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  • It’s perfectly legal for shrinks to kill patients in the US if they do it by “standard treatment.” Lost two friends to that. Not suicides. Not mistakes. “Standard treatment side effects.” 🙁

    (By mistakes I mean bungling the dosage or forgetting allergic reactions. Karen’s shrink knew she was seizing on her drug and thought that was acceptable for her. By her I mean the shrink. Plenty more where Karen came from.)

  • Labels exist Oldhead. Biologically valid or not.
    I want to show the public how even using drugs for “soft diagnoses” like depression/anxiety can ruin your life with a Bipolar 2 label rendering you a degraded non-person in the public’s eye. And a non-citizen with no legal rights at all.

    Knowledge of neurobiology can come in useful in revealing and repairing damage done by psychiatry so don’t poo poo that.

    I would survey those already labeled by psychiatrists as Bipolar 2 to discover how many were fine till a shrink messed with their brains.

  • Btw, my parents roll their eyes at news about “antidepressants” now. Mom said she was surprised how much better I am off of them.

    And the horse tranquilizers creep many out. More skepticism is occurring even though there are few true “anti psych” people are around. Dr. Phil yelled at a mom for putting her kids on ten drugs apiece through three different doctors.

  • 🙂
    Okay. Not attacking you Alex.
    So, you’re not protesting his earning a livelihood so much as overpricing it?

    Btw, I wish someone would do a survey on people diagnosed with Bipolar 2 to find out how many cases were triggered (“unmasked” the mental illness makers call it) through SSRI use for depression or some off label purpose. Do you need to be a professional to conduct one?

  • I only had one psychiatrist I could call truly evil. On the other hand–out of more than a dozen–only two or maybe three talked to me like a human being. They will only listen to you (generally speaking) if you say what they want to hear.

    If you say, “Gee doctor you’re so intelligent. These medicines you prescribed make me feel great. This Zoloft is a life saver.” That they will listen to and use as evidence that what they’re doing works.

    If a “consumer” says, “This Haldol is giving me seizures and while I seize I have terrifying hallucinations.” “I haven’t been able to sleep since you put me on Anafranil two weeks ago.” “My depression is worse than ever on Prozac. Can’t quit thinking of suicide.” Well all those patients are clearly delusional and should not be taken seriously. Except you should lock up the third. That will teach him to be treatment resistant! 😀

  • Depression is a feeling. Not a disease!

    Yes, I have been depressed and have been very much so lately.

    But it comes and goes like any other feeling. My life sucks– largely because of psychiatry. I have a right to feel very sad.

    Not sure it will ever go away for long. Because–oh yeah. My life stinks and will never get better!

    Psychiatrists only make your problems 10x worse and pretend your rotten life situation is irrelevant. That’s why these guys are worse than useless in solving any problems. Physical, social, or spiritual. Worthless physicians.

  • Jonathan, I was always dieting in my teens. Anorexic eighties.
    My mom, my aunt and every other female friend told me it was impossible to be too thin. All the boys wanted us to look like Callista Flockhart or Kate Moss.

    I went off to college desperate to find a husband. I wasn’t fat but far from that lean and hungry supermodel all guys demanded. In my religious subculture you only have a narrow window of time to marry if you’re female. Between 18 and 22. On your 23rd birthday you’e well past your prime since all the guys are taken and you might as well be 46. The colleges are 70% female and female curves make guys think you’re a slut I suppose.

    I never could become thin and pretty enough. But I’m sure all those laxatives and crash diets and 3 day fasts for the beautiful body my rotten genes denied me messed me up long before I started SSRIs at 21.

    Morbidly obese now, hopelessly alone and middle aged I stay at home and cry with my cat. Still less depressed than on those darn drugs. Tears feel better than that undead zombie state psychiatrists call “good mental health.”

  • Fatal Attraction meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

    My dad frequently remarked on how nutty everyone running the System was. The “crazy’s” were too drugged up to think straight. The real nuts were the sanists running the thing. 😛

    The woman who got me diagnosed BPDS actually fits the “symptoms” better than me. But because she slept with a different guy every month or so and never bonded with any she thought she was emotionally sound. 😛

  • Congratulations Madmom. Your daughter is blessed to have you helping her.

    Was in the System for 25 years. Mom almost took me to Canada to see Dr. Abrams but couldn’t. She and I kept telling the doctors I hadn’t been so out of it till the Anafranil kept me awake 3 weeks. No one listened. Till they told us it proved I was crazy by “unmasking” some brain disease that couldn’t show on MRIs.

    Finally off drugs for 18 months. Mom is happy. She gave up years ago. I did till I read RW and others.

  • “I’ll see you at the malls!” While the others held her back from physically assaulting a “patient.” Sounds like one emotionally stable woman with great interpersonal skills. The epitome of reason and a bastion of sanity. 😀


  • The best situation for a psych test subject to be in is where they thoroughly deceive the deceitful abuser. Kiss up to them. Never complain about “side effects” since they don’t care and are capable of doubling or tripling the drug making you deathly ill as an act of petty revenge. Absolute power does that to people.

    Flatter them nonstop. Like a rape survivor I heard who tricked her captor into thinking his kidnap and rape had made her fall in love with him. He took a shower and she escaped. Pretty stupid to think his cruelty would win her undying love and loyalty. But a surprisingly large number of power-crazed people think that way.

  • The big problem with psychology is its association with corrupt drug dealing/brain mutilating psychiatry. If a psychologist or counselor wants to help people they have to start their own practice. Work at the mental illness center and you have to tell folks to remember they’ll always be “bipolar” or “schizophrenic” and promote the drugs the shrink prescribed. Then yell at the “client” for not trying harder or skipping “meds” on the sly (though you lack proof) when they deteriorate on the 3-6 mind altering drugs Dr. Frankenstein has them on.

    Btw, Eric Maisel, I know you reject the bio model and work independently. Probably for the reason I describe. Please don’t take this personally. 🙂

  • Going through life with a medicine head is pretty disabling.

    If someone were forced to go through life on “therapeutic” levels of Nyquil that kept them from thinking straight that would likely ruin relationships, prevent gainful employment and lead to early death.. Just call the narcotic syrup life saving medicine, claim it saves the lives of those you keep doped up, or prevents them from killing others (because you say it does.)

    Psychiatry in a nutshell. The only disability I had was the one they gave me.

  • Wow! Sorry Fred.
    What was Dr. Gestapo mad about? That you managed to escape and he would make you pay for doing so well?

    I have to see MDs for physical problems caused by the years on drugs. I have a “mental health” center I say I go to but don’t. Getting rid of my label is very important to me.

    Even here people laugh it off as no big deal. But until I get my “diagnosis” changed I’m not safe around any doctor and can be institutionalized if ever discovered. Being denied the rights of citizenship and possibly locked up without due process is no joke.

  • Anesthetics are used short term for surgeries. Not for a lifetime. Big difference.

    Most people don’t want to sleep their lives away. And most wouldn’t take this crap if they weren’t deceived by drug companies, social workers, and doctors they think they can trust.

    These people will not get accurate information from traditional sources. 🙁

  • I’m sure the APA is tinkled pink. More folks taking horse tranquilizers=more psychotic breaks. Which means more bogus claims the drug “unmasked” a condition they couldn’t find before. How convenient–for shrinks! Because the drug’s so addictive psych doctors can fool people into thinking they “need” their “medicine” to fix the imbalanced brain chemistry (well informed) shrinks secretly laugh at.

    Just like Anafranil messed my life up. At 45 I feel like a woman of 75.

    When do you think Big Pharma will alter adhesives (slightly) to sell as inhalants for the desperately unhappy?

    I was taught not to abuse mind altering drugs as a kid. The “mental illness” makers told me repeatedly these were different–non addictive brain fixers. Turned me into an unwitting drug addict.

  • Did the patient want to die? Maybe. In this case.

    Think about it. They can try pointless, brain damaging regimens of drugs and psycho surgery on “patients” against their will–often killing them as a side effect of Standard Care. All against their will since the “SMI” don’t know what’s good for ’em and “no” means “yes.”

    Why not extend this same line of reasoning to euthanasia?
    “Yes, Mrs. Mable says she wants to live. But as a Paranoid Schizophrenic she’s delusional when she thinks her life has meaning. Better do the humane thing and put the poor sicko down immediately. Aren’t we humane?” 😛

  • Thanks for sharing, Nic. Dr. Brogan has written a book supporting this. A Mind of Your Own.

    It’s worth noting psychiatrists who work at “mental health” centers do not treat thyroid conditions or other endocrine problems nor nutrient deficiencies. I suffer anemia and thyroid problems but seek help elsewhere. The same with proven brain issues like Lyme disease.

    SOME psych doctors may check people with depression for thyroid levels or the other conditions you mention. I have been to a number of health centers and clinics and not one ever mentioned checking for these. Even GPs frequently overlook these concerns if you bear an SMI label. 🙁

  • Varun your story about the effects of the drugs you had been told to take–how they killed your ability to smile and act human–got you accused of “non compliance” made me want to cry.

    Been there. Done that. Kept getting accused of going “off my meds” in college when I kept having Parkinsonism and mini seizures from 10 mg of Haldol. The psychiatrist claimed they never did that. My dorm mom told the guidance center I wasn’t taking them or I wouldn’t have the problems the Haldol was creating! This got me kicked off campus.

    Funny thing is, now that I have tapered off the 3 drugs I was prescribed for “bipolar 2” no one knows I’m off when I visit a doctor. They often say, “Wow. Your ‘meds’ must really be working well. No flat affect; you’re smiling. Emotionally stable. No longer depressed or suicidal despite your health problems.”

    I smile and say the “meds” are working fine. The Placebo Effect cuts both ways. 😀

  • I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. At least not one run by human beings. The Big Pharma companies want as much money as possible and–like greedy, selfish people often are–have no forethought and refuse to think more than a decade or two ahead.

    Like the Washington demagogues who refuse to think beyond winning the next election. Or the NAMI mommy who just wants her “crazy” kid to shut up for the short term, though she should know it will keep him from adult independence–likely forcing him to live in her basement in his forties.

    “Do you want it done right or do you want it done fast?” Pharma psychiatry offers fast fixes and easy answers. Forget the long term results! This is America.

  • In defense of Sheriff Steve, he is the most fair minded and just moderator MIA has had that I remember. Wish you wouldn’t call names. Especially names like that.

    You aren’t a psychiatrist, so the names won’t stick like a psych “diagnosis” but we survivors know words have power.

  • Yep. After 3 weeks on maybe 8 hours sleep thanks to Anafranil I was finally allowed to cold turkey off it.

    I needed sleep and still couldn’t think straight. The good “doctor” cheerfully told Mom and me I had classic schizophrenia since the “medicine never did that to anyone.” Hearing that sent me into full blown psychosis.

    My old life ended then.

  • Cat, if you want to contact me, my blog is A religious site–not about psychiatry. (Except a couple pieces.)

    Like you, I’m a libertarian Gen X-er who’s mad at all the bovine excrement we’re being fed. By Big Pharma and others. Dialogue with the “mental illness” makers is pointless.

    “Let’s compromise and do things my way. Bend over, grab your ankles and I promise when I hit it won’t hurt VERY much.”

  • Ellie is hallucinating too. Bring on the neuroleptics!

    Am I the only one to question how counseling does anyone any good if painful emotions are reduced to a brain disease? If pills are the only cure for sadness why bother talking about it since the sadness is just an irrational symptom of a disease and should be ignored like delusions or hallucinations?

    I was depressed as a 7 year old. Not a brain disease. Lousy learning environment. Kept getting yelled at for knowing more than my cognitively disabled peers. SBD class for behavioral issues no amount of punishment could cure. I was a wicked child. 🙁

  • Don’t forget the psych ex-spurts. Can’t risk offending those either. Cause old “Doc” Torrey and his puppet Jaffe might call us mean names like “anti-psychiatry” and “scientologists” and “flat earthers.” Can’t risk offending these “Real Scientists.”

    If we make nice and kiss the butts of all the members of the APA maybe we can peacefully dialogue–before they lock us up and drug or shock us to death. Lol.

    Let’s see how long either of these comments stays up.

  • Cool!

    We anti psychiatry folks need to think outside the box. Social media has been doing a lot of censoring lately. Kicked the anti-vaxxers off Facebook. I’m starting to become an anti-vaxxer myself since the massive propaganda and censoring is a sign there’s something weird going on the vaccine pushers want to hide.

  • It will destroy Western Civilization. My 12 year old nephew was put on Zoloft for his fixation on tidiness and anxiety. Now he’s failing every subject and is indifferent to everything. His parents shrug it off as a minor “side effect of the medication.” I kid you not. How is that an improvement?

    I see the boy’s being groomed for a future as a professional mental patient. Ugh. 🙁

  • Why are they coming after the young “intelligencia” SE? Afraid all that intelligence and creativity will disrupt the learning process?

    The world pharma-psychiatry wants to create sounds more and more like the dystopia Kurt Vonnegut depicted in “Harrison Bergeron.”

    My own IQ went up almost 20 points after my taper btw. But I didn’t start the drugs till I was over 18 and my brain had almost matured.

  • Entertainment causes people to turn on the set. No two way TV’s yet, so they have to lure folks in. Once people are set up for hours of passive, mindless entertainment they’re ready to be mystified and confused.

    I don’t think it’s all a conscious effort to make people stupid, but it has that effect sadly. Every time I have been in a psych ward there is a set blaring for 12-14 hours a day. Despite the proven fact excessive TV causes depression. My guess is the staff does it to stupify everyone further (in case the drugs left a few brain cells alive.) You see this in day cares and nursing homes too.

    The idea that “bad things only happen to bad people” has been around since ancient times. Harold Kushner talks about this in Why Bad Things Happen to Good People. He speculates people like this idea since it gives them a sense of control and safety. “If I’m really good I won’t go bankrupt, my spouse won’t leave, and I won’t get cancer.” Of course this backfires if tragedy strikes despite how “good” the person was.

  • A major problem JClaude is people think psychiatry=help. Many “looneys” go around saying it saved their lives and souls. I have known people with lives obviously ruined by drugs and labels. Poverty, shunned by family, horribly sick, barely able to function outside institutions…yet they swear psychiatry is their savior.

    I think this is due to spell-binding, being fed constant propaganda till it outweighs your real experience–like a cult, and the sunken cost fallacy.

  • I do OH.

    Yeah-I-Survived my only problem is $770 isn’t enough for a regular apartment and there’s a stigma with not working.

    Every social situation I’m in I get asked, “What do you do for a living?”

    One church I attended I sort of lied. Told them I get SSI for Fibromyalgia. (They said some horrible things about “crazies” later. I was right to lie.) The preacher’s wife kept demanding why I didn’t substitute teach, work in daycare, work in fast food, be a cashier. Just because moving is agony and it hurts to stand more than 60 minutes at a time is no excuse for not flipping burgers 40 hours a week it seems! 😛

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself Sylvain!

    I’m in that middle ground. I have never been locked up “involuntarily” if you can call being thoroughly deceived that my brain would deteriorate without the “treatment” offered voluntary. Is a diabetic taking heroine because the doctor they trust called it “insulin” a willing junkie? (Food for thought.)

    Many like me are too disabled to work after years of psychiatry and need the meager handouts to live. I would have left the System earlier but a poor work history, discrimination, and symptoms like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome still keep me from gainful employment. My heart and other organs were “mysteriously” giving out. None of the doctors would tell me why or what to do about it. I think they knew. 🙁 Escaped just in time!

  • I knew a man called Dave who believed God was telling him to become President of the USA in 1988. Dave was treated badly by all but my Dad and one or two others. To keep from feeling like a loser Dave NEEDED to hear voices telling him he was special and would be President someday. The reality would be too painful to face. So he had “delusions” and lived in denial of reality.

    Nowadays there are doctors who desperately NEED electro shocks to work because this will prove their medical specialty is legitimate and this “surgery” shows they’re more than glorified drug dealers. Plus they hate the idea that all they do is cause random acts of brain damage for “help.” The reality is too painful to face. So they have “delusions” that they’re helping their victims and live in denial of reality.

    Yet Dave was crazy and the doctors are considered sane.

  • Psychiatry also provides the illusion of safety by blaming all violent crimes and shooting sprees on the “genetically defective criminal types.” The high ranking shrinks promise to save the public by “helping” those they’ve scapegoated.

    Because they have thoroughly dehumanized us all in the public’s eye, everyone is happy to have the “monsters” locked up and put through cruel, pointless experiments. Even those who have never committed misdemeanors are treated worse than “sane” convicted felons.

    If we must have psychiatry it should be kept separate from the government. When the government has the power to lock up and torture without due process only evil can come of it.

  • Bruce, the article you cite and link to mentions “shift in responsibility” under the part about the willingness to inflict pain.

    This is why psychiatry is inherently cruel to its “patients.” The psychiatrist is not responsible to those he diagnoses as “severely mentally ill” but to Society as a whole. He is no more working for us than a prison guard is working for prisoners or an exterminator is working for the rodents he kills.

  • I have symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome myself. Every so often I need iron infusions and B 12 injections thanks to years of psychiatry. My body can’t process micro nutrients anymore. At least my heart arrhythmia has stabilized.

    $770 a month is not enough to rent anything but HUD. (A lot of those are slums.) Even in Indiana.

  • You never talk to people who feel they have been harmed, only helped Don?

    You accuse Dr. Breggin of knowing omission? I know I would feel safe enough with someone like him to share things most psychiatrists laugh off or blame on the “patient.”

    I was accused of faking seizures, tardive psychosis, etc. Learned early on to keep “side effects” to myself. Even if they were supposed to be reported no one wanted to hear them or would listen to one of us.

    Never had shocks but they sound horrid. Weird how seizures–by drugs or psycho-surgery are supposed to be good for the SMi but not Real People who count.

    Lebensunwertes Leben.

  • Sorry KS. You needed and deserved info that wasn’t there.

    But what about people like the blogger at Bipolar Burble who get mad at us, and want to have us all locked up because she’s scared of having her “meds” taken away? People throwing tantrums for shocks, drugs and labels?

  • Personal accountability is why I took the damn drugs Dr. K.

    They assured me I was bipolar and my only hope for gainful employment, successful relationships, and living outside an institution depended on compliance. Furthermore I might murder someone if “untreated.”

    My family assured me I was “better” and they could stand to be around me now. So, the drugs made me miserable and sick, but I took them as an act of self sacrifice for those around me.

    I feel bad about living with my parents and mooching off the tax payers. But my family and the tax paying public wanted me crippled. So it’s their tough luck. By all rights Big Pharma should pay everyone in my situation $1,000,000 for malpractice and false advertising. They won’t though.

  • Ban involuntary psycho-surgery and drugs. If someone wants their brain damaged and ignores information put out that all ECT and drugs are is brain damage, it’s their brains being mutilated.

    Sad. But Dr. K’s article would apply to people seeking easy answers for problems with living.

  • I withdrew by fleeing. No medical help at all. In the USA involuntary shock is standard care. If the authorities knew where I was I could be dragged back. My body can no longer process food properly so I need iron infusions regularly.

    The drugs did not help me. They amplified the voices, killed all pleasure, made my weight double, and caused seizures. But no one listens to stories like mine or countless others. Time for OUR voices to be heard!

    It’s good you think what they did to you was helpful Bippy. Many of us are not pleased and MIA is one of the few places we can express less than worshipful sentiments toward psychiatry’s random acts of brain damage.

    I guess if they damage the right part of the brain the “patient” will stop thinking painful thoughts. And lobotomies are making a comeback according to Live Science August 14, 2018. But it’s “better” because it’s done with lazars so it looks more scientific.

    While lobotomies were hip and trendy they compared psych drugs to lobotomies. Nowadays people call that “pill shaming.” Yet the principles remain the same. Where would psychiatry be without its public relations team?

    I’m angry they lied to me about a “metaphor” the inner circle tries to pass off as a joke. The Chemical Imbalance Legend is not funny Dr. Pies!

  • Transportation is the real issue. I will have to make any plans while visiting friends in another city. I live out in an isolated rural area 5 miles from the nearest town of 1400 people. I can’t drive.

    I depend on my folks to get everywhere. Was not allowed to get a license at 16 and Mom used my “diagnosis” later as a reason for me never to drive.

  • But if vampires don’t exist what will Buffy and Van Helsing kill?

    Seriously the fact that you can make diseases magically disappear or transform them into something else lends credit to the notion that “mental illness” is indeed a social construct. Can doctors vote cancers into existence? Or turn melanoma into liver disease with a stroke of the pen?

    There are groups of writers, educators and editors that assemble to vote on expressions and rules of grammar for proper writing. What I read in They Call You Crazy reminded me of those groups.

    But everyone acknowledges the language experts’ efforts are social and artistic–not hard science. And they don’t have the power to lock you up, publicly shame you, or operate on your tongue for bad grammar.

  • Do these “scientists” have any theory of how ECT is supposed to help people? Or is it just “We don’t know how it works but we know it does (because we really want it to and it shows we’re more than drug dealers)”?

    They seem SHOCKED at the idea that brain damage occurs or claim it’s minimal. Get real. No brain damage means it’s not working.

    Psychiatry “helps” people in emotional distress by shutting off or destroying random parts of the brain. Nothing has changed since they started drilling holes in people’s heads or ice pick lobotomies. Just better PR and bribing the right people. 😛 And they’re crippling and killing a lot of people who would have been safe from their cruelty a few years ago.

  • No Bippyone.
    I was referring to the woman Peter Breggin mentions at the end of his article. Sorry about the mess your family is in.

    I’ve escaped psychiatry but an forced to live in the boonies with my grouchy, critical mother. At 45 she treats me like I am 12. Totally isolated except for her and Dad. Suffering from 25 years on a cocktail so working–even part time is difficult. Plus there’s no ride to work and Mom discourages all efforts to find employment with her put downs.

    No housing anywhere. $770 a month is not enough for rent even in my state. Plus if HUD opens Mom insists it must be within less than 25 miles of her and Dad. Now and then she says I should go to a “home” but there are none available. (Thank goodness.)

    I have heard of women like me who made remarkable improvements when the mommy they “couldn’t live without” died. I think of this and feel guilty. Hopefully I can escape before then.

  • Anyone want to hazard a guess why that woman gave a glowing recommendation of ECT and then gave Peter Breggin that note? It sounds suspiciously like an abuse situation. As if she were afraid of someone she knew was watching her and–perhaps–had put her up to saying what she did.

  • Stealing from the “consumers'” already meager checks happens all the time in the Mental Illness Factory. Not supposed to anymore than rape or physical beatings, but it does because no one believes the victims–or at least not till there are a lot of them and a truckload of evidence impossible to ignore or hide.

    Had it happen to me. The old lady running the boarding home I was stuck in stole the $50 a month I needed to buy personal items like shampoo and toothpaste.

    One place in South Bend was so corrupt they not only stole from “consumers” but fudged on government payments too. You don’t steal from Uncle Sam without consequences. They shut Madison Center down. Huzzah! 😀

    (The new place is less corrupt.)

  • For Dragon Slayer or anyone else, what books do you recommend for learning the history of modern psychiatry? RW’s books are great but focus primarily on modern Pharma-psychiatry in the last 30-50 years.

    From my readings “asylums” began as an industry around the time of the Age of Reason and the Industrial Revolution. I think the former played a really big role in the obsession with the sane vs insane dichotomy of “mental health.”

  • That’s why I will never have children Mark. Nothing like an SMI label to destroy all your dreams and hopes for this life.

    This is already happening. Crippling 20-25% of the next generation before puberty is almost as effective as sterilization. Birth rates in developed countries are in steep decline. In Europe there are actually programs and incentives encouraging folks to have kids.

    I don’t see it as a conscious effort, but short sighted greed and not giving a rip about the people harmed. Western civilization is doomed–in large part thanks to the “doctors” who gladly sell poisons to trusting patients in exchange for warm doughnuts and free peeks up Yolanda, the hot pharma rep’s mini skirt. 😛

  • Two of my friends (at least) were killed by psychiatry. Not suicide because of the misery it created. Not malpractice. “Side effects” from standard care.

    Karen was 29 and died from a grand mal seizure caused by a neuroleptic her shrink refused to take her off. Donna was 49; doctors weren’t sure what to put on her death certificate. She was on half a dozen drugs; a bunch of her organs shut down at once.

  • You’re right. It’s not helpful MM. NAMI has been trying the “Be nice to us; we’re different” for years. Of course with NAMI it’s more like, “Please don’t hate us because we’re defective. If we swallow all these gosh awful pills we’re almost safe to be around.”

    The Mad Pride or Neuro-diversity movement tries to put a positive spin on Crazy but the notions of life long madness can never be viewed as a positive. And Kay Redfield Jamison and others have sort of been trying to prove that because an occasional “mad genius” emerges maybe society shouldn’t ostracize some members for crimes they never actually committed.

  • About the “inflicting pain,” I imagine there are a few cases of doctors turning to sadism. Psychiatry would be an ideal specialty for them since no one will believe people with SMI labels.

    The whole thing is scary. #Notallshrinks But the psych system is a hotbed for this cruelty. Psychiatric medicine is Absolute Power. And you know how the saying goes.