People in Mental Health Crises Need Help, Not Handcuffs


From STAT News: A mental health crisis can be a frightening thing to the individual experiencing it as well as to people witnessing it. Those in its throes need help, but all too often get handcuffs. We have seen that scenario play out from the inside and the outside. It’s time for it to change.”



  1. Since when is it a “mental health crisis”? Who decided to call it that? Have we reached a consensus on the language? How come I was not polled. How about leaving the word “mental” out of it? We could call it distress, “personal (combined with possible other things or people) distress”? PCD.
    “personal and combined distress”. So far we have two prisons for that. One pretends to be a “mental “HEALTH” facility. Prisons are absolutely NOT a place to take anyone experiencing “distress”. Not in handcuffs or in any other manner. Besides, most issues for the psych “mental health” biz are NOT the “distress” type, but rather for having become involved in their sales pitches.

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