The Battle for the Soul of Psychiatry: Ronald W. Pies, MD


From Psychiatric Times: “In this interview, Dr. Aftab and Dr. Pies revisit several debates concerning various criticisms of psychiatry that Dr Pies has been involved in over the course of his career, and they discuss how to make sense of the profession’s relationship with its critics.” Ronald Pies  discusses Thomas Szasz, antipsychiatry and chemical imbalances.



    • That’s what my medical records would imply, and that would include the psychiatrists and psychologists who fraudulently pretend to be Christians, Jews, and Muslims. According to my medical records, the psychiatrists and psychologists don’t even believe in the Holy Spirit or God, let alone any other soul.

      Not being officially trained in the “mental health” field myself, however, I didn’t know all the “mental health” workers – including the ones who hypocritically pretend to be Christians, Jews, and Muslims – had been officially trained to not believe in souls, including the Holy Spirit and God.

      But I do have written proof in my medical records, that my psychologists and psychiatrists are the “Holy Spirit blasphemers,” who the Holy Bible tells us are those who’ve committed “the only unforgivable sin.”

      After a lot of research into the psychologists’ and psychiatrists’ DSM “bible” religion, however. Which is, by DSM design, a child abuse covering up religion.

      I do think there’s a reason the Holy Bible forewarned people not to become, unrepentant, systemic child abuse covering up, Holy Spirit blasphemers.

      But that is exactly, who and what, today’s psychological and psychiatric industries have chosen to become. And what’s heartbreaking to me is, they’ve seemingly succeeded in taking the now systemic child abuse covering up leaders of my formerly Christian, childhood religion down with them.

      I do still pray all are judged fairly by God, however. And I do hope we may collectively bring about a better world. Since we are currently living in a crazy world, controlled by these systemic, child abuse covering up, DSM “bible” thumping, Holy Spirit blaspheming psychologists and psychiatrists, and the pedophile banksters and politicians, who create the money they worship out of nothing.

      I must confess, it’s really hard for me to read Pies’ bio-bio-bio DSM “bible” believing theology, like “In brief, I believe that ‘context’ is fundamentally irrelevant to the identification of disease, as I have conceptualized it.”

      IMHO, Pies is just a DSM “bible” worshipping lunatic. Since, of course, the ‘context’ of one’s distress is relevant, unless one is a dumber than dirt, systemic child abuse covering up, DSM “bible” believing, Holy Spirit blaspheming, delusions of grandeur filled, psychologist or psychiatrist. Although, of course, not all DSM “bible” worshippers are aware of the common systemic crimes of their fellow DSM “bible” worshippers.

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