Why Did I Stay?

From Mad in Sweden, written by Bianca Andersson. I was in psychiatric treatment for eighteen years. For eighteen years I didn’t get the help I needed. Why didn’t I leave psychiatry long before? What made me stay in something that couldn’t help me and on the contrary worsened my mental health? Why did it take so many years before I turned my back on psychiatry and looked after alternatives? These are questions I’ve asked myself, and there are several factors playing a role in understanding the answers.

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  1. I’d be nice if American MiA members could read the global MiA blogs in English. Do we need to join the foreign MiA affiliates in order to translate their blogs into English?

    And something bizarre is Bianca Andersson’s blog is dated 8/2/2020, but this was published on the US MiA website on 2/29/20.

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