America’s Border Wars: Three Weeks in a Land of Trauma


From The Guardian: “Doctors say that recent migrants often complain of headaches, chronic pain, sleeplessness, feelings of sadness, and experience catatonic depression. Immigration attorneys in the Rio Grande Valley talk about clients who are so traumatized they’re nearly impossible to represent. ‘They just can’t focus,’ one lawyer said. ‘They have trouble understanding the law, doing interviews, just being present.’ […]

For adults and children alike, one of the most overlooked stressors comes from loss, says Dr. Selma Yznaga, associate professor of counseling at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, who works with recent arrivals. It’s the crushing loss of identity and culture after fleeing their homes into a liminal wilderness, and the loss of dignity from being a stranger, from being robbed, raped or kidnapped.

‘One of the mediating factors in ACEs is how strong an identity you have,’ Yznaga says. ‘If your identity and dignity are stripped by the journey, then you’re even more vulnerable to trauma.’

Worse, she says, once they arrive, ‘There’s another loss, this dream that once they get to America everything is going to be OK, and it’s not. It’s a dream they’ve had for generations, this land of milk and honey, and it’s shattered. Once here, they’re just treated like trash.’ […]

All through the Valley, ICE agents are showing up in places once deemed safe: court hearings, emergency rooms and at mobile clinics that service the poor, people told me. The sick and elderly aren’t going to the doctor for fear of being stopped along the roads. At El Milagro Clinic in McAllen, the manager, Margarita Alvarez, says there’s been a decrease in indigent patients. Even a trip to the supermarket strikes paranoia.

Meanwhile, children, fearing parents could be snatched away, stew in their toxic stress and become unhinged. One woman tells me her daughter screams, ‘Kill them! Kill them!’ whenever she sees police, after her father was deported. She hyperventilates when she hears sirens, wakes up screaming in her bed, and has become violent in school. She’s four years old.

‘This administration has led to the rise of people feeling hunted,’ says Martha Sanchez, community organizer with La Union del Pueblo Entero (Lupe) in nearby San Juan. ‘Look at how much damage we’re causing them. There’s a ton of kids here who need therapy.’”

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  1. And the “mental health professionals” cheer because “There’s a ton of kids here who need therapy.” More children they can massively poison with their neurotoxic tranquilizers, based upon their delusional DSM theology that all distress is caused by “genetic” “chemical imbalances” in peoples’ brains!

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  2. Ammon Bundy, the leader of an armed militia that took over an Oregon wildlife preserve to protest federal land policies, said he’s quitting social media after facing backlash over comments he made criticizing President Trump over the migrant caravan.

    Bundy told BuzzFeed News last week he decided to log off from his social media accounts for good after receiving enormous backlash from a video he made defending the migrant caravan and attempting to dispel conspiracy theories George Soros was behind the ordeal.

    While Bundy said he supports many of Trump’s policies and is grateful for his presidential pardon of the ranchers at the center of the 2016 standoff in Oregon, he disagrees with his depiction of immigrants at the border and his approach to governing.

    “I believe President Trump, the best way I could explain it, is that he’s a nationalist, and a nationalist in my view makes the decision that best benefits the nation, not the individual,” Bundy said. “That is not freedom, and that is not what America was built upon.”

    How about that, from the liberal news outlet buzzfeed too ! Most people still believe the narrative that the liberty crowd is all about racism.

    Someone even flagged my first comment cause they couldn’t handle it, LOL

    Police state loving “conservatives” always hijacking the liberty movement when it suits them, throwing them under the bus when it doesn’t.

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