Understanding Voices: New Website for Voice-Hearers and Their Supporters


From Hearing the Voice: “For the last two years, Hearing the Voice has been working with members of the voice-hearing community to develop Understanding Voices – a new website that helps people find clear, balanced and comprehensive information about voice-hearing.

Covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from what it is like to hear voices and what’s happening in the brain, through to the pros and cons of medication, cognitive behavioural therapy and peer support, the website is an essential resource for anyone with an interest in voice-hearing. It explores practical techniques for managing distressing voices, information for families and friends, and also sheds light on the links between voice-hearing and inner speech, trauma, creativity and spiritual or religious experience.”

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  1. Understanding “voices” is not that complicated. The antidepressants and antipsychotics can create “voices” or “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning.


    The ADHD drugs can also create “psychosis.”


    As can other legal and illegal drugs.

    If you’re psychiatrically drugged to cover up child abuse, which is the most common reason for psychiatrically drugging people today, and for the past century.


    You’ll likely get the “voices” of the child abusers in your head, tormenting you. The good news is, once you’re weaned off the drugs, those “voices” will go away.

    But you likely will suffer from a temporary, drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis.” Which will always be misdiagnosed as a “return of the illness,” instead of a withdrawal problem.

    The good news is this type of healing “psychosis” will likely take the form of a spiritual “psychosis.” One where God – and maybe even all the decent souls within the collective unconscious – come to save you from the insane, “all distress is caused by chemical imbalances in peoples’ brains” believing “mental health” workers.

    And if you do get “millions of voices” during a drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity manic psychosis, it’s actually quite easy to get rid of these “voices.” Just politely explain to them that you can’t function that way, and explain they must go back to functioning as a collective “voice” of reason or “voice” of common sense. And tell them that they may only speak to you, when all within the collective agree I need to be warned about something. Waaalaaa! A quiet mind.

    “And I’m not the only one ….”

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