A Tale About the Inside: Human Rights Violations From a Typical Stay in an American Psych Ward


From Everything Matters: Beyond Meds: “To Whom It May Concern:

I was a voluntary admit for an acute grief response and PTSD flashback—and was refused treatment by hospital staff—because the entire hospital administration wouldn’t acknowledge my PTSD, in favor of a clinical bias toward bipolar disorder. Every time I talked, they told me I was ‘hyper verbal,’ even when I took five breaths between words. They kept me against my will for five whole days. Case manager Brooke even told me not to meditate, which is very helpful for my long-time stabilized bipolar management.

Medical technician Greg, on the evening of December 29th, ordered forced psychiatric meds in solitary confinement, because I asked to leave my bed for water. This was after he told me I couldn’t leave my bed to urinate. He also gave me a towel and suggested I masturbate.

Once in solitary confinement, without giving me water, medical technician JerMichael told me that ‘once a medical technician orders meds, the nurses have to administer meds,’ which is factually incorrect—only nurses have power to administer medication, not medical techs. Later, when I told JerMichael I had two kids, he said, ‘Quit lying to me man. You can’t hustle a hustler.‘” 

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  1. I was in an abusive hellhole posing as help and I told them to think about the fact that some time in the future I will be outside this place on the street with them and that if anyone assaults me or sticks me with a needle I will do the same thing to them.

    What happened was I refused the overdose of drugs they ordered and they came at me with the usual threats of assault and a needle as a coercion tactic so I made the exact same threat back at them. I already saw staff assaults on patients.

    Are you making threats do we need to call the police ? Go ahead and call, you made the exact same threats at me first, I will file a report too. They didn’t call, I wanted to go with the police to get out of that hellhole. They don’t force drug you in jail.

    Those abusers behind locked doors don’t seem to worry about what can happen to them outside on the street were there are no panic buttons and goons to come running and someday they might abuse the wrong person.

    I was just an idiot who drank too much, drank myself sick over stress and voluntarily went to the ER for detox, totally embarrassing, and ended up being transported to the hellhole for so called help. The same thing happened I got accused of “rapid speech” and bipolar and was ordered to take this neuroleptic overdose a combination of 3 drugs at very high doses. I like to write this story like I was nothing but a tough guy standing up to them but I was really scared. No way could I just swallow that many drugs without going into a very nasty shuffling stuper with ‘involuntary muscle movements’ all that horrible nightmare and possibly worse. I was angry but it was desperate self defense. They were either bluffing or they could tell that if I was assaulted I would have retaliated outside the place but they never touched me and I continued to refuse.

    I was actually feeling better before all that, the strip search pissed me off but I was over it, it was the second morning they came at me with the drug overdose and threats for refusing it then of course my reaction to that included ‘rapid speech’ and it was used against me and proof I ‘needed’ it.

    None of those drugs were for alcohol withdrawal. I know how that’s done. Atavan or Valium, the good stuff. Not Haldol Trileptal …

    When I got my medical records I saw they put me on “assault precautions” LOL, like I would start a fight inside that place outnumbered by staff wielding hypos.

    Highly unlikely but if I ever get sick from drinking again not going anywhere near a ‘hospital’. They have resort style rehabs for that.

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    • Reading what I wrote I am not so good a writer, how do I describe those damn pills (disable your mind you can’t even think but struggle to anyway combined with bodily malfunctions) to someone reading this why it was a big deal ?

      Very bad situation trapped in a place given the choice swallow that horrible shit posing as ‘medicine’ or get violently assaulted and jabbed with a needle. Before it happened to me what would I think reading this I ask myself.

      I did not bring it on myself by ‘acting out’ that’s why it pissed me off so bad. I saw what they did to others who ‘acted out’ just a little, sudden assault out of no place. Take down they call it.

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