Groups Condemn Human Rights Violations at Ukrainian Institution


From the European Network of (Ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (ENUSP) and the European Disability Forum: “The European Network of (Ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (ENUSP) and the European Disability Forum strongly condemn the abuse and severe human rights violations of the residents of the Pliskiv Psychoneurological Residential Institution in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, recently uncovered by activists of the organisation ‘USER’.

The disturbing footage collected by activists exposed practices that should never happen to any person: residents, all who are persons with psychosocial and other disabilities, were kept locked up in a dark, cold room, completely naked irrespective of their gender and age. They were locked, without any support or means of communication, in a room without furniture or access to a toilet.

The footage was published on October 29, 2019 by Ukrainian media UA Vinnitsia. It was filmed by activists of the organization ‘USER’, an ENUSP member . . .

We would like to remind the Ukrainian authorities that such treatment and circumstances constitute torture and ill-treatment and are prohibited under human rights treaties. We further remind the Ukrainian authorities that every person has the right to be treated with respect for their rights and dignity.”

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  1. Apollonian ego fixation. This kind of humiliation is only a result. Just imagine that there is no psychiatry, only apollonian fascists and psyche, which is their slave. Apollo and Hades. Imagine that people only represent powers that are beyond them. Apollo (rationalism) is a Nazi, and he thinks he can control Hades (psychological/poetic imagination). Which is impossible, because Hades is the main power, main god of the all gods, all imagination.

    Think in mythical way about imagination. Forget about persons, people with names and surnames, forget about – I am. Forget about ego. This is a war against imaginal reality, and we must abolish the materialistic fascism of egoic people, because they think they can control imaginal reality in which our ego only dwells. Still, ego is not the owner of the psyche.

    Science is not something that will explain people the need of imaginal reality.Psyche is something more. Something more than material science.

    Fight for the rights of the psyche in material reality, which completely forget about the roots.

    In the history of the treatment of depression, there was the dunking stool, purging of the bowels of black bile, hoses, attempts to shock the patient. All of these represent hatred or aggression towards what depression represents in the patient.

    James Hillman

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