘invalid’ “mental health industry” is covering up child abuse, by turning millions and millions of child abuse survivors into the “mentally ill’ with the psychiatric drugs, for profit. Today, 92% of those stigmatized as “borderline” are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors, 82% of those defamed as “depressed,” “anxious,” “bipolar,” or “schizophrenic” are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors.

      And unbeknownst to the idiot “mental health professionals” the ADHD drugs and antidepressants create the “bipolar” symptoms. And the antipsychotics create psychosis and the other positive and negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome and NIDS.

      As a society we’d be really stupid to continue to entrust the very industries that have been profiteering off of covering up child abuse for over a century, to change their ways 100%, and all of a sudden start actually helping child abuse survivors. Especially since our “mental health professionals” can not even bill insurance companies for helping child abuse survivors.

      Absolutely, helping child abuse survivors should be done by someone other than our child abuse covering up and profiteering “mental health” industries. And our child abuse covering up “mental health professionals” should all likely be jailed, since profiteering off of covering up rape and abuse of children is illegal.

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