Covid-19 Is Amplifying the Toxic Effects of Modern Life


From Elemental: “The changes we have seen in the incidence and severity of ‘mental illness’ know no boundaries. They exist in almost all industrialized countries. The common denominator is modern life itself. The more modern someone’s world becomes, the higher their risk of ‘mental illness.’ What is it about modern life — where time use, safety, and health have all been enhanced by technology — that is detrimental to psychic well-being? It seems like our stress levels should have gone down, not intensified.

In brief, the combination of social isolation and dependence on technology leaves us alone and trapped in our own minds. The more modern we are, the less connected we are to others and more reliant on devices.

Evolution has designed us to be entwined within groups of people and in constant contact with the physical world. Yet, today we find ourselves cut off from people as close as our families and as distant as familiar faces on our daily treks. Technology cuts us off from the physical world in favor of devices all of us use but very few of us really understand.”

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  1. And who ordered the months of social isolation?

    Oh yes. The Scientific Ex-Spurts suddenly decided isolating is not only healthy but praiseworthy. If you don’t enjoy it, it’s your fault and they will force drugs on you while forcing even more isolation on you.

    Glad I live in the country. Like many labeled SMI I’m no stranger to loneliness. If I avoid thinking about the future I’m okay.

    Curious how many other survivors are holding up. Like everyone else is caving in but we’ve already been through this crap. Same old, same old.

    I wish these controlling Science Ex-Spurts would experiment on themselves. At least they’re too busy to hunt down every single depressed person now. Easier to escape their notice.

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