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  • It’s a coin toss how your body, brain, and CNS will react if you come off psych drugs.

    But guess what? It’s a coin toss how your system will react if you go ON them to begin with.

    If you get horribly sick, disabled or killed from going on them that’s okay. That’s an acceptable risk from standard care.

    If you get horribly sick, disabled, or killed from going off the drugs that’s a horrible tragedy. Your local NAMI chapter will probably lecture others about how only wrong headed fools disobey “doctors.'”

    Because $$$$. Love things and use people is the New Golden Rule adhered to by mainstream psychiatry. ๐Ÿ™

  • Psychiatry is a religious cult.

    Instead of Original Sin, the priests of Psychiatry teach you you are guilty of moral defectiveness encoded in your DNA. As penance you must take massive quantities of drugs even if they ruin your reading ability, make you vomit everything you eat and seize every day. Stricter forms of penance include sequestration in the cell they provide and mortification of your gray matter via ECT and other bizarre surgeries.

    Black and white thinking occurs when psychiatrists neatly divide the world into the MI and the normal telling the latter the former are defective/murderous and deserve to suffer for being born.

    Psychiatry destroys all hope of an adult life. Mothers/fathers who don’t want kids to be permanent adolescents in their basements forever should think twice before getting them psych treatment. When shrinks have had their way with the kid he will wind up institutionalized or dependent on you forever. (A few live in HUD slums if they’re lucky. Or live under bridges since they’re too messed up to work just like the voluntary drug addicts.)

  • Why do so many people willingly seek out psychiatric “help” Oldhead?

    A lot of us had emotional problems to start with. Many felt there was something “wrong” with us because we were awkward or too smart or fashion impaired. I had repeatedly been criticized and bullied as a teen for my lack of social skills, or the “wrong” body. Built like a big, ugly plough horse instead of a dainty figurine.

    Psychiatry offered easy but false answers in capsule form. Now I’m the fattest, ugliest woman alive with fewer social graces than the characters in Big Bang Theory. Cocktails bloated my body into a gross cartoon and public ostracism through my shrink “educating” my friends/family got me thrown out of college and segregated.

    We would have been better off trying street drugs of course. We are more alienated and damaged than ever kudos to the quacks. But there you have it.

  • Jaffe and Pete Earley are neither one MDs yet they scream at Bob Whittaker for daring to write about people ruined or killed by psych drugs.

    Earley has a son he got angry at because the boy was unhappy and hungry for assurance of his father’s love. He pretended his son was trying to murder him to get him “helped.” (Accusing him of attempted suicide wasn’t dramatic enough I guess.) Apparently Kevin is the designated scapegoat everyone in the family picks on.

    As far as Jaffe’s family drama it reads like a Tennessee Williams play. “Stelazine!!!” Yeah. That play.

    Based solely on the way they treated these unwanted, despised family members, these scoundrels–a writer of sleazy marketing ads and a hack journalist–claim to be experts. Almost on level with the shrinks themselves.

  • Looks even nastier than NAMI. The commercial is sickening!

    Some demonic voice boasts about ruining the parents’ lives and destroying the family. The parents and a bunch of other folks claim they will conquer It.

    The autistic member never appears. This creepy ad makes the viewer assume the “defective” member is Damien from The Omen who needs to be conquered somehow. By the Normal members banding together they can banish the demonic autistic to the Realms of Outer Darkness from whence he/she came. ICK!!!

  • Not always the case. Just like child molesters may not be family members but teachers/clergy/baby sitters. My brother and I both had a Sunday school teacher tell us we would go to Hell if we cried. She taught the pre-schoolers.

    More traumatizing than it sounds. J did better because he was a sweet, sunny boy everybody liked. I was a naughty child who day dreamed and asked questions Mrs. X couldn’t answer. J also has a lot of emotional resiliency I lacked.

    Mom and Dad were upset and angry when we told them years later. We didn’t before since we thought it was okay for Mrs. X to say that stuff. They were mystified when we both brooded over Hell, obsessed over being wicked, and stayed awake at night crying.

    “NAMI mommies” are all too real however. Not to be confused with loving family members who seek out NAMI in desperation to help suffering family members and watch aghast as they decline in every way possible and die young. A friend of mine left NAMI in disgust when they let her sister die. I told her I was leaving psychiatry. She said, “Thank God!” Donna, her sister and my friend, had died just a few years ago.

    (Hey, Donna was “meds compliant” when she died at 49 so who cares how she suffered and curled up and died? NAMI doesn’t give a rip if consumers live or die as long as they consume. They were also happy to let another friend of mine die of a grand mal seizure brought on by a neuroleptic at the ripe age of 29. Blood on YOUR hands NAMI!)

  • You described the course of my “disease” TRM 123.

    No more mood swings. But my brain is horribly damaged. Shrunken frontal lobes. I struggle to clean my room. Not sure I can ever hold down a job. I am indeed disabled thanks to psychiatry.

    Not exactly depressed. But few would envy my isolated life in poverty. Forced to live with elderly parents thanks to roaches over running the HUD slum I occupied.

    Never was a “Patty Duke bipolar.” I’m a teetotaler virgin in my 40’s. I was a model teenager who religiously observed curfew and strove for good grades. Never partied. Graduated from high school a year early with the highest average.

    Psychiatry did not make me “marriage material” to quote Patty. Sad since I have a capacity for love and loyalty no one wants. Leprosy does not make for good marriage prospects. ๐Ÿ™

  • Still waiting for a PSA from Dr. Pies undeceiving the public about the chemical imbalance lie touted on commercials, thus proving how well-informed he is. Lol.

    The con man’s pretty angry folks think he’s dumb enough to believe the lies he promotes. Check that. His limbic system is hyperactive.

    But alas! Undeceiving the public might result in massive outbreaks of agnosognosia. Which might undermine the unquestioned credibility of his profession. Which would be a tragedy.

  • The NAMI chapter I belonged to up north monitored our speech. If you were a consumer you could never say “my pills aren’t working” though you MIGHT quietly mention you couldn’t stop puking your guts up or having grand mal seizures or erratic heart beats. Minor side effects.

    We also weren’t allowed to complain about the insulting way the real members treated us or question the lack of materials they presented us with when we wished to educate ourselves. They provided family members with 3 times the materials they gave us. And ours was written on a 3rd grade level. They assumed we were a bunch of dummies, but we weren’t. Massive drug doses notwithstanding.

    Always found the concept of “mental illness” confusing. Is it cognitive impairment? Not according to Kay Redfield Jamison and the countless psych professionals who tout her writings. Is it evil behaviors? NAMI argues against this with its “stigma” alerts.

    Essentially the “Mental Illness” Makers vary both tropes as they see fit. Alternate between the stupid consumer who must be damaged for their own good and the murderous SMI boogeymen to frighten the public with in order to enforce “compliance” and cut the victim off from friends. Great way to control someone, as any abuser knows.

  • They wouldn’t know the person was “mentally ill” if a “friend” or neighbor hadn’t told them. Notice how all the crime dramas now talk about how the “mental illness” made the criminal perform a series of disgusting murders?

    Because only genetically defective folks of the criminal classes are capable of crime. (Not social Darwinism cause we call white folks evolutionary throwbacks too.)

    Gee! Why d’ya think there’s all this stigma?

  • So, Dr. Hickey, do you think Dr. Frances has indeed seen the error of his ways? Or is he just talking out of both sides of his mouth?

    He criticized the concept of mental illness in the past and changed his mind for a prestigious post afterward.

    He is still shirking his own responsibility in this mega-scam. Just a little cog following orders….

  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself. “You are special” everybody tells kids.

    As long as you’re special exactly like everyone else. Be special like Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian. Not like “Crazy” Betty who lives with 3 cats, collects salt shakers, reads Hispanic surrealists, doesn’t own a TV, and plays the mandolin for a living. That’s “severe mental illnesses” because she’s not glamorous or rich. Bad weird. Not good special.

  • “I’ve actually tried very hard to blend in with the crowd….” Sigh. Me too.

    I thought psychiatry would make me normal. It just made me weirder than ever and encouraged my friends and family to shun me.

    Psychiatry helps us in two basic ways. Random acts of violence on our brains (and other vital organs) and isolating or segregating us from the mainstream community.

    Destroying our brains and public shunning. What’s not to like?

  • Nothing. Nothing is inherently wrong with shaving half your head and wearing a plaid shirt with polka dot pants either. But you should expect funny looks from people. And it will give sanist critics plenty of fodder if you denounce psychiatry in public.

  • The secret to being an academic big wig of the APA or NIMH is to say unclear and unproven things. But hide the lack of substance by raising the fog index to at least a level 17. That way you’ll sound so darn smart people will assume you know your stuff and won’t challenge it even if they can wade through. This kind of thing really helps the APA look like they know stuff.

  • So sorry! There are some ways to delay and even sometimes reverse dementia.

    Eat right, sleep enough, get physical exercise, journal, play games like Solitaire or the kids’ game Memory, memorize songs or quotes.

    Other brain boosters include learning a new language, learn to play an instrument, read books, and eat fatty fish. Like sardines and salmon. And limit TV to two hours a day.

  • I love Szazs’s ability to cut through the bovine excrement. Some of his essays vie with Mark Twain’s writing style for biting humor.

    Many Catholic kids leave the church. I got the idea from his commenting on the guilt viewing the cross brings. (Not my experience.) I imagined some pious granny dragging young Thomas to church against his will. Like many hypothetical scenarios it was wrong.

  • Hi Oldhead! Wondered when you’d show.

    The problem with fighting “stigma” is that it involves “educating” the public on “mental illnesses” which are themselves stereotypes.

    Like fighting sexism by dressing like Wilma Flintstone and showing up at educational venues.

    “Womanhood consists of 7 symptoms. Being completely passive. Flirting with every man you meet. Sneaking behind your husband’s back. Wasting his hard earned money on dresses. Swooning over celebrities. Crying to get what you want. Playing dumb.

    “If you don’t like these seven behaviors you are guilty of stigmatizing women. Waaaah!

    “We can’t help it we’re stupid, helpless, and sneaky. Not my fault. I’m just a girl! Tee hee!”

    The analogy breaks down of course. Women existed long before biologists. And we have identities other than those of the Superficial Airhead.

  • May get hit by a truck and die at 45. No one knows. Speculation on my part. But ending my drug use is already paying off. My arrhythmia is stabilized and I’m no longer border diabetic.

    I’m 45 and would only have 7 years left btw. Finally discovering myself minus “mental illness.”

  • No “schizophrenic” displays all the “symptoms.” Carter, Glenn Close, and others play “mentally ill” characters. But instead of real people they portray lists of “symptoms.” All of them according to the DSM 5. And the “symptoms” are all that remain, leaving nothing but stereotypes.

  • TBI can cause childish behavior. So can continual patronizing and put downs in an institution.

    Few realize most folks with psychiatric “diagnoses” do have legitimate brain problems–along with countless other health issues. Long term druggings and shock cause brain injury.

  • I live with chronic pain and fatigue but opt out of pain killers. Overuse of these can really take a toll on you in the long run.

    My own ME problem is iatrogenic. It’s my punishment for taking the short cut to happiness. I wanted to have a happy, productive life.

    I was nervous and unhappy so I thought something was wrong with me since I wasn’t out going, upbeat, and vivacious all the time like other girls at college. Took anafranil and it ruined my life. Had a bad reaction and got blamed/punished for 25 years till I escaped.

    On my trip through Psychiatric Neverland I got weirder than ever. The damn drugs made me withdrawn, suicidal, and moodier than ever. Never had a family or career. Probably never will.

    Like Pinocchio taken in by the Fox and the Cat or Little Red Ridinghood by the Wolf I got suckered by con men posing as doctors. Worse than ordinary thieves since they won’t just steal your money, but your health, your reputation, and your sanity. That last is pretty ironic. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Dr. K, I’m off the drugs. But I still live on disability. Long term drug use has indeed disabled me.

    Sad how many of us thought these drugs would EN-able us. Helping us to function better, form better relationships, find work. Like the snake oil selling medicine men from the 19th century with “Dr. Fortunano’s Miracle Elixir” that made folks feel great from whiskey and worse crap as “secret ingredients.” Mainstream psychiatry is a menace to society.

    We need to do two things.
    1. Educate the public. All the chronic sickness and disability are hard to hide. They escalate even as “mental health services” become more readily available and it’s getting hard for the quacks to fool everybody all the time.
    2. Petition to change three things.
    A. Ban legal bribery/chronyism aka “campaign contributions” by any but private individuals. Bribery creates conflict of interest and makes justice a commodity to be bought or sold. Why else do you think the Cures Bill passed unanimously? We have the finest elected officials money can buy. ๐Ÿ˜›
    B. Ban involuntary confinement of law abiding citizens. If the person is guilty of violent crimes he/she is a criminal. Prison sentences are limited. Once you have paid your debt to society you can go free. With psychiatry your prison sentence is totally dependent on the whim of your warden who gets paid for cramming the prison. Neither merciful nor just!
    C. Ban false advertising. No commercials for psych drugs. People will still be desperate for these poisons and need help tapering off even if they are able and willing to go drug free. If doctors must sell these toxins to desperate people they should call them neuroleptics, SSRI’s, and tranquilizers. Don’t lie about a “proven chemical imbalance.” Every regular here knows that’s a dirty lie and there are no tests to prove it. The APA secretly acknowledges this and are laughing up their sleeves at this “metaphor” they have foisted on the gullible public. Tell the patient they’re addictive and dangerous emotional pain killers that work by shutting down parts of the brain and central nervous system.

    If I can ever earn a livelihood I am going to NOT buy insurance. The fine is less expensive if you’re poor anyhow. As an uninsured person they have less motive to imprison or drug/shock you since there’s no $$$$ to milk from your Medicaid/insurance.

    I’m afraid of all doctors now because of their sneaky concealment of the damage and death they KNOW happens all the time. Not anti-science but medical professionals are unworthy of my trust because they lie.

  • You’re correct. We need to avoid side issues on this blog. I don’t think we should have to become members of a political party.

    This is not supposed to be an anti-psychiatry site. It’s even less appropriate to use it to persuade someone over to your political ideology.

    We need to remember the liberals voted for the Cures Act too.

  • I can barely cook and keep my place clean and perform basic hygiene. I went to shrinks in good faith. Too damaged to ever work again it seems. Those liars told me the drugs would help me function.

    Ideally those crippled by psychiatry wouldn’t live on tax dollars. Just pay us $1,000,000 apiece from Big Pharma and the wealthy Psych conglomerates. That would not only provide for our needs but bankrupt those Blights on western society rendering them impotent to hurt again. Plus their credibility would be shattered. Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€

    A win win!

  • “Mental illness” is the original sin. Psychiatrists are the high priests who provide absolution of this sin through confessions: owning the label they assign through the act of “insight,” and penance in the form of drugs, imprisonment, and shocks.

    Not only are the shrinks granted priestly status but they are gods too. And you had better fawn all over them with their due offering of praise and gratitude for the damage they inflict.

    The non labeled folks love psychiatry too. Know why? According to the gospel of psychiatry only some are capable of horrendous crimes. The “mentally ill” are the only ones who rape and murder according to television. Therefore everyone without a “diagnosis” is absolved of all sin, and also has someone they can sneer at, enhancing their self esteem and blaming all the evils committed on the “mentally ill” boogie men. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Yes. Probably not “experts.”

    The experts insult those they “help” all the time but they do so using polysyllabic Latin-based terms and speak of murder, abuse, and stupidity in matter-of-fact ways. These same experts get self-righteously angry at Hollywood’s sensationalized depictions of those they label, but have no qualms about showing up om TV to say essentially the same thing.

    If anyone has time to kill try reading Images of Madness by Fleming and Manwell. Those guys are utterly clueless. They’re like a doctor misdiagnosing someone with tuberculosis or leprosy and demanding why everyone avoids them. Lol.

  • I know I’ll die young thanks to the psycho quacks. Instead of 52 I may see 59 or 60 though. Probably bought some time.

    I’m losing weight in my 40’s. It’s finally possible. No insulin resistant diabetes for me! My heart is damaged. At least the arrhythmia won’t get any worse now.

  • Yeah_I_Survived I hear you. The church has sold out to psychiatry. Partly because they’ve been taken in by the chemical imbalance myth. They think it’s the latest cutting edge medical treatment for crying out loud! Funny how they have no problems rejecting other stuff the Science Establishment teaches.

    In justice they see someone labeled “bipolar” coming off his “meds” and freaking out. They think this means the drugs treat a real brain disease. But you can see the same thing in meth or heroin addicts who can’t get a fix. My folks have no idea I am off mine. They have this idea that if I quit my “meds” I’d froth around, show up at McDonalds in my birthday suit late at night, and assault random strangers–biting them perhaps. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I don’t have the energy for any of that nonsense even if I were that out of it. Worn out but my emotions have stabilized. Like trading mood swings and suicidal thoughts for chronic fatigue syndrome. Got to tell my parents soon. I hate lying and Mom is on an SSRI that makes her act like a zombie.

    When I was 14 we really did know a “bipolar” man who came to church. Frequently he would cold turkey off one or more drug (sometimes adding uppers) and had an episode where he wound up at Hardees in nothing but his boxers at 2 or 3 am. He had no idea how he got there. Remembering poor David made me scared to quit my cocktail. ๐Ÿ™

  • Cruel and unusual punishment for crimes law abiding citizens MIGHT commit. That’s what psychiatry is all about.

    Been on the drugs for 25 years. Off for over a year. Still horribly sick and in chronic pain. Can’t concentrate. Scared of institutionalization. Praying my parents outlive me. ๐Ÿ™

    Will I ever be able to care for myself? Why bother coming off since no one cares if the poisons kill us? I feel worse than ever now. Will things ever get better?

    I took the drugs in good faith. When I complained of how messed up I felt and how I couldn’t think straight no one believed me.

  • If you talk your problems to death and don’t do anything different counseling won’t work.

    I believe once you have an SMI label the counselor or therapist will view you as hopeless and encourage you to view yourself as hopeless. Most counselors want to help folks but the power imbalance makes it hard as well as the inherent pessimism.

    A lot of counselors get depressed since no one gets better (unless they flee the funny farm.) They get depressed themselves or quit caring. I feel sorry for the well-meaning ones who work at a community mental illness center.

    A lot are mystified at how those they treat become more childish and impaired over the years “despite” the best neurotoxins available.

  • Praise the pills by shaming patients. That’s how psychiatry works.

    Did an SSRI make you psychotically manic? Your fault. You’re a bipolar monster who deserves to have your life ruined. The pills are safer than aspirin and never hurt anyone who wasn’t a crazy SMI already who deserves a lifetime of segregation on a disabling cocktail.

    Psych docs whine about “pill shaming” but pills have no feelings. These same people have no qualms about shaming their patients/victims by calling them bipolar or schizophrenic and going on TV to tell the public how dangerous all “bipolars” and “schizophrenics” are. (There is no other medical profession that routinely maligns its patients on national television.)

    It’s not pill shaming or patient shaming psychiatrists are worried about it seems, but the shaming of their own profession. Cruel, pointless experiments on trusting people and libelous slander are pretty shameful behaviors.

  • Psychiatry made me lose faith in God.

    It sounds weird, but I felt like if I needed “meds” to keep me from doing what was wrong I must not have a soul. Ergo religion was fake and God too.

    Went through a lot of existential angst. The shrinks were lying. The drugs made me a worse person morally. This makes sense. Since when did being high all the time cause a moral reformation?

    No one at church even thinks it through. Someone needs to ask Rick Warren if the “mentally ill” have souls like real people. Wonder what the purpose driven psych drug pusher would say to that.

  • Thank you for this thoughtful, well written article Bob.

    Like many psych survivors I do not share your cautious optimism. But I believe psychiatry will collapse in the next 20 to 30 years under the weight of its own numerous deceptions and insatiable hunger for more people to “treat.” They want 25% of the population on at least one drug. (Some sources say 33%)

    One sixth or seventh of adults forced onto disability is economically unsustainable. If nothing else psychiatry will die when Western Civilization goes into its death throws.

  • They prefer to call it sanity or good mental hygiene rather than morality. That way they can condemn harmless eccentrics, dangerous criminals, and moral paragons (like Francis of Assisi or Joan of Arc) as hopelessly insane and a menace to society.

    Sanity is much harder to define than morality. Not only can they absolve the insane of their “disease” they also can serve as a faux pre-crime division.

    We don’t need Tom Cruise to advocate for us by praising Scientology while hopping up and down on the table. But he has made a great movie called The Minority Report which reminds me of how our culture perceives psychiatry.

    Not just as punitive legal enforcers who tell judges what sentences to pass but actually able to prevent violent crimes from occurring. Only in the movie it actually worked.

    Thinking you have psychic powers so you can foresee crimes before they occur is perfectly sane and normal. ๐Ÿ˜‰