‘Dear Doctor’ – Toronto Rapper Calls for Greater Humanism in Psychiatry


From MC FÜBB: “Following up on his recent single, ‘Opioid Crisis,’ Toronto-born hip hop emcee/rapper and Registered Psychotherapist MC FÜBB (pronounced ’emcee foob’; aka Daniel Farb) has released a new song and accompanying music video: ‘Dear Doctor.’ Speaking from the perspective of being both a past consumer and a current provider of mental health services, ‘Dear Doctor’ is a response to the legacy of over-medicalized, disease-focused treatment in psychiatry’s history, and a call for greater humanism and person-centeredness in the world of mental healthcare.

Performed over a boom-bap instrumental by producer and beat-maker Execute, ‘Dear Doctor’ explores themes of being pigeon-holed by diagnostic categories; the often overlooked impact of the social determinants of mental health; and pleads with those in the helping professions to ‘be real’ and authentic in their interactions with their patients/clients.

‘Dear Doctor’ is the second single to be released from MC FÜBB’s forthcoming EP, Wounded Healer (a project for which the artist received a recording grant from the Ontario Arts Council), which is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2019.”

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  1. Oh how I wish that I could make every last one of the psychiatrist employed where I work watch this video! Of course, most of them would dismiss it because they know better than anyone else about everything and they are convinced that they’re right, no matter what!

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