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  • Oddly, I find that though my negative emotions have doubled or tripled in intensity I find them easier to control than when I took my drugs.

    I feel intense anger but don’t act on it. The nastiest things I “do” are my unkind posts on sites like this. I have written some wickedly funny pieces mocking the “Lame Science.”

    I feel intense sadness and often cry for an hour in the evening. But I no longer regard suicide as an option.

    The drugs helped numb my pain–but not enough to make up for my stolen life. And they destroyed what emotional resilience I had to begin with. Even my mom realizes I’m doing better.

    It would be nice to feel happy again though.

  • I have nothing but negative emotions 98% of the time. (Went off my drug cocktail in 2016-17. Been off everything since August 31, 2017.) This makes me a joy to be around. Lol.

    I try to avoid human contact out of compassion for others. Even if I control my temper and hide my irritability successfully I often have crying jags. This worries friends/family.

    My physical suffering is very real. Coughing, itching, head aches, painful cramps all over, weakness. My body can’t absorb micro nutrients. Yogurt, saur kraut, probiotics are worthless. For a while my whole body was terribly dry and my left cornea kept ripping off. My folks thought I was faking it for attention till an ER doctor told them 95% of my upper cornea was missing.

    My negativity troubles me. Is it realizing the crap I have been through? Or is my brain too damaged to feel joy now?

    No one can tell me.

  • That’s why I want to tear my hair out when I read articles urging abuse victims not to be afraid to seek out “help” from psychiatry. That way she can be totally discredited, lose hope of financial independence and forfeit custody rights to the abuser.

    If stupidity were a crime these advisers would be doing life. Being depressed and anxious because your life is in danger is a healthy response to a bad situation. NOT a brain disease to be drugged or mocked.

  • Katherine who is your target audience?

    Thorzine and other brain damaging techniques helped Danvers pack warm bodies in till they were overflowing. Ugh. No wonder things went downhill. I hate psych drugs more than ever.

    I have been in some jam packed, depressing places that stunk of urine and stale cigarettes. I was another body to stuff in till I died. Thank God I escaped!

    If you aren’t crazy when you enter they’ll take care of that. Horrible. ๐Ÿ™

  • I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. The man would tell me I was too old and ugly to find anyone else. Abusers also tell their victims how stupid and helpless they are without the abuser to take care of them.

    Psychiatrists tell you you’re so sick and crazy only paid professionals can deal with you. They malign you before the community too (also popular with abusers.) They frequently remind you how sick and helpless you are without their “help.”

    I ghosted a forum of survivors venting how psych guys had hurt them. One trolling shrink posted a lengthy threat, reminding everyone how stupid, sick, and crazy they were. How they should go back on their brain drugs and submit to their shrinks immediately. They told him some nasty stuff I won’t repeat. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I burst out laughing. The creep never posted after that.

    You’re right Judi. People WILL realize how bogus the “remedies” are as well as the “diseases.” Psychiatry is undermining itself by its own overwhelming greed and inability to say “when.” That’s what brought the Salem witch hunts to a screeching halt.

    Pointing at the governor’s wife and screaming she’s a witch is a major social blunder. Lol.

  • Good point Steve. Sometimes large amounts of drugs can silence the loved one–allowing the family to assume they are “better” though the suffering is unbearable.

    This happened to me. Mom insisted I needed more Haldol because it made me quiet, though jumbling my brain with drugs caused my “broken record” behaviors to begin with. I’m sorry I put them through it. Psychiatry screwed us all royally!

  • You weren’t the only one who couldn’t tell it was satire, Bradford. I couldn’t tell whether or not Coombs realizes Trump Derangement Syndrome is meant as a joke either. And I still can’t. No one I have heard use the term thinks that it’s in the DSM.

    But it would be pretty funny if they did and got some shrinks to interview from opposing political sides. Watch the XXXX hit the fan and all the quacks dodge for cover as their beloved thesaurus of fancy-pants insults goes everywhere.

    If Coombs wants to succeed as a humorist maybe he should read Mark Twain, Mencken, Thurber, and watch more Seinfeld stand up routines. There’s a dearth of humor today. We need more funny people.

  • Trump is arrogant and loud. Both essential qualities in any presidential nominee nowadays. ๐Ÿ™‚ If someone is soft spoken, modest, and wise he or she won’t get elected.

    Neither “arrogant” nor “loud” is sciency enough. These are descriptive words a novelist, philosopher, or clergy member might use. Not good enough for psychiatry.

    Not enough to judge someone’s bad deeds or character now. We have to tag at least a couple polysyllabic “diagnoses” onto him/her to impress people with how “sick” aka hopelessly evil/stupid the individual is and how super scientific we ourselves are.

    Weird how a few think Trump Derangement Syndrome or Anxiety Disorder are “mental illnesses” when most people regard them as jokes. Shrinks haven’t voted these disorders into existence yet, therefore they don’t exist. And probably never will since they aren’t Latin based enough to sound sciency.

    Not that “mental illnesses” are a social construct or anything. *Cough. Cough.* ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hmm. Your definition of empathy sounds a little different from mine, Michael. That’s okay.

    Basically you’re talking about getting inside someone’s head to outmaneuver or manipulate them instead of offering TLC? Like a detective or criminal investigator?

    I can see why these people would not help the suffering.

    I have read literary critics who lost the joy of reading literature for its own sake and only enjoy picking it apart to support their theories. Some professions do that–not to art or literature–but people.

  • A lot of us got angry at Dr. K. when he wrote an article claiming drugs aren’t responsible for helplessness among the psychiatrized but institutionalization was. Institutions and infantilizing can be disabling, but minimizing the harm drugs do upset us.

    Dr. K. did explain that he believes brain damage occurs but not directly from long term drugging. Rather brain atrophy from being shut off so long. Not sure why that makes a difference, though I think there’s more than just an atrophy like couch potatoes get.

  • I heard you can get a more natural form of it at health food stores. A friend of mine swore he “needed” it and went to the doctor’s instead (for some reason.) W. threw a fit at the doctor’s so he wound up in the hospital.

    Saying you wish you were dead around a doctor is a great idea if you want to get locked up. At least he’s benefiting from the placebo effect. It’s his lucky rabbit’s foot. Too bad he can’t believe in his own abilities but believes whole heartedly in his “bipolar” label. ๐Ÿ™

  • I keep hearing: Fat is ugly. Fat is unhealthy.

    Guess what? So is cancer! Maybe we could lower cancer rates by yelling insults at folks with massive tumors and leukemia.

    Eating right and exercising are factors within our control. Doctors need to focus more on those. Not saying we should pitch the scales but the genetic lottery plays a big role in our weight. Some research suggests by 50%.

    And doctors who push psych drugs should keep their mouths shut if their patients grow morbidly obese. I have finally lost 35 pounds (from 350 to 315) only after getting off my “cocktail.”

  • I am very low in micro nutrients–especially iron, vitamin B12, and magnesium. This makes me feel very gloomy as you can guess.

    My problem with malabsorption probably stems from decades on psych drugs. But no doctor will dare even speculate such a thing out loud. I found this in an article about SSRIs from the UK Guardian.

    This won’t be put in a TED video any time soon!

    Glad I am off and hope I can heal to some extent.

  • Will Hall I want to thank you. That documentary you, Daniel Mackler, and others put out called A Meeting of the Minds gave me the courage to come off my drugs. I had hated how they made me think and feel for decades but feared morphing into Ms. Hyde without them.

    I saw all of you allegedly “mentally ill” folks smiling without the glazed, emotionless faces I saw in day treatment and my own mirror every day.

    (And for those who feel you need your meds, sorry. Not bashing you. But it is a side effect I have seen and experienced. They lied–or were ignorant–when they called my flat affect a “symptom” instead of a side effect.)

    I also want to thank you, Will, for those coaching sessions where you gave me helpful advice on dealing with all the painful emotions as my numbness wore off after 25 years.

  • Oldhead I will never take neuroleptics again. We need to call them that since sometimes they made me more “psychotic” with weird ideas and even hearing unreal things I never heard before taking them.

    But let me play devil’s advocate. These drugs “work” by shutting down part of the brain like pain killers do. And your weed apparently did. If someone had painful thoughts they might be willing to override part of the brain to stop it.

    They never worked that way for me–though 6 mg of stelazine took the edge off my anxiety so I found the courage to come out of my shell as a nervous college freshman. IF Dr. M had tapered me off the stuff after a month it might have turned out okay.

    Unfortunately Dr. M. was clueless and knew less about the drugs he pushed than a pharma rep with only a high school education. He knew zilch about tapers. (In all justice few doctors do. Even the real kind.)

  • There are people here I will never respond to again because of their insults. I’m all for answering questions but I draw the line at personal attacks when I try to be nice.

    Other psychiatric apologists have been annoying but never acted this horribly. (Except GMYK.) If they harass me by posting insults under my comments two can play the moderator game.

  • I’m all for this for willing volunteers who are fully informed about the risks.

    Good luck on your project Dr. Campbell. Unlike many psych doctors you are interested in patient input–after diagnosis. I hope it helps people.

  • Good point, Frank!

    My problem with psych labels 1. They cause people to assume horrible stuff you have never done. Guilt by association. 2. It’s like calling someone a “liar” instead of saying “you lie.”

    In an ordinary court of law you are tried for actions you have committed. Then you are only punished till you have paid your debt.

    According to Mainstream Psychiatry you are the crime. You can never pay the debt for the sin of existence.

    Like something out of Kafka.

  • And all you literalists–who can’t figure out what metaphors, similes, or conceits–and who think my quotes sum up what I imagine RR was actually saying are 100% wrong. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I was pointing out how most “diagnoses” are insults. And btw, some people ARE ugly, stupid, and fat. Not sure how a life long diagnosis can help.

    Yes, obesity is a diagnosis. But if you lose weight the diagnosis changes. Unlike psych “diagnoses.”

  • I would rather go out for a cup of coffee with a BPD person than some self righteous sanist any day.

    I don’t meet the criteria for BPD myself and got my diagnosis from a case worker. Not a doctor. Yes, that happens.

    But some insecure, nasty folks need BPD bogey men to hate on. Even though others hate THEM for being “mentally ill.” They’re the kind I would want to avoid meeting.

    Funny how this inner nastiness/lording it over others permeates circles like this. Like the problem of “colorism” Charles Chessnut described.

    “I may have dark skin but it’s lighter than yours.” All the while society sneered down on them all.

    I fled the system so that kind of fixed the problem.

  • She never had kids. Her life was over at 17.

    She was a sweet woman. Her occasional looks of agony would melt a heart of stone.

    Funny how Grandpa loved her. Many others did. You never met her, Vanilla, but you sound like you assume she deserved to be tortured.

    Treating a harmless madwoman worse than a convicted felon. Real compassion!

    She never hurt anyone the way the shrinks hurt her. But since they took responsibility for controlling others’ actions that makes them Super Sane! No diagnosis=perfectly sane (saintly.)

  • Child beating can make kids tone down “bad behaviors.” This worked for the Victorians Dickens depicted so scathingly. Oliver Twist was a “good little boy” because Mr. Bumble beat him so much.

    Torturing criminals might help them “be good.” Remember the premise to A Clockwork Orange? And most psych victims aren’t even criminals.

    Not all changes from torture are good ones. My great aunt quit acting as flagrantly weird. But she was a broken woman who hid in a backroom at grandpa’s till she died. Often I saw a look of terror in her eyes. Grandpa hated psychiatry and warned me off my drugs. If he can see me now he is smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will forgive the men who ruined my life. But they did ruin it. Denying the damage they have done would make forgiveness impossible. How can you forgive someone who never hurt you?

    Solzhenietzin and Viktor Frankl grew as a result of the atrocities they faced. But they were atrocities.

    The establishment meant it for evil; God meant it for good.

  • Gasp! Out, how can you DEMONIZE those poor oppressed psychiatrists? They’re the only group in Western Civilization who knows what it is to be persecuted or discriminated against. ๐Ÿ˜›


    As lowly “survivors” we can never appreciate the stigma and oppression they face all the time. Stigma affects them and no one else.

    They live in voluntary poverty like members of a religious order to show love to others. They never take vacations either.

    *Sarcasm. Like you couldn’t tell.*

  • Funny. Everyone says, “Be yourself.” Unless they think you’re mentally ill. Then your Self is a disease to be destroyed if it kills you.

    Psychiatry is popular with the mainstream because it helps them box the world into two neat categories: the good sane and the evil insane. Psychiatrists don’t like the words “good” or “evil” cause they don’t sound like real SCIENCE. But their “diagnoses” are really moral judgments. And bad ones.

    Moral judgments used to be based on good or bad behaviors. Psych labels often have little or no bearing on moral conduct at all. Once they call you “schizophrenic” or “bipolar” everyone assumes you do stuff you quit doing long ago or never did to begin with.

    According to psychiatrists “bipolars” are drunks, promiscuous, unpredictably violent, and have 0 empathy. Many folks these science guys brand “bipolar” are teetotalers, celibates, visit each other in the hospital, volunteer, and lavish love on the one creature–a cat or dog–we can love because psychiatry has segregated us.

    A friend was dying of kidney failure. Two of us at the center offered our own kidneys since they wouldn’t put a worthless SMI on the transfer list. That very week Germanwings occurred and some psych doc got on TV to reduce “stigma” by telling the public how “bipolars” just are that way. No love or empathy is how they’re born. S’cuse me?

    That idiot was full of it! Like some white guy claiming to want to eradicate racism by explaining how everyone of African descent is incurably evil because they were born inferior.

    Hmm. No empathy…

    You mean like deliberately driving a bunch of people insane without their knowledge or consent so you can write a book bragging about it?

    You mean cheating on your wife with a younger woman but keeping it hushed because you’re a big shot congressman?

    You mean routinely lying to patients and selling them mind altering drugs by calling them “life saving medications” they’ll die without?

    Mother Theresa they ain’t!

    But rest assured they are all perfectly good or sane because they say so. As medical experts on morally acceptable (sane) behaviors they have diagnosed themselves the epitome of Moral Rectitude. All that is sane and virtuous.

    Bwa ha ha! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Lest I be accused of DEMONIZING shrinks–only they’re allowed to malign entire groups of people they don’t even know–yes, not all are reincarnations of Josef Mengele.

    Some actually want to help folks. The help they offer is like blood letting for cholera patients but that’s incompetence. Not evil.

    It is noteworthy how the shrinks who rise to the top seem devoid of conscience though. The nicer ones don’t wind up leading the APA. And the APA sets the tone for psychiatric practices in America even though there can only be one Dr. Pies, Dr. Torrey, Dr. Lieberman. (Always a bright side.)

    They also go on TV to lie to the public about the sick and stupid but very dangerous SMIs. Yeah, the “crazies” are dumb as a box of rocks AND diabolically clever at murdering people. Not sure how both characteristics can apply but the experts say they can. And they are never wrong.

    Dr. Biederman is never wrong. He has diagnosed himself as practically God. Sounds like a down-to-earth, well-balanced individual. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Churches used to sneer at psychiatry. Now they unquestioningly preach about “scientifically proven chemical imbalances” during assembly.

    Yay! The latest state-of-the-art proven scientific theories from the early 1990’s. And the APA didn’t buy it then. Pretty scientifically advanced of these churches huh? Hip and current like the trendy music they play.

    If you point out the damage done you’re a meany and probably have secretly joined Scientology as well.

    Many preachers honestly want to help those they think have brain diseases. BUT others just want annoying people–often hurt by other church members–to shut up and take psych drugs. Even if you do–I speak from experience–they’ll treat you worse than a convicted pedophile and do all in their power to freeze you out.

    Way to go pro-psych church! Aren’t you a bunch of humanitarians? And scientific sounding too. Like the techno-babble from Star Trek. Don’t throw out your shoulders from hours of patting your own backs.

    Rick Warren needs to ask himself, “Do the mentally ill have souls?” His treatment of those labeled SMI makes me wonder.

  • If you commit a crime it’s in your best interest to be tried as an ordinary criminal instead of opting for a shrink to declare you not responsible for your actions.

    1. You will only be tried for crimes you have actually committed–not crimes you MIGHT commit in the future according to the clairvoyant shrink.

    2. The sentence will be shorter.

    3. They won’t forcibly drug or shock you. As punishment these are considered torture and our legal system would not allow them.

  • Thank you Doctor. I wish there were more members of your profession like you.

    Every MD I visit unquestioningly supports psychiatry. Why is this?

    Are they afraid of challenging an accepted medical specialty? So ignorant they actually believe drug ads? Or a little bit of both?

    They have found a lot of things wrong with me but refuse to speculate on the cause or advise a plan of treatment. Heart arrhythmia and malabsorption are my main health issues. Both caused by psych drugs used long term.

    They will diagnose and refuse to answer any of my questions but send me home. Like they know something I don’t–or they hope I don’t.

  • Ironically psych drugs cause inflammation. And long term SSRI use blocks your ability to absorb micronutrients according to research not widely publicized. It’s in the UK Guardian and the article also says the drugs are ineffective at best.

    I keep eating yogurt/kimchi/saurkraut/kevita/other probiotic crap to no avail, Will need supplements forever. At least I’m off the drugs causing the damage.

    Blood tests have revealed I’m low in iron, magnesium, B12, D3 and about everything else. The doctor wouldn’t hazard a guess as to WHY.

  • Seek out psychiatric “help” and you’ll lose all friends, support, and guidance. You don’t need compassion just drugs cause crazies don’t have feelings. If you express pain you’re faking it and manipulative. ๐Ÿ˜›

    My dorm mom told everyone in my dorm to shun me. Said only trained professionals should talk to something like me.

    Psychiatry isn’t about healing people but vaccinating society against those they deem walking diseases–the “mentally ill.” Real doctors don’t appear on 48 Hours to demonize their patients.

    Remember Dirty Harry? The way they see it we’re the disease and they’re the cure.

    Do you feel lucky punk?

  • Vanilla your father was an abuser. Nuff said. I hope you got away from him.

    It feels like I’m being throw human beings on a garbage heap by these “sanists.” Cause it seems THEY think THEY’RE “normal” and “mentally healthy.” If throwing people away and telling them they’re toxic and need to commit suicide is “sane” I hate their sanity.

    I have a BPD label but I’d never do that to another person, “toxic” though I may be. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Ostracism and solitary confinement work wonders on reforming people.

  • I have a friend who does this with lithium. He swears by it.

    I’ll say, “W. it hurts your kidneys.
    W. says, “I drink a LOT of water.”

    So basically he’s keeping the lithium from building up to effective (harmful) levels in his system. Long live the Placebo Effect! That’s what really works for him.

  • Vanilla, the person called a “narcissist” is not, in my view, suffering from a disease. They often seem to gladly assume this role to control and hurt others. And they almost NEVER are diagnosed either RR. Their “mentally ill” kids are instead.

    Because Mrs. Brown is a gas lighter. Usually she goes to NAMI and dramatizes about how her “mentally ill” kid emotionally abuses her. Boo hoo. Mrs. Brown doesn’t need a diagnosis but to acknowledge how evil her actions have been and the harm she does others. She never goes to a shrink though. Not on her own behalf. Nothing wrong with her after all. Everyone around her is sick and crazy.

    And the shrink never diagnoses her either. Because he knows nothing about human beings or relationships but sees them as robots and chemistry experiments to control. Mrs. Brown is his kindred spirit so she must be the epitome of sanity.

    I couldn’t make it through the entire comment by RR. It seemed to be accusing “Borderlines” of being horrible human beings who need to be avoided. I found it pretty traumatizing.

    It seems that some people are completely oblivious to what some of us have gone through. And labeling abuse victims “incurably evil” so everyone can ostracize them doesn’t help! One of MIA’s writers killed himself because he never got over being labelled BPD.

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can kill the spirit!

  • Toastmasters is recent. That happened 27 years ago when I was a nervous college freshman getting over years of sexual harassment from high school.

    My phobia is gone but I’m terrified of people learning about my past. So I try to keep all relationships as surface as possible.

    I no longer act “mentally ill” but at 45 I have no past. At least none that doesn’t embarrass me.

    No family, no career history. I’ll have to stay in the shadows for the rest of my life.

    I feel like Richard Kimball in The Fugitive. I know I’m innocent but the authorities assume my guilt and everyone assumes what they say is the gospel truth.

    Keep running. And hold everyone at a distance.

    Man am I lonely!

  • Knowing what I know now about psychiatry I could not work for them in good conscience even if they offered me a bigger salary than the psych guy makes. And they don’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

    More like minimum wage for going around telling others, “Hello I’m Rachel and I am a severe mental illness–whoops! have a severe mental illness.”

    This prestigious, lucrative post would have me encouraging others to be grateful consumers–obey orders without question even if they kill you–and fight “stigma” by telling the public about their assigned identity as a severe mental illness…carrier.

  • Thank you Megan!

    How can you, or anyone, NOT personalize such cruel words and actions? ๐Ÿ™

    The thing your therapist should have told you was that your husband’s behavior was unacceptable. His deeds made him a bad person. No one deserves this treatment.

    It’s safe to assume there are others your husband treats poorly–employees, fast food workers, and others “beneath” him. Sadly for you he vented all that was darkest and worst inside him on the one nearest him. His wife.

    I hope things are better now.

  • Some people do get clingy and manipulative–often from abuse and loneliness. They certainly need to change their behaviors. But the labels are cruel and hopeless.

    If someone labeled BPD stops acting this way does she really deserve to wear it emblazoned on her shirt like Hester Pryn? She may be the victim of abuse rather than the abuser. Does she deserve to be shunned for life?

    I was clingy because all my life I had been told no one could love me since I was fat, ugly, and later crazy.

    If someone slips and break their leg break the other one. And never let the bones get set. Serves ’em right for being clumsy!

  • Members of that profession have psychic powers you know.

    They take part in our legal system. The Pre-Crime Unit. Lol.

    Remember The Minority Report? Only instead of actually preventing murders from happening they just say they can and get innocent people locked up. Because these law abiding citizens MIGHT commit a crime someday.

    They can also predict suicides with these awesome clairvoyant powers.

    Real science folks! Fortune tellers, mind readers, and psychiatrists.

  • In America more whites get “treated” because we urge each other not to be afraid to seek out “services.”

    My African American friend says those in her subculture view psychiatry with suspicion. For what it’s worth, their churches and other social structures tend to help the poor and misfits.

    White churches tend to shun “weirdos” without plenty of green for the offering plate. Not all though. The one I attend now treats me kindly and encourages a developmentally delayed man to attend.

    Ideally churches would be interracial; not “black” or “white.” I’m hopeful that will happen soon. We need to unite.

  • It’s generally NOT that the counselor laughs, “Broo ha ha! I will gas light this helpless individual and make sure she never recovers!”

    More likely the counselor honestly wants to help, but even if he/she looks beyond the diagnostic label the client cannot because the new identity gets drilled into them through day treatment/clubhouse/NAMI meetings/case worker sessions/10 minute interviews with psychiatrist/controlling family members…The client lives down to this new identity. Yes, the drugs bring some relief–at least short term–for many. But they dull emotional pain by shutting down ordinary brain functions. This makes it harder to make intelligent, mature life choices.

    The therapist sees the clients continue to do stupid, immature things and gets frustrated since he’she has a personal investment though it is primarily professional. The doctor at the center says the “meds” seem to be working. The client is compliant–perhaps even forcibly injected–so there can be no doubt.

    Why isn’t the consumer happier or more productive? Why can’t they find gainful employment, make friends, or get along with family members?

    Perhaps the therapist will say things like, “Only babies want a change.” It’s easy to imagine how this can happen. One of my therapists cried out in frustration, “You just aren’t trying hard enough! The medications can only do so much.” He was one of my favorites too.

    You weren’t the only one confused and frustrated Kevin! ๐Ÿ™

  • Stephen, I’m “coming out” as a psych survivor. Right now I’m fighting to start a career in my mid-forties.

    I’m fighting psychiatry with the Truth and educating the public.

    Oldhead sneered at my talking point that, “Psych drugs do not work.” He said they work perfectly since all people want to do is keep us passive and stupid.

    For abusive family members, the nasty shrinks, certain politicians, and others this is true.

    But many are convinced these drugs are life saving medicines that are good for you and slow brain degeneration. Why else would loving family members encourage others to “take their meds” while watching in horror and amazement as they grow crazier, sicken and die? Why do so many of us take these poisons religiously–scared of missing a dose?

    I didn’t WANT to take addictive drugs and rot my brain. Many family members love the “mentally ill” child or spouse. Even those who join NAMI often do so out of desperation. The friend who introduced me to NAMI left after her sister died and the organization seemed okay with it since she died “meds compliant.”

    The truth needs to be known. Some people are already seeing how worse than useless psychiatric remedies are. Hard to deny what you see with your own eyes. People get worse–not better. Crazier, not sane or able to care for themselves.

    People deserve to know the truth. I’m taking it to faith-based centers. I already have connections. And they are a form of social gathering folks still attend.

  • Well Shaun there was a reason I attended day treatment regularly though not court ordered. Segregation is less painful than isolation. Thus lepers and other outcasts form communities.

    I got tired of the put downs and depressing talk by the case workers running the show. Telling us we were hopeless. Calling us “kiddos” and acting surprised when I politely asked them not to.

    Pretty lonely now. Trying to fix this.

    I still can’t work so I tell folks I have Chronic Fatigue Disorder. This answers the question, “What do you do?” But they don’t treat me like a cross between Forrest Gump and Norman Bates.

    Making friends at church, the library, and a local chapter of Toastmasters. As a human being–not a disease!

  • Frankly RR, I find your remark insulting and i bet others do as well.

    “He wouldn’t have called you an ugly, worthless moron if it didn’t apply to you.”

    Getting “loved ones” labeled BPD is popular with some truly evil people. The wife MAKES her husband beat her before MAKING her shrink “diagnose” her as irredeemably “toxic.”

    There are videos on Youtube popular with misogynists about EVIL women with Borderline Personality Disorder who should all kill themselves. Doesn’t sound like the wives are as evil as the normal husbands does it?

  • Semantic nitpicking, but words have power.

    A mental illness cannot exist in a literal sense. Your imagination cannot be inflamed nor your empathy infected.

    Traumatic brain injuries are real and effect people’s behaviors. These are PHYSICAL though. Not mental in origin.

    If they found a physical cause for hallucinations, bizarre beliefs, crippling fears, and extreme mood swings that would be a physical illness lodged in the brain (a physical organ.) Not a mental illness at all.

  • Not going to attack biological psychiatry frontally? Okay, we won’t lobotomize it. Lol.

    Sorry Mickey. Couldn’t resist cracking a funny.

    “Biological psychiatry” is a redundant term since all psychiatry offers now are drugs and shocks which are nothing but biological. There are a few mavericks (who write for this site.) But the APA does not like them. A more accurate term would be mainstream psychiatry.

  • I was puzzled too. At first. Maybe that shows I’m used to the MI System where we got asked last of all. If we were even asked.

    The order should be reversed. Due to spell binding, friends and family can notice odd or bad changes in psych drug users before they do.

    The medical experts should come last of all. Despite their advanced degrees and superior knowledge of physiology/chemistry/etc. they tend to be timid. Upsetting the status quo is never a good career move for a guild related professional. The American Psychiatric Association is a guild.

    The psychiatrist who prescribed the drug that wrecked my life was totally ignorant of the side effects. He refused to even peruse the pill manual where he could have found them. Not sure why people like him should have their input valued over those who have suffered tardive dyskinesia or watched loved ones grow rapidly worse under the influence of all those “safe and effective treatments.”

  • Sadly Shaun, once folks in their lives find out they have an SMI diagnosis, they will have no support system outside the community center at all. ๐Ÿ™

    If they’re lucky, they’ll get away with a mild label like depression or anxiety disorder. My sister-in-law and mother are diagnosed with clinical depression and keep reminding me of how inferior I am with my “bipolar” label–which no longer fits and was drug induced to start with.