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  • They have ignored many inconvenient things. Like “consumers” dying 25 years prematurely. Diminished quality of life among those they “help” and brain damage proven to be caused by their treatments according to a member of the APA.

    They also refuse to listen when anyone complains that the seizures, depression, hallucinations or thoughts of violence didn’t start till after they got put on the magical pills handed out like office candy. I knew better than to ask my shrink for help.

    I ran away. And will do whatever it takes to keep away from the mental illness makers.

  • Body, soul and spirit. Mental and emotional are different sides to the soul.

    In claiming to help the body with (short term) emotional pain killers, psychiatry harms all of the above.

    Glad you are finding wellness, Laurel. I’m forty-six and struggling to heal my body after 26 years on drugs. 22 years were poly. Drug free for 2 and 1/2.

  • A lot more would get rid of those devices if the government (across the pond) actually threatened to track them. Chalk it up to Yankee paranoia. A lot of people are AFRAID to give up their guns because the first thought that comes to their heads is Government Take Over.

    A big fuss in the mid west. We are afraid of getting infected and dying. But we don’t automatically trust the feds either.

    Convincing others not involved in the psych system that the “Mentals” could be coming for them next–to take away their health, freedom, businesses, family–is way more hopeful than trying to reason with those in the psych system. Whose income depends on refusing to acknowledge the damage they do.

    A working title for a new dystopian series. Medocracy. “Don’t be afraid. We’re the Healers. We only want to help you.”

  • Yes. The problem I have with “Mad Pride” as a whole.

    I experienced a bizarre state once and lost track of reality–after being kept awake for 21 days straight by the drug Anafranil. That drug induced experience was used to define me by psychiatrists.

    But it does not. Nor should it. My success is “mental health’s” failure.

  • In America there have been 143,000 cases severe enough to be diagnosed. The asymptomatic do not count. 2,500 deaths out of those. If you have a calculator you can crunch the numbers.

    Italy is far worse. The worst as far as fatalities go. With 7% of recorded cases dying.

    Please read my comment below. I believe social distancing is a necessary evil after all. But with proper medical care the death rates can be kept very low.

    The idea is that with fewer cases there will be more medical resources for those who do get sick.

  • Yes. Silencing dissenters was what the USSR did.

    No one had any motive for silencing me. Unless you count not acknowledging that the psych drugs were responsible for turning my “neurosis” into full blown “psychosis” with hallucinations that terrified me.

    But they insisted that “they never have that effect on anyone” despite label warnings. Can’t have pill shaming after all.

    Still no belief in what I say. I’m very nervous around doctors because of this.

  • Evil tends to be short sighted.

    And there are few things as evil as crippling children and adults while pretending to cure them. Telling them powerful, mind altering drugs are “just like insulin” for the diabetes they never had.

    Psychiatrists are ruining Western Civilization by making it go bankrupt supporting those they themselves have disabled. They expect to get way more money than all the disability checks combined for the benefit they add to society by disabling people. Not that they care.

    Remember The Lorax by Dr. Seuss? The POV character never meant to destroy all the Truffula trees. His business was based on them after all.

    That’s how psychiatrists and pharma CEO’s are. They don’t plan on destroying everything since they enjoy sipping champagne on their yachts.

    But they insist on chopping down children who won’t grow back. There’s a reason Gen Y has so few workers in it. Check how many young people “use” mental services.

    Generation Rx. They’re worse off than my generation where losers like me were exceptions. Why else are many college kids so incoherent in debates? Why else this utter lack of emotional resilience and surge in obesity?

    Cognitive decline, loss of inhibition, obesity…all minor side effects. Proven to come from the “safe and effective” treatments often forced upon the public. Courtesy of the Mental Illness makers. 😛

  • I wish they would judge us on our behaviors. The content of our character. Not what some “expert” who asks us ten perfunctory questions determines after less than fifteen minutes.

    Roger Elliot was a nervous, awkward young man. But that doesn’t mean all nervous, awkward people deserve punishment for what he did.

    Psychiatry finds a few arbitrary behaviors and quirks that may annoy relatives but are perfectly harmless. Or social anxiety which I had and they “helped” by bringing shame, dishonor and the ultimate social degradation upon me.

    Isolated me by causing family and friends to reject me in disgust and horror. They created artificial disability from drug “side effects” they blamed on the alleged brain disease. That’s how they helped me along with countless others.

    Comfort the comfortable by afflicting the afflicted. Should be the motto of the APA. 😛

  • 10 should scare everyone. I guess the rationale behind the “MH” article is that doctors are in short supply and (maybe) all those “mentally ill” won’t observe proper social distancing and will require more lock ups.

    In America it’s mostly the right wing who’s afraid. But even they tend to be in awe of SCIENCE.


    He gives much worse death rates than those I read in other places. I read that even frail octogenarians in nursing homes are more apt to beat the bug than die. 90% survival odds in worst case scenarios.

    Joel assures me that there is at least a 15% chance that Mom and Dad will die if infected. Both are under seventy and have health issues. So some precautions make sense.

    But locking us up for six months? I don’t see that as sustainable. Yet Joel assures me it’s absolutely necessary or PEOPLE WILL DIE.

    People die every day. This is not the Bubonic Plague. And it’s not even the Spanish Flu. People didn’t hide at home during that epidemic as I recall. Now we have better sanitation and nutrition.

    But we won’t if the economy collapses and hundreds of thousands become homeless while starving on the streets. 🙁

    IMHO this is a scare tactic as a bid for power by Big Pharma/Big Government. Since Joel only hears what Big Pharma says, working 13 hours a day all week from home, he is brainwashed. For all practical purposes.

  • Syrena Clark, even when I believed in psychiatry, I disliked the “educational” narrative that “all schizophrenics” act like something out of a horror movie. Murder is a moral issue. Not a cognitive one.

    If people choose to take the pills and see therapists or whatever, cool. It’s their choice. Provided it’s an informed one.

    But whether you are in the system or out–getting treated like a monster or shot is horrible. No human being deserves to be treated that way.

    All the “education” foisted on the public only leads to more paranoia among people like the police. Like soldiers they have finely tuned “fight or flight” mechanisms. Scaring them with stories of how evuuullll “severely mentally ill” people are will not end the shootings.

    I had the police called on me during a bad trip from a drug reaction combined with stress. No guns were pulled. They called the paramedics before I passed out.

    They thought I was having a bad drug trip. Actually I was. All psychiatric.

    That was an odd experience and I had seen my shrink that day who told me I was “depressed” though I explained I was loopy instead. But not listening to me was par for the course with most of them.

    As far as violence goes, preventing that by force is what police are for. I don’t see why “educating” police about the “mentally ill” is necessary or helpful. Let them deal with each situation as needful.

    Telling them someone is freaking out on a bad drug trip but seems harmless might be better if they are told anything at all. It may have been why they were so nice to me. Of course I was in a passive, trance like state but if they had pulled guns on me I’m not sure how I would have behaved.

  • Sam, you think doctors love to “diagnose” everything as mental so they can ignore real medical problems and throw drugs at phony ailments with no biomarker? (Incapable of DISPROVING. Hence they get off Scot free since they can never be accused of a misdiagnosis.)

    They love to throw SSRI’s at everything. Stomach cancer. Lyme disease. TBI. Crohn’s. Arthritis. Yeast infections along with all things female. 😛

    Beats having to be professionally competent and solve real issues doesn’t it?

  • Yes. I’m bitter and mean as that post revealed. Too much time alone.
    I’m used to being isolated but it only took a little extra to break my reserves.

    If it weren’t for others I’d be exposing, I would choose to infect myself with the XXXX virus and get it over with. After what I’ve been through death’s not that scary. Once you are dead there’s nothing more human beings can do to you.

    I’m not suicidal BTW. Just stir crazy.

  • Dr. Biswas probably labeled the man herself. And drugged him too.

    Someone in her field told the police he was dangerous and should be feared as a vicious, murderous psycho killer. Then acts shocked when they shoot him–using the information about him that her industry provided.

    I love to think of some of the “lock them up” commenters getting dragged into the psych system. They get no pity from me when they do. They deserve none. I hope they wind up in one of “Doc” Drew’s new asylums since they thought it was good enough for the Others they loathed.

    Hitler would never have risen to power if the Germans had not elected him and applauded when he blamed the Jews for all that was wrong with Germany. Cotton Mather only was able to hang a bunch of “witches” because the other Puritans mindlessly accepted what he said. They thought killing them might help the crops grow better and end the plague.

    I recommend Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s essay on “stupidity.” Not what is usually meant by that word.

  • It’s a great shell and nuts game. Pretend the mind altering drugs are medicine. When the mark goes insane, blame them for having an inferior brain and DNA.

    The mark is spell bound and isn’t sure what’s real. They know they’re screwed up mentally and trust the doctor. Normally a logical decision.

    If they stay on the “meds” they act crazy. If they go off–almost always cold turkey–they act crazy from withdrawals. The family doesn’t know what to think. The shrink tells them, “The family member you loved is gone forever. Lol. Make sure she takes her medicine. They never do. Remember if she acts weird she’s lying.”

    My family was never fully deceived since they knew I was obedient–wanting to “get well” and quit being a burden and bother. They knew I took those things dutifully–though they bought me a pill chest since the doctor said “Okay. Maybe she’s not lying. They forget all the time too. That illness makes them lazy and irresponsible.”

    The whole time my conservative, teetotaler, anti-marijuana, “just say know” family, college, church were urging me to become a drug addict and then yelling at me for acting like one. I was the only person willing to do any research or read articles in the APA journal. None of my loved ones read anything I show them.

    But they never disowned me and accepted my decision to come off once I revealed how I had done it nearly two years after the fact. Most families are NOT that supportive. So I’ll always owe them for that. And they’ve suffered too from having an unwitting junkie for a daughter all these years. 🙁

    Idea for a meme.
    “Just remember Batman. If the citizens of Gotham weren’t mentally ill to begin with they never would have had that reaction to my toxic nerve gas.” Dr. Arkham aka Scarecrow

  • One of these days I’m writing a book that cites works by characters like Torrey, Pies, etc.–making them accessible to mainstream public who actually want to help people and restore them to health and sanity.

    Trying to reason with those who benefit from afflicting us and driving us crazy is a waste of time. No more discussions. Like trying to “work something out” with an abusive spouse.

    If we go back or remain the beatings will continue.

    “Mental illness” is not a social construct. It’s an iatrogenic one. Created by psychiatrists. Sometimes knowingly.

    Over 95% of all SMI cases were perfectly sane until they got put on a drug for being sad because the family dog died or were nervous over exams. Then they went bonkers and got branded by their shrink.

  • Psychiatry=police state.

    Anthony, if possible, I advise you to leave Australia. From what I have read it’s psycho-state is far worse than ours.

    The fact that our health care is still partially privatized comes in handy since you can relocate to another state if ordered to be drugged or shocked without consent and they can’t legally kidnap you there. Or–if not state ordered–relocate to another community where no one knows your past and provide scant details for the hospital/doctors you see there.

    When you have to see a doctor he won’t automatically have access to the records of another system. You’ll also receive better care for kidney damage, IBD and other cruelties the shrinks have inflicted on you. It’s like they don’t care if you die if you have an SMI label.

  • Ironic. Stigma and loss of income is what I got from seeking “mental health.”

    I am wondering how all those who attend community mental centers are doing. I’m sure the already marginalized “consumers” miss the time spent with the few friends they have. Especially since so many live alone. 🙁

    Calling a friend who’s still in the “mental illness system.” Hard to leave as I know too well.

  • Thank you for this article Dr. K. You left out how television–also a great tool of stupidification was utilized by psychiatry to sell themselves. Nearly all the drug commercials you see on TV now are psychiatric. The police and hospital dramas on the idiot box push the narrative of “mental illness” as well.

    Few non-professionals read journal articles or books by Torrey/Jaffe, Lieberman, Pies or the rest. Otherwise they might see through the charade and discover how inhumane their treatments are.

    Torrey actually boasted in his underground work Shrinks about how he drove a number of “asymptomatic schizophrenics” crazy by drugging them without knowledge or consent. When reprimanded he joked about how causing “schizophrenics” to go out of their minds was no big deal.

    It’s actually lucky for these guys that their books are not widely read. I think they want their articles and books to remain an inside job–read and reviewed by approving peers–and never see the light of day. Those who practice evil love darkness.

  • Been on at least one psych drug from age 18 to 44.

    Off now since 08/31/17.

    My mind is clearer despite brain damage and spaciness. But my body is a wreck. I can no longer digest food normally.

    At 46 I am forced to live with relatives because my SSI check won’t cover rent and no HUD anywhere. Exhausted from malnutrition since my body won’t absorb vitamins or minerals so I remain unemployed despite recent job openings that won’t be there once this scare is over.

    I don’t know what I will do when my parents are gone.

  • I remember The Wizard of Oz where the humbug says, “I’m a very good man, but a very bad wizard.”

    My guess is there are a number of psychiatrists who could say, “I’m a very good person, but a very bad doctor.” Assuming they are well meaning but clueless makes it easier to forgive the damage.

    Like Dorothy and her friends I’m still very angry at their deception. And–unlike Oz–they continue to keep the up charade.

    Psychiatry means never having to say you’re sorry.

  • Your mind came back but not your body. Not uncommon Laurie. Check out the archives for and read Monica’s story.

    “This caused my family to believe I didn’t care enough about THEM to seek ‘treatment.'”

    I read lines like this and feel sick. God bless you, Laurie, it’s not at you but how selfishly many families of the “mentally ill” behave.

    It’s all about them–though you’re the one in torment. And they take the word of a stranger in a lab coat over the family member they should know and love. 🙁

    Doctors are known to make mistakes, but they refuse to consider this. Too inconvenient.

  • Their faux compassion fools no one. Except maybe themselves.

    Basically they believe that all murders in the world are committed only by a mass of inferior beings called the “mentally ill” and they want these people to be drugged, locked up, or both for their own good. I despise hypocrisy.

    Crippling and labeling certain individuals is a public service psychiatry performs.

    1. It provides a sense of moral superiority to all the “normal” as well as a sense of optimism about the innate goodness of humanity. All normal people are sweet and kind. The only ones capable of doing evil are those with “schizophrenia” or “bipolar.”

    2. It provides a sense of security. After every mass shooting the Experts point out the shooter was labeled or label him posthumously. They skillfully evade the questions as to whether or not he was “medicated.” They keep silent and nobody ever asks the question.

    I remember reading about Andrea Yates in a NAMI newsletter. They said her “bipolar” was why she drowned her kids. No mention of the psychiatric “care” she was receiving as I recall. NAMI wanted to let her get off on the grounds of her alleged brain disease.

    I found the whole thing confusing and resented letting a murderer get off scott free on the grounds that she had a “mental illness.” Didn’t NAMI know that would make us all look bad and feed the flames of “stigma”? Now I realize they were just using her case as a promotional gimmick. And it was really due to involuntary intoxication. I discovered this after I finally gave the NAMI cult the finger.

    The only reason I remained obedient to my psychiatrist as long as I did was out of the belief that I would otherwise harm innocent people. For their sake. Not because the drugs made me feel so darn good or helped me function.

    Now that I know the truth I’m very angry. Not just for my own sake either.

  • She seemed to be blaming it on him not being forcibly drugged. Though most (not all) people truly out of their gourd are indeed drugged. Shrinks twist the facts to suit their agenda.

    Briswais fails to say whether drugs were in his system–making me suspect he was “medicated” and refuses to consider whether her demonization of people like him played any role.

    Calling people dangerous does not end discrimination. But it is great PR for forced psychiatry.

    Then when there’s the predictable decline in voluntary “consumers” these same shrinks will have a giant pity party about how “stigma” is hurting their own careers. “Poor me. I only make a 6 digit income instead of a 7. Only we psychiatrists suffer from the pain of ‘stigma.’ We are SO oppressed. And no one has offered to officially crown us sovereign monarchs yet.”

    Google “stigma + psychiatrist” and log onto a psychiatric professional site sometime. Quite a lack of insight in these virtual sob fests. Laughable in fact–on my good days. 😀

    Yet they use this same “stigma” as a marketing ploy whenever convenient. Making me question their intelligence as well as whether or not they possess a shred of conscience.

  • I suffer many of the above. IBS, chronic pain, artaxia, weird burning sensations on occasion. All of these came 20 years after my diagnosis of bipolar 2 after a bad reaction to Anafranil which the psychiatrist blamed on my unmasked illness.

    Antidepressants are proven to mess up your digestion and heart rhythm. And significant nerve damage is normal. None of these were a problem before-though I did feel depressed and anxious. Those are easier to control now.

  • I have witnessed cognitive decline, premature death, homelessness, and suicidal desires in countless people fully drugged according to psychiatrist’s specific orders. Yet they pretend all these people are perfectly happy and lead great lives. I guess if you wind up homeless, suffer IQ loss by 40 points, and kill yourself while “compliant” it doesn’t count. Sick of psychiatry’s denial of its botched experiments on unwitting or unwilling human guinea pigs.

    I bet the police shot the man because they had listened to shrinks like Biswas tell what dangerous monsters all those she treats are. Calling innocent people dangerous murderers is not compassion. Claiming it will end bigotry is ludicrous. And I find it hard to believe those like Biswas want to–even on a conscious level.

  • I have witnessed cognitive decline, premature death, homelessness, and suicidal desires in countless people fully drugged according to psychiatrist’s specific orders.

    Yet psychiatrists and the media pretend all these people are perfectly happy and lead great lives. I guess if you wind up homeless, suffer IQ loss by 40 points, and kill yourself while “compliant” it doesn’t count. Sick of psychiatry’s denial of its botched experiments on unwitting or unwilling human guinea pigs.

    I bet the police shot the man because they had listened to shrinks like Biswas tell what dangerous monsters all those she treats are. Calling innocent people dangerous murderers is not compassion. Claiming it will end bigotry is ludicrous. And I find it hard to believe those like Biswas want to–even on a conscious level.

    Sickening and sad how folks believe what TV and propaganda puff pieces say more than what they perceive with their own senses. 🙁

  • Someone here at MIA really needs to do a piece on how people can be “compliant” or on AOT and still wind up homeless. RW has done a great job showing how psych drugs severely reduce chances for employment–especially gainful. It seems an inability to pay rent should be admitted to play a role in homelessness. Funny how drugging people is supposed to magically create shelters for them.

    I call BS on this celebrity shock doc’s claim that “all mentally ill people enjoy being homeless” and drugs will fix it. And asylums are more cost effective than HUD. If he is put in charge of them we know who stands to come out ahead financially. Not the tax payers. Definitely not the people struggling to survive because his profession maimed them.

  • Love this article Megan. It offers a new spin on “What if we treated ‘mental illnesses’ like physical illnesses?” Ignoring that “mental illnesses” are supposed to be brain diseases (physical) and rendering the analogy nonsensical. But the doctors who claim to fix these alleged brain diseases act like no others.

    My own pet peeve is how our culture practices “sadness shaming.” Like there’s something disgraceful about not grinning like the Cheshire Cat 24/7. It really irritates me.

    My peeve is not that people find their own sadness/depression intolerable (understandable) but those around them do. No matter how much cause you have to feel gloomy friends and neighbors nag you to hurry up and see a doctor to take some medicine cause unhappiness is a disease.

    If you express reluctance or argue your sorrow/grief is reasonable since you lost your job, your kid disowned you, your spouse left or beats you, you have cancer, your dog died, your house burnt down it’s always…”Oh no. You must have depression.” Then, if you still decline they get mad at you. Accuse you of being too proud to get “help.”

    Like being sad is a crime. Ironically once you say you’re getting “helped” you can quit smiling altogether and act gloomy all the time and quit bathing or going out. But say you’re taking your “meds” and everyone applauds. Never mind it isn’t working or maybe you feel like Riley in Inside Out once she lost Joy and Sadness.

    Reverse pill shaming. You must take drugs–even if they make you feel 10 x worse–as penance for the sin of unhappiness.

    I wonder if having to pose as Happy Stepford Robots is behind the loneliness epidemic. Phoniness can be VERY alienating.

  • Ironic how according to psychiatrists “black and white thinking” is a sure sign of one of those pesky things they label “personality disorders.”

    And a sure symptom of “schizophrenia” is the inability to distinguish between the metaphorical/abstract and the concrete/literal.

    But my apologies to any any well informed psychiatrist reading this. I acknowledge that you never made that mistake but only cited the “chemical imbalance metaphor” in order to dupe prospective customers and the public.


    1. Lying without remorse for self gain.
    2. The belief that might makes right. The rules do not apply to you.
    3. No regret or remorse for the people you have hurt.
    4. Convincing someone they are worthless, inferior, insane.
    5. Self pity when called into account for how you have harmed others.
    6. Extending cordiality, respect, and regard toward some–but exhibiting harshness, cruelty, and inhumanity to those in a group you regard as weaker and less than human.

    Now what “mental illness” would these be “symptoms” of?

    Anyone want to take a guess?


  • Remember that line from Jerry MacGuire? “Show me the money!”

    Show me the disease!

    The fact that recovery can occur without medical treatment should really make us question the bio model.

    For the sake of argument, even if psychosis is linked to a brain disease–until scientists can produce a bio marker they don’t know what’s wrong and can’t fix it. Assuming improved brain function is what they are after.

  • Actually the Georgians (early 19th century Britain) had a better way of viewing extreme states than 21st century psychiatrists IMNHO.

    Today’s APA composes lists of arbitrary traits their elite group deemed unacceptable and votes into existence.

    In Georgian England, madness was as madness did. “Diagnosis” was composed solely of behaviors. Way more honest than our system. Once the extreme behaviors stopped you were no longer considered mad. And you had to be very weird to be considered mad.

    Ordinary “consumers” you regularly meet at NAMI or mental centers would be too rational to qualify in that era. Even those visibly muddled by the ball and chain treatments of today.

    A certain Shaun S. commented here that psychiatry needs to distinguish between the consenting and nonconsentual “consumers.” I heartily agree with him on that.

    But I think it is far more important to distinguish between the dangerous and the harmless.

    The pop culture narrative (touted by celebrity docs–experts in showmanship and propaganda) is that all the treated are harmless and safe to be around.

    All the undrugged are dangerous and a public menace. Black and white thinking to put real, complex human beings into little boxes where the Benevolent All Knowing Psychiatrist will keep them forever. Amen.

    The evidence (statistics, long term studies, empirical) tells another story.

    All people deserve to be judged on the content of their character. Not the claims of some bureaucrat in a lab coat who doesn’t know them from Adam.
    Harmless eccentrics, trauma victims, and those with head injuries should not be categorized with violent criminals. In claiming to be merciful to the latter psychiatric law proves itself neither merciful nor just to the former.

  • A word of encouragement.
    Charlotte Perkins was cured from her “hysteria” by rejecting her role as a madwoman and made a new life for herself doing work that brought her satisfaction.
    This is the cure I’m trying now. Sadly my body is damaged and I have real disabilities.

    But I’m no longer acting like a “bipolar” because I relocated and went off the “meds” that caused my mood swings to start with.

  • You can read “The Yellow Wall-Paper” by Charlotte Perkins online for free at Gutenberg or in downloadable PDF format.

    How the Experts try to “help” the POV character:

    1. They cut her off from everybody.
    2. They prevent her from working.
    3. They encourage her in idleness–tell her to lie in bed all day thinking about how insane she is.
    4. They patronize her–treating an intelligent, rational adult like a child or developmentally delayed person.
    5. Sensory deprivation.
    6. When she complains of depression and how intolerable the situation is, her doctor husband tells her, “That’s just your illness talking.”

    But things have changed now they say.
    Here’s how:
    1. They brand you with a new “mentally ill” identity so you get cut off from friends and family.
    2. They actively discourage you from working. The drugs and discrimination play a role. (Never ask for reasonable accommodations for you “mental illness”! They kept telling me to do that. Bad advice and I think they knew it.)
    3. They only encourage “peer” activities. Weekly “groups” at the mental illness center and NAMI meetings to discuss your “symptoms” and talk about how hopelessly crazy you are.
    4. They patronize you. Treating you like a child or developmentally delayed person even though you’re an intelligent, rational adult.
    5. They put you on drugs that dull your senses.
    6. When you complain of depression and how intolerable your life situation is, the Experts say, “That’s just your mental illness talking.”

    Yep. Things are so much better now. 😛

  • You know how you feel better than anyone else.

    A lot of us here–including the anti-psych crowd–are not against the use of SSRI’s or whatever. It’s coercive psychiatry we oppose. Involuntary. Obviously not your situation.

    Glad you have a doctor willing to work with you. 🙂

  • My ex had a therapist try to seduce him. When Michael said “No” the therapist warned him not to tell anybody because “No one will believe you since you’re mentally ill.”

    This is an even bigger problem with women–though horrible for anybody. Julie Greene told me how having a counselor proposition her almost drove her to suicide.

    As long as the policy is #believenomentallyill there will be a gross power imbalance leaving clients/consumers/patients with no recourse when the authority figure takes advantage of them.

    Solution? Don’t see any counselor who uses the labels. Either rogue practitioners or uncertified or those who belong to the Choice Theory/Reality Therapy school or something similar.

    Even counselors who mean well often treat you as “less than” if they believe you are hopeless and not quite human. For example a counselor I talked to automatically sided against a woman whose family refused to let her see her grandchildren. He didn’t know her from Adam but said, “She probably was unstable or they (the “normals”) would not have treated her this way.” Troubling how his education made him automatically make these assumptions. That the “mentally ill” are intrinsically subhuman and the “normals” they interact with are never at fault.

    Check the NAMI site sometime. You can scan the forums without joining. A lot of complaining from parents, spouses, etc. about how horrible their “loved ones” act. How abusive the thirty year old son they force to live in the garage behaves. (If only he would take his meds.) Yet not a word of complaint from the “loved” one about how the caretakers abuse them.

    We know that caretaker abuse is a real thing. My guess is either they are too brow beaten to notice emotional abuse–and may feel they deserve physical abuse as well. Or the moderator censors the posts of more than “pill shaming” thought crimes.

    “Remember mental illness is nobody’s fault” could be translated “Remember everything bad that happens is the mentally ill person’s fault.” If you interact with most “SMI’s” who are conscientious patients with good insight you’ll notice how fearful they look. How they apologize for EVERYTHING.

    Not saying this is a conscious thing on shrinks’ part. But telling you that you are walking disease. (Your mind or soul is a cancer and you are hopelessly “ill” meaning evil.) That everything wrong in every relationship is YOUR fault as the “crazy” person is why so many of us get into abusive relationships.

    A few decide, “Hey, since everyone tells me I’m evil/crazy just like a serial killer why not act out on my anger? Not my fault after all.” So they become abusive and use the label as an excuse. Few do this but psychiatry encourages well meaning spouses to stay with abusers. “Mrs. X your husband can’t help his abuse. His scientifically proven brain disease means he can’t be held responsible for body slamming you against the wall and smashing the sculptor you worked on for ten years. Making him take his medicines will turn him into the sweet guy you dated.”

    But usually the shrinks will enable abusive “normals” with “crazy” spouses. We all know how that goes. And therapists will always side with the abuser as long as he or she is “normal.” Since only “sick” people hurt others after all.

    I almost married a man who treated me badly. When things didn’t go his way he told me how crazy I was and used my “bipolar” against me. I felt lucky any man would deign to be with me and let him treat me that way till he threatened my dad and sister.

    I quit dating forever once I realized the only kind of men I can attract are abusers thanks to my training at the mental illness centers for 20 years. I always felt ugly and awkward since my teens. Then the shrink told me I was a crazy psycho too.

    “But no” says Dr. Quackenbush. “I don’t like the words ‘crazy’ or ‘psycho’ since they undermine the validity of the branch of hard medical science which I practice.” All about HIS career. Of course.

    But he knows “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” mean dangerous/murderous/evil. They are moral judgments and if he doesn’t know that he’s the only one who hasn’t caught on.

    Maybe we should just look at behaviors themselves. “Bipolar” is basically meaningless. Breaking a nose, screaming vile names, locking someone in a room…you don’t need a shrink’s diagnosis to know these behaviors are unacceptable.

    And if your partner acts that way you don’t need a shrink to diagnose YOU because you’re depressed or anxious! Get out of dodge. Find a way to escape the abuser. You need all your mental faculties–and your anxiety to escape. Fight or flight is a normal response to emotional games or threats of physical harm.

    Calling it a disease is an insult and dismisses how horrible your situation is.

    The more “educated” in psychiatry a counselor–or just about anybody is–the worse they treat those branded “severely mentally ill.” That’s why I will never see anyone who believes in the DSM again.

    I received some helpful advice in interviews with Will Hall during withdrawal. He’s uncertified by any of the mental illness factories. That only added to his value in my opinion.

  • Thanks for your kind words Bradford. 🙂

    Part of it’s not withdrawal nor my TBI or other residual damage. Nor even shame.

    It’s grief I have never been able to process till now. Too old and damaged to do a lot of things. But there’s still much I can do.

    Someday I will be able to go through an entire 24 hours without crying.

  • “Meds” cut your life expectancy by 25-30 years.

    I felt inferior. My shrink said, “No Rachel. You don’t have an inferiority complex. According to my DSM you really are inferior.” 😀

    Actually trauma by itself could have been overcome. Psychiatry ruined my life in every way imaginable.
    No friends. Too sick and old for a family or career. Living in poverty and isolation. Too sick to leave my room some days.

    I sit alone awaiting the sweet release of death. Beyond any hope of improvement in this world.

    It’s too late and I’m too damaged for anything good. I’ll spend the rest of my days holed up alone in some relative’s spare bedroom like my “schizophrenic” great aunt who also gave up on life after Psychiatry had its way with her.

    Nowhere to get rid of her shame. She lived out her days closeted away-a desolate woman cut down in her teens.

  • Dr. Hall, I applaud your courage in writing this article. We are hard on members of your profession here at MIA. But if you will take the time and trouble to read through some of our heart breaking stories you may understand why.

    I assume you mean well and want to help people. But here are some problems with the system you are working with. Not just the mind altering drugs used to treat distressing thoughts and feelings.

    But psychiatry attempts to use the Linnaean System to categorize human suffering and bad behaviors. It’s really like mapping constellations in the sky. No–not all “mad” behaviors are just social constructs. The stars in the sky are very real. But human beings are the ones drawing the lines between the stars to make pictures of hunters, bears, princesses, etc.

    Those of us labeled do not find them conducive to reintegration. They harm our relationships, prevent us from gainful employment, and can cause homelessness from lack of income and discrimination from landlords. (Not enough HUD for everyone categorized as SMI anymore.)

    For starters, do you have any idea how horrible it is to have your friends and family turn from you in disgust and loathing because you have been categorized as a monster by a respected professional?

    Ironically the more “pro psychiatry” a group is the worse they treat someone classified as “severely mentally ill.” It did not help that my “meds” caused seizures, ridiculous weight gain, and made me act weirder than ever due to hindering my thought processes. These helpful pro psych people insisted the weight gain was all my fault and everything else was proof that I was “noncompliant” when the exact opposite is true.

    And how is labeling someone “schizophrenic” or “bipolar” for life supposed to motivate them to change? It’s great for aiding “meds compliance” and “insight.” But neither equals improved life–either in quality or quantity.

    I no longer act bipolar. But no doctor would ever pronounce me cured because the DSM 5 states that that is impossible. They label me based on certain “symptoms” yet when these symptoms are gone they refuse to acknowledge a misdiagnosis or pronounce me cured. This happens all the time for those who escape the system.

    All my psychotic mania was caused by a reaction to Anafranil. Most doctors argue “Well it just unmasked the illness already there.” Guess what? I remasked it by going off the crap that caused it to begin with.

    Since all psychiatry offers is “controlling the symptoms” shouldn’t we try what works instead of rigid, mindless adherence to status quo that isn’t helping people?

    Even in the Victorian days psychiatrists distinguished between the harmless and the violent “lunatics.” Yet now they lump harmless, but lonely eccentrics into the same category as serial killers regardless of any history of violence or current behaviors.

    Ironically, by treating dangerous criminals as though they were sick, members of forensic psychiatry treat law abiding citizens as though they were dangerous criminals by calling them sick–and encourage our communities to do likewise.

    Don’t we deserve to be judged on the content of our character rather than because we once scored 6 out of 9 random emotional/cognitive traits on an arbitrary chart decades ago?

    Even those of us who choose to remain consumers are greatly upset at how those like Tim Murphy, Fuller Torrey and others scapegoat us for all society’s evils. Even if we continue taking our drugs our neighbors will view us as would-be-killers. How is such education of the public helpful to anyone but those seeking to further their careers in politics/psychiatry?

    When we “deteriorate” so we can no longer maintain basic levels of self care let alone hold down a job our pro psychiatry neighbors will often blame us for “non compliance.” Or–at best cluck their tongues. Saying, “It’s just the disease.”

    I did indeed go through a rough patch at 20. I could have used some real help from someone who cared. Instead I got psychiatry. 🙁

    I have indeed been properly punished for my depression and anxiety. Because mainstream psychiatric treatments are punitive rather than restorative in nature.

    Still alive. But it’s not a good life.

    I won’t blame you for what men like Torrey and Murphy have done in “educating” the public to further their careers. That would be unjust. But it is also unjust for law abiding citizens to be blamed for the crimes of every serial killer and mass shooter who happens to be diagnosed bipolar or paranoid schizophrenic regardless of the individual’s behavior.

  • Thank you Dr. Moncrieff.

    I really enjoyed your book The Bitterest Pills.

    I felt vindicated–though privately– on learning that I wasn’t lying or delusional when I kept telling my psychiatrist that the Haldol made my psychotic symptoms worse. In addition to the seizures. He maintained that neuroleptics “never did that” and insinuated to my poor parents–also traumatized–that I was faking the “spells” I experienced at least once a day on that horrible stuff.


  • Hear hear.

    How many are organically damaged and psychologically traumatized by shrinks? I’m struggling with TBI and ME inflicted on me by lying “mental health.” I am also grieving the life I will never have, isolation and poverty. I owe it all to the Mental Illness System.

    I don’t want an institution. Those places scare me more than death itself.
    A living Hell with doctors striving to abandon their humanity and take on the role of devils. May God have mercy on their own psyches.

    Ariel Castro’s victims had a lot of problems. But no one suggested giving Castro permanent guardianship of them!

    Why are articles at MIA arguing that our abusers have our best interests at heart and will take good care of us?

  • It is pretty scary. The ONLY reason shrinks aren’t arguing for the humane practice of putting us to sleep–our alleged agsognosia means they can assume we want whatever they want–is that they can’t prescribe drugs to a corpse.

    The real reason shrinks are praising asylums now? They know more people with soft diagnoses will be going off their drugs or dying. Fewer will replace them. Asylum franchises can rake in way more profits than letting them live in less restrictive environments. Though the latter costs the public less.

  • Dr. Moncrieff things are worse today–in a number of ways.

    There are a number of problems with locking up people who have committed no crimes. Few of the people locked up were violent and failure to separate them from the harmless reminds me of the prison system William Wiberforce decried.

    Not all were inhumane. But those that were seldom were held accountable.

    Recovery from bizarre mental states was acknowledged to exist. Now it is not. This is used as an excuse for endless druggings–and proof of how necessary the pharma-psychiatrist is.

    Nowadays we have the asylum without walls. This sounds better. But because they are able to “incarcerate” much greater numbers in the system and fewer are able to leave (numbers not percentages) there is a lot more suffering.

    Psychiatry causes segregation as well as disability. While HIPAA may keep them from blabbing your label to the community, they will tell your loved ones. You need a go between. Sadly you are excluded a lot. And when included they talk over you. My mental illness team–as I call them–kept telling my parents how hopeless I was.

    How I could never function normally and would be sure to be naughty and must be forced to take my “meds” regardless of how I complained. And if I didn’t recover they could be sure it was only because I was spitting them out on the sly.

    I completed a four year degree in just eight years. I’m surprised I could do it at all. When I complained how I couldn’t concentrate they would tell me: A. It’s just your illness. Not the medicine! B. Sometimes the meds do that. It stinks but it’s necessary since horrible things will happen if you don’t take it religiously.

    I took my drugs religiously for 24 years. Nobody believed I was taking them–except my family and a few others. Why? Because I deteriorated and wanted to kill myself.

    My mental illness team kept promising me bad stuff would happen if I went off my “meds.” And occasionally mentioned good things might happen if I were really, really good. Showing insight and unquestioning compliance. A whole lot of stick with just a bit of carrot. Best way to keep us dumb beasts under control. 😛

    When I told them how the “antipsychotics” caused disjointed thinking and psychotic symptoms and the “antidepressants” made me miserable and anhedonic–they told me that was proof of my illness. I was too crazy to know how they were helping me.

    Which begs the question–if these drugs make crazy people sane why do these now sane people go off of them? Shouldn’t having these miraculous sanity inducers prevent noncompliance? Going nuts is no fun I can tell you. My true insanity was all drug induced. And the gaslighting my mental illness team dished out did not help.

    It should be called the Mental Illness System. They don’t want you to recover. If you’re sane going in it won’t last long.

    My parents–unlike many–stuck with me through my unlovable craziness. Despite the mental illness team’s efforts to cut me off from family and friends. I have had a couple good “normal” friends who stuck with me too. Thank God for their unconditional love. 🙂

    They believed when I said I took my “meds” and were as upset as I was when I got worse “despite” Psych Magic. The whole thing was very frustrating for all of us.

    I’m sorry for the suffering I caused them now. I never wanted to be a drug addict.

    Very angry at being lied to and about! Struggling to forgive those who damaged me and really altered my life. (Some might say ruined but I refuse to think that way.)

  • “Delusions” are what William Glasser referred to as “creative symptoming.”

    They’re acts of creativity. Which is why art therapy can sometimes be helpful.

    Find other ways to express creativity and you won’t need “hallucinations” and “delusions” anymore.

    Or help someone figure out how the “delusion” is helping him or her. Szasz referred to erroneous, odd beliefs–Bertrand Russell’s man who thinks he’s a poached egg and wants toast to sit on–as lies people believe.

    The truth is far more complicated than psychiatry would have us believe. And far more interesting. 🙂

  • I met a man my dad was trying to help when I was fourteen. He had ambition based delusions.

    “Willie” would go through periods of believing he was the Chosen One called to save the world be becoming President in 1988. Alternating with periods of intense despair and suicidal depression.

    We thought the drugs helped him because he became subdued and less annoying after every hospitalization for a month or two. But he still got depressed since he was lonely and his life stunk.

  • The problem with commenting on this is where to start?

    “Evidence based medicine.” How about any proof that the drugs work at all?

    By “work” I mean helping at thinking clearly, living independently, getting along with others, not dying prematurely or going through cognitive decline or suddenly becoming morbidly obese. No one in the mental illness system leads a high quality or longer life that I can tell.

    Yet numerous doctors claim that there’s no disputing what they see every day. THE MEDICATIONS WORK!!!

    How do they know this? Don’t they see the damage these drugs do to people long term? They must know these are slowly killing people.

    I have had NP’s who honestly seem to care diagnose me with mysterious ailments. Pernicious anemia, severe vitamin deficiencies, microscopic colitis, heart arrythmia, fatty liver, uncontrollable recurring yeast infections. But when I ask what’s behind them they grow silent and look weird. Yeah…they know.

    Funny how no doctor gets freaked out because I’m losing weight and my heart is normal again. These should be perceived as sure signs of “non compliance.” So there must be some ignorance involved too.

    Mom blabbed to her FNP that her daughter didn’t believe in “antidepressants” and had gone off of them. The nurse expressed horror and assured Mom that I would be sure to have a manic episode. With a straight face.

    Lucky for me Mom laughed at her. She’s been living with me and notices my moods are stable without drugs. 🙂

    And I thought SSRI’s were supposed to fix depression. Not mania. Neuroleptics are supposed to do that. Doctors need to work more closely with the Big Pharma propagandists to fill up the plot holes in their epic fantasy known as Mental Health.

    Yes. We should leave our echo chamber. But my stomach is already upset. Thanks to decades on SSRI’s that “work” at messing up my digestion.

    It’s pointless to argue with people that are living in a fairy tale. The medical student with “mental issues” may wonder why her magical meds aren’t working when she turns thirty-five and can no longer hold down a job because of cognitive decline and failing bodily systems. And everyone tells her how great her quality of life is–evidence to the contrary.

    Funny how extremely hostile “grateful consumers” can get at having the truth pointed out. I felt relief. Then anger at the people who had gaslighted and slandered me for twenty-five years. Not people who told me the (unpleasant) truth. I never was proud or happy of being “mentally ill” though. Some wear it like a badge of honor for reasons I can’t fathom.

    They’re invested in the System and make lots of money off it. So of course they want to preserve the status quo.

  • Now they have the HUD ghetto and homeless centers and the streets.

    I believe there is a link between psychiatry and homelessness. Long term use of mind altering, addictive drugs can really destroy your ability to hold down a job.

    And I have known a number of ideal “consumers” who wandered the streets due to shortage of HUD housing. Driving people crazy with SSRI’s and benzos who were only mildly depressed before getting “helped” and making short term problems life long drove up the numbers.

    I also met people who wanted homes and perhaps needed them because their brains and CNS were too messed up for independent living. 🙁

    Lobotomies are about keeping people childish and docile. Not independent! This includes the chemical kind.

  • Yes. The very act of aggressively pursuing large numbers of POC to force treatments upon could be viewed as racist. Check Breggin’s YouTube videos on The Violence Initiative.

    Psychiatry already displays its inherent bias against the disabled in the way it targets them. Especially those who already have cognitive problems.

    The Mental Center I once attended “served” people with Down Syndrome, Spina Biffada, and TBI. How? With lessons on life skills and lots of drugs to render them almost impossible to learn.

    Google Karl Binding. A head honcho in German psychiatry who gave Hitler a lot of his ideas. He wrote propaganda such as Lebensunwertes Leben.

    Psychiatry is inextricably bound to social darwinism and eugenics. Racism must be covert but they still justify mutilating, imprisoning and imposing often fatal treatments on the disabled who–according to their judgment–do not have lives worth living.

    The only real reason shrinks don’t advocate for euthenasia now (I suspect) is keeping people alive to drug indefinitely is how they make money. Fuller Torrey probably knows that the jig is up. So like others he has determined to cash in on opening a chain of asylums since it’s growing impossible to claim that these wonder drugs they push help with quality of life or independence.

    If the APA starts promoting euthanasia at the same time a mysterious new soap or protein supplement shows up on the market we’ll know why.

  • BTW, people die of metabolic disorders and other problems in mental wards all the time. A faulty assumption that she would be alive if she had gone to one instead of an honestly named jail.

    Julie hated and feared psych wards and every profession linked to “mental health” after almost dying on a ward because they restricted her to one liter of water a day. The argument being dangers of water intoxication.

  • Yep. It doesn’t help that the psych treatments cause so many additional health problems either.

    Even militant psychiatry apologist “Natasha Tracie” at Bipolar Burble has complained of how doctors dismiss her real health problems after learning of her “bipolar” label.

    My guess is most doctors simply don’t care if those psychiatry has written off as “defective” die. Our culture has less mercy on the disabled (especially mentally) than convicted felons considered sane.

  • “I am not sure what would make a journalist NOT want to expose the human rights issues.”

    Employment. Whether a reporter for a magazine or website or a TV newscaster they work for whoever sponsors the publication or show.

    (I bet Bob Whitaker could share some tales of lost job opportunities despite the success of Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic. Glad he won the Man Booker Award.)

    Banning Big Pharma ads would help immensely. Most news is all a bunch of commercialized propaganda. Used to sell drugs and psych ideology. No concern for truth at all!

    I’m trying to contact private YouTube journalists who are open minded enough to look up out of The Box. They don’t get funded by Big Pharma companies either because of how small they are despite their big followings.

  • Funny how no one talks about “sadness shaming.” Why do we need to go around grinning like the Cheshire Cat all the time for crying out loud?

    And the “depression is a disease” is no help. It’s just a ploy to obligate you to take the “meds” and pretend they make you happy even when they make smiling nonstop more difficult than ever and you feel too numb to enjoy anything. And the original problem making you depressed is as bad or worse than ever.

    People will quit yelling at you for being unhappy if you tell them you’re taking psychiatric drugs. That’s the only benefit I experienced long term.

    One of the early Simpsons episodes showed Lisa going through the blues. In the end she pulls out of her funk when her mother, Marge, tells her the family will be there for her no matter how she feels and she doesn’t have to fake a smile anymore. Lisa smiles and tells her mom that this time it’s real.

    Maybe once we quit treating the blues like leprosy fewer people will be depressed?

  • Funny how these very shrinks who condemn Donald Trump and want to “diagnose” him are more than happy to curry favor and kiss up to him when it serves their purposes. Such as siphoning more tax dollars to open new AOT programs to indirectly sell more drugs and psycho surgeries or open a franchise of lunatic asylums.

    Dr. Drew, Dr. Torrey, etc. What a bunch of back-stabbing phonies! As all of us who have had dealings with this profession know.

    Biederman went on the air saying it was an insult to “bipolars” to call Donald Trump one. Before you applaud him too hard remember he called Trump worse than Hitler too.

    So definitely not a complement to anyone he labels. More like a back handed insult. I guess Biederman gave up hope of cashing in on the mass shootings like others have done.

  • Amen!

    The “medicine” drives sane people nuts and ensures people going through a rough patch never come out of it.

    It makes me so angry how they lie to well meaning family and neighbors to cripple people and turn functional people into hopeless lunatics/village idiots. That’s what psychiatric “treatments” do after all.

    I remember Mom and Dad crying and getting upset at how my “treatments” weren’t helping me as I took them religiously. They had no positive effects except when I took 10 mg of Haldol and could no longer voice my misery though I seized every day.

    When I say the treatments don’t “work” I mean as the shrinks promised. Helping us to lead meaningful, productive lives and get along with others.

    They don’t work for any of the above. Nor do they prevent crime nor suicide.

    The only way psychiatric treatments successfully work is at making shrinks and pharmaceutical makers filthy rich and providing the former a professional status no legitimate doctors enjoy–along with unquestioned legal powers.