Caroline Mazel-Carlton: Judaism Madness and Spirit


Voice hearers, mystics, visionaries, and mad people are found throughout the scriptures of Judaism. What does Jewish theology have to teach us about madness and psychiatric diagnosis? How can modern Judaism show the way to new responses to extreme and altered states, in our communities and ourselves?


Caroline Mazel-Carlton is a survivor of psychiatric crisis diagnosed as psychosis, Director of Training at the Wildflower Alliance – Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community, Hearing Voiced and Alternatives to Suicide support group facilitator/trainer, and part of the Jewish Renewal movement studying to be a rabbi.


Western Mass Recovery Learning Community

Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Listen to more interviews on Madness Radio.


  1. Wow, This is so, so amazing. I’m about halfway through the podcast while I am writing this. Caroline is someone I would certainly want to meet. I am Jewish and also a psych survivor. I could certainly relate to everything Caroline said here.

    I wish there was a text version of this. The absence of a text version was why I missed this.

    Will, Jews do not try to convert others. Proselytizing is either discouraged or possibly considered to against our laws. Jews do not make any effort to convert others.

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  2. pleeeez be a reform Rabbi. So many of us (monothiests & polytheists, alike) are working very hard to protect children from anachronistic mistreatment. I couldn’t go on after the teacher who shat on you for drawing on your hand. Author-Jesus & the Unabomber

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