CDC: Childhood Trauma Is a Public Health Issue and We Can Do More to Prevent It


From NPR: “Childhood trauma causes serious health repercussions throughout life and is a public health issue that calls for concerted prevention efforts. That’s the takeaway of a report published Tuesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One in six people across the United States has experienced four or more kinds of adverse childhood experiences, according to the report.

That’s why it’s important to prevent adverse childhood experiences and lessen their impact on individuals, said the CDC’s principal deputy director, Dr. Anne Schuchat, at a teleconference Tuesday. ‘Preventing ACEs can help children and adults thrive and has the potential to substantially lower the risk for conditions like asthma, cancer, depressive disorder and diabetes,’ she said.

The new report presents the CDC’s first estimate of how many Americans are affected by adverse childhood experiences, as well as the potential benefits of preventing these kinds of traumas.”

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  1. I do agree, “Childhood Trauma Is a Public Health Issue and We Can Do More to Prevent It.” Yes we can, and we need to.

    For starters, our society should start actually arresting and convicting the pedophiles. Right now our police are under some sort of odd delusion that it’s not their job to investigate into matters of child abuse and rape, even when medical evidence of the child abuse is in hand. And they believe such matters are to be dealt with by the psychiatrists. They very literally refused to investigate, and told a concerned mother to “go talk to a psychiatrist.” Refusal to investigate real cases of child abuse is true of child protective services, school social workers, the IL states attorneys office, the FBI, the mainstream religions, etc. as well.

    And according to the psychiatrists’ very own DSM “bible,” NO “mental health” worker may EVER bill ANY insurance company for EVER helping ANY child abuse survivor EVER.

    This inability to bill insurance companies to help child abuse survivors has resulted in the “mental health” workers misdiagnosing child abuse survivors with the other, “invalid” DSM disorders, on a massive societal scale. To the point that today, “the prevalence of childhood trauma exposure within borderline personality disorder patients has been evidenced to be as high as 92% (Yen et al., 2002). Within individuals diagnosed with psychotic or affective disorders, it reaches 82% (Larsson et al., 2012).”

    And the psychologists have been systemically covering up child abuse and rape for over a century as well.

    But yes, “CDC: Childhood Trauma Is a Public Health Issue and We Can Do More to Prevent It.” We can get the unethical and “invalid” DSM deluded “mental health” workers out of the child abuse and rape covering up business, because such crimes also function to aid, abet, and empower the child molesters. And our society needs to actually start arresting and convicting the child molesters. For goodness sakes, we’re now living in a “Pedophile Empire.”

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  2. As a survivor of childhood trauma and intensely harmful professional intervention, I DO NOT IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER support governmental efforts to tackle childhood trauma as a public health issue. I have zero doubt this will produce tragic results as children are funneled into mental health treatment and families are destroyed by CPS involvement.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that…

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