New CA Surgeon General Puts Spotlight on Early Childhood Adversity


From California Health Report: “The impact of stress and trauma on people’s physical and mental health looks set to become a central focus of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration in the wake of his appointment of the state’s first surgeon general.

This week, Gov. Newsom tapped Nadine Burke Harris to fill the newly created position. Burke Harris is a physician and pioneering leader in the field of toxic stress and health. She founded the San Francisco-based Center for Youth Wellness, an organization that’s working with pediatric clinics nationwide to develop best practices for screening and treating children at risk for toxic stress. She will be sworn in Feb 11.

[…] In a press release from the Center for Youth Wellness, she praised the governor’s commitment to tackling health issues through the lens of childhood adversity.

‘Governor Newsom’s vision to address health care from a preventive rather than reactive frame reflects a keen appreciation of the latest science as well as a deep commitment to the health of California children and families,’ she said. […]

‘This is a unique opportunity for California to lead the way when it comes to addressing the risks of toxic stress and children who are facing adverse childhood events, not just for themselves but for multigenerational families that are struggling with it every day.'”

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