International Experts Call for Services for Millions Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs


From the International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: “Millions of people around the world are currently trying to come off psychiatric drugs but finding it extremely difficult because of withdrawal effects which are often severe and persistent, and because there is so little support available to come off the drugs slowly and safely.

The 40 international experts attending this weekend’s meeting (end of September 2019) of the International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal ( voted to endorse the recommendations of the recent Public Health England [PHE] review of ‘Dependence and withdrawal associated with prescribed medicines’ and pledged to try to implement them in the 15 countries they are from, and beyond.”

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  1. Thanks to all who attended this conference, who are speaking out about the lack services to help people get off the psych drugs, and the need to provide such services. In as much as I was able to convince my former psychiatrists to wean me off the drugs, largely by not discussing the adverse effects of their drugs, and instead telling them I was doing much better as I was being weaned off the drugs. But my insane psychiatrist wouldn’t wean me off them, until he’d first forced me to try most of them. Can you say obnoxious?

    Oh, but I did need to embarrass my psychiatrists as well, by pointing out that concerns of the abuse of one’s child, after the medical evidence of the abuse had been handed over, wasn’t “cured with antipsychotics,” as my oral surgeon understood, but psychiatrists had difficulty understanding.

    The mind boggling stupidity of the psychiatrists blows my mind. I do recommend picking up one’s medical records. Our psychiatrists don’t know the difference between Wellbutrin withdrawal induced contractions in a person’s private parts, and “voices” in a person’s head. They don’t know the difference between dreams and “psychosis.” They do not know the difference between Judas Iscariot and Judas Priest. They know nothing about the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome. They think Chappaqua, NY is “Chippawa, NY,” which is not even a real place. They believe their client’s entire lives are “fictional stories.” They believe the best way to help a healing child abuse survivor, four years after the abuse, is to neurotoxic poison him. Eek! Crazy people!

    Oh, but that last one is because the primary actual societal function of all our “mental health” workers, for over a century has been, and still is, profiteering off of covering up child abuse.

    I had no idea our doctors and religious leaders had a “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” multibillion dollar, child rape covering up scam. So much for the ethics of “the two original educated professions.”

    Beware to all survivors of abuse, and their concerned family members, stay as far as possible away from all “mental health” workers. They’re delusional people who believe distress caused by 9/11/2001 is distress caused by “chemical imbalances” in people’s brains. Can you say political abuse of psychiatry? And NO “mental health” worker may EVER bill ANY insurance company for EVER helping ANY child abuse survivor EVER, unless they first misdiagnose all child abuse survivors with the billable DSM disorders.

    Given the reality that both the psychological and psychiatric factions of our “mental health” industries, as well as likely most of the other DSM believing “mental health” minion, have been profiteering off of covering up child abuse for over a century. I’m quite certain we should also call for some industry, other than the child rape denying and covering up “mental health professions,” to help the millions and millions of child abuse survivors, who’ve been misdiagnosed with the other billable, but “invalid,” DSM disorders, by DSM design.

    It’s not morally acceptable for our society to force the millions of child abuse survivors, who’ve been misdiagnosed by our child rape covering up and profiteering “mental health” workers, to trust those same industries to do a 100% about face, and actually start helping them in the future. We need a new industry to actually help the psychiatric and psychologically misdiagnosed millions of child abuse survivors heal.

    There are people who are actually trying to help these child abuse survivors, and are helping them. I was told by one of those people that they can usually help, unless the child abuse survivors are being psychiatrically drugged. There was a conference last weekend on this exact subject. I wasn’t able to attend, but did speak with some who did on Sunday. But that person’s experience is good reason why there is a need for weaning people off the psych drugs.

    It was a conference on SRA, and the effectiveness of deliverance ministry. I’m still just learning about it, but perhaps that’s who the child rape covering up psychologists and psychiatrists should hand over the millions and millions of child abuse survivors, that they’ve misdiagnosed with their “invalid” DSM disorders to? You can’t expect people to be “cured” by, or trust, the same people who’ve profiteered off of misdiagnosing them with make believe diseases, and neurotoxic poisoned them for over a century. We need alternatives. Lack of competition is the sin. Mr. Rockefeller was wrong.

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