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  • Shuan, what if the mania was CAUSED by the drugs?

    I didn’t enjoy that at all. Dr. M told my mom Anafranil never had that effect on anyone. It terrified me, but all he did was threaten us and say, “Don’t you dare go off your medication.” 21 days of no sleep stinks.

    Psychiatry creates more problems than it solves from what I see.

    I turned to a deliverance minister to drive my voices away. It worked. The drugs just amplified them. The preacher treated me more respectfully than any shrink I’ve met. And he spent 8 hours working with me–for free.

    Of course a deliverance wouldn’t work for agnostics or members of other religions. But psychiatry claims to cure everyone–even though it often makes folks worse. Especially long term.

  • FWIW, we need fewer girls in the MI System. Not more boys.

    This is an obvious ploy by the APA to drum up more “consumers” for the crap they aggressively hawk in a way that would make a used car salesman cringe.

    Neurotoxins, adult kindergarten, and never-ending angst sessions they call “therapy.” NO ONE needs this stuff.

    And they’re kids too. Convince the gullible mama that her son squirms in class, likes sports, and dislikes her smothering ways because he’s SMI and needs “treatment” before puberty and cha ching! Another cash cow for life.

    Man am I angry!

  • We need to agree to disagree as a society. Just because someone holds different opinions from me does not make him or her less of a human being.

    I can be wrong and still be an okay person. Lol. πŸ˜‰

    Locking law abiding citizens up for “wrong opinions” sets the stage for a very oppressive totalitarian regime!

  • How much TV do people watch in Finland? Seriously.

    I believe all the mindless, passive viewing leads to isolation even if you’re around someone most of the day.

    My retired mom–I’m forced to share a place due to poverty–screams at me for talking during the “important parts” of her show. All the parts are important and all the shows are her favorite. Has gotten irritated when Dad and I talked interrupting a skin cream commercial.

    She’s not depressed though. Just doesn’t give a rip about anything or anyone not on the blasted screen. Quit reading and has no hobbies.

    I stay in another room except for dinner. Even then Dad and I have to be quiet so she can hear the news. Has it on full blast though it’s making her deaf.

  • Curses from the DSM book of incantations aka “diagnoses.” The magical potions are their SSRI’s, neuroleptics, and tranquilizers. The amulet of ultimate power would be the electroshock machine!

    (BTW, the ancient religions frequently had mind altering drugs for religious ceremonies.)

  • My brain is “different” too. I have a different way of thinking than many–causing it to form a different shape thanks to neuroplasticity. Starting a successful business before age 22 requires an atypical style of thinking. (Or more would do it.)

    Trauma does cause brain damage as well as drugs. Years of drugging and shaming/segregation in the MI System can really mess anyone up. But it sounds like you’ve been keeping your brain active even while drugged Abrianna. πŸ™‚ This helped me a lot, along with other survivors.

    Remember you’re not alone. There are many worse off than either of us.

  • Wish my first shrink had proposed psychedelic drugs. My parents would not have become so enamored with them. Mom wouldn’t have kept shrieking, “Rachel, shut up and take your LSD.”

    See, fun drugs are naughty. If they make you feel lousy and the dealer wears a pretty white coat they’re good for you.

    Fun=naughty drugs
    Feeling like crap=life saving meds

    Very strict home. No booze ever! Yet my folks wanted me to take mind altering drugs due to the faux respectability. Sigh.

  • The reason patients cherish grandiose, unreal views of themselves is coping with a horrible reality. Escapism. Make reality better, show the person respect, treat them as an equal and they may return to consensus reality sans coercion.

    And the shrinks have no scruples about lying to patients whenever convenient. I call BS on this hypocrisy. We know they’ll say anything to cram those XXXX neuro-toxins down a hapless consumed’s throat or stick them in the butt. Whatever. Long as they get paid.

    Time to go sicken some people. Cha-ching!

  • KS, I heartily agree. For the second class of victims though certain levels of abuse are standard “care” and therefore acceptable. They have less legal recourse because of this. Like children, the “MI” will not be believed so they make easy prey.

    A lot of friends who think psychiatry is great still find horror stories of rape, physical blows, and theft believable. It stands to reason. These people are kindly but think “meds” work and chemical imbalances are scientifically proven facts. Can’t convince them to read anything to the contrary. πŸ™

  • Daycares have to be careful screening out pedophiles since they want to work there. Likewise heartless sadists thrive on settings like locked mental wards.

    Unfortunately the brutality of the latter qualifies as “standard care” most often.

  • The_Cat I’m a naturally vindictive person. Like you I thirst for justice and have revenge fantasies when it’s not immediate.

    During my withdrawals from Effexor I was so sick I needed a nap every afternoon. I would call out to God quietly, reminding Him of His promises to avenge the poor, the weak and defenseless.

    As I let go of my right to vengeance–asking merely for the damage they inflicted to end–my physical and emotional pain lessened. I survived another day by His grace.

    He will hold the shrinks accountable even if no human court ever does. He laughs at their delusions of grandeur that make them play Him.

    Remind them they are but men, oh God!

  • Psychiatry is rooted in eugenics. Not just racism (that part is underground now) but the idea that some people are of “Criminal Stock” and must be eliminated fro the gene pool and monitored for crimes they are sure to commit.

    The concept of “mental illness” is not so much cognitive impairment as what could be called moral defects or bad habits. (According to shrinks’ bias of course.)

    They see the “SMI” as born evil. The psychiatrist is the doctor of society rather than the individuals he “treats.” It’s not about helping THEM at all. They’re cancer he tries to remove from the body of society at large. They’re the roaches and he views himself as the exterminator.

    Dirty Harry in a lab coat. “You’re the disease. I’m the cure. Do ya feel lucky punk?”

  • The Mental Illness System strongly encouraged us to do nothing but sit in front of the tube and drool between visits to the center. (As well as cook, clean apt, sleep.) They only expected us to talk to each other.

    Excessive TV is known to cause depression and cognitive decline. Yet they think 16 hours a day is good for you and keep it on nonstop in psych wards for some reason.

    When I volunteered at the Humane Society, read books, went to community plays and art galleries all the Center’s workers were surprised. A few were gratified. Many seemed displeased that I “didn’t know my place.”

  • Revolving door nuthouse.

    Know how I helped myself get over depression, quit sleeping 12 hours a day, maintain ADL’s, get along better socially and lose over 40 pounds Jessica?

    I disobeyed all my shrink’s orders. Quit “day treatment,” “therapy,” and tapered off my highly addictive brain drugs he said I’d die without. Been off them for almost a year and a half. My heart arrhythmia s gone. Is that a danger sign? Lol.

    I’m naming this the Charlotte Perkins Therapy. Ever read “The Yellow Wall-Paper”? That’s how she got better. Disobeying her quack’s dangerous orders. πŸ™‚

    “Time to go heal people” indeed! “Time to go sicken people” is more accurate.

  • Devil’s advocate here.
    Our opponents would say “Mental illness is actually a brain disease and these drugs have been proven highly effective in treating the symptoms though we don’t know why yet.”

    A priori.

    Of course there is the semantic problem that brain diseases are physical in nature–not mental–that RoboHugs and other “consumer” sites can’t seem to GET. But you see my point.

  • Luv ya Cat. But calling those who’re still shell shocked “snowflakes” is not helping matters.

    We need to deal with one another kindly and gently here.

    Abrianna had NO idea she was hurting people’s feelings. Please remember this. Her words hurt many, but it’s like someone who accidentally sticks their foot out too far and causes you to fall. As opposed to deliberately tripping people.

    To Abrianna, I hope you’ll forgive us for judging you unfairly. You had no idea how people here feel about psych labels. Particularly the “personality disorders” can of worms. My biggest problem is it’s horrible to write anyone off as hopeless and irredeemable. No human can read minds or see the future. But when people assign personality disorders that’s what they’re pretending to do. Sometimes these become vicious self fulfilling prophecies, making reformation more difficult than ever.

  • That is true OH. But we must be just and not make our opponents out to be nastier than they are. Most are ignorant of the damage they do and actually think they’re helping people. (Those in the “Inner Circle”–presidents and high ranking APA officials, shrinks turned bureaucrats, famous pro bio-bio-bio model writers–are another matter.)

  • I fled an abusive guy myself. Didn’t need a shrink to “diagnose” him either. I just checked his zodiac sign and realized he did horrible things because of the Sign he was born under. Lol. πŸ˜‰

    I also read his fortune cookie and it said, “You will hurt the people you love.”

    Using the exact sciences of fortune cookies and astrology I realized he was abusive. Couldn’t have figured it out by watching the way he kicked puppies. I needed science to help me out.

  • My sister’s disability–skeletal deformities–have required numerous, painful surgeries. While she has a high pain threshold and has done a lot with her life she makes a lousy nurse if you’re sick or in pain. Maybe Cat’s boot-strap philosophy helps him maintain a positive outlook, but renders him less sensitive to others than he should be.

    Glad Cat’s not hurt by the talk about “personality disorders.” I’m not myself–exactly. But I understand why others are. That seems to be a hot button topic for this site. Hope the editors take note of this.

  • I don’t consider psychiatry or drug addiction good as institutions.

    As far as individuals–I try to look for the good in others. Most of the shrinks I have known strike me as good natured but detached. If you went along with everything they said, and didn’t ask questions they were pretty nice. Only one was truly evil, and her patients had no defense against her abuse.

    But even if they mean well the treatments still have done many grave harm.

    In the old days they used to treat cholera patients with blood letting.

  • It happens often enough however. I got my own delightful BPD label from a case worker, btw. Not supposed to be that way. She thought my desires for emotional connection and monogamy were unhealthy, swinger that she was. πŸ˜›

    Have you ever asked yourself how labeling someone BPD or a narcissist will help them? Or even the victims of abuse–if they’re abusive.

    I had a wonderful friend named Gladys who refused to leave her cruel, abusive husband. Why? He had been “diagnosed” “bipolar.” Gladys felt it would be cruel to leave the “poor, sick” man. Countless folks also labeled SMI begged her to consider his abusive behavior. Not his “mental illness.”

    “Bipolar” was irrelevant. Kenny was cruel, selfish, and bad tempered. In Gladys’s case her kind heart combined with pseudo-scientific lies was her undoing.

  • The only difference between a “personality disordered” person and anyone else is a shrink (or messed up case worker with a BS in PE) labeled them for any reason whatever. Didn’t like their attitude/voice/hairstyle/labeler going through a divorce or not enough protein for breakfast.

    Why not just say, “My roommate was violent and bullied me?” For crying out loud.

  • Most of us here have in fact. Not as bad as the kind you were in necessarily.

    They should protect the harmless from the violent. But why lock up anyone who is harmless?

    If someone is a menace to others there are jails and prisons. I try to stay as far away from anything related to “mental health” as possible.

  • Yes Survivingthesystem.

    See your shrink to adjust your poisons every 3 months. (Always upping the dose. Never lowering it.)

    Go to Preschool for Grown-Ups (AKA day treatment or clubhouse) 3 times a week for lectures on how messed up you are and how you BETTER TAKE your “MEDS.”

    Once or twice a month a fruitless visit with a therapist. Some want to help and get frustrated. Telling folks how broken and hopeless they are and filling them with neurotoxins.

    But the psycho-therapist is a tool of the system. Questioning orders can get you fired. Better yell at the consumed for not trying hard enough–if you know they’re poison compliant.

    Like asking someone to run laps with a ball and chain under the belief these devices help them walk upright. Stupid stuff!

  • “Forcible rehabs.” Good point there.

    Stupid and pointless. I have visited open AA meetings with a friend (and was a member of another 12 step program once) The man leading the group grumbled afterward to me about judges forcing people to attend these meetings as punishment for DUI’s.

    “Waste of their time and ours!” he said.

    You can’t force someone to become a better person against their will.

  • Its NOT a silly overreaction. But the horrible stigma came from a shrink. Not the writer.

    Those labels are spurious and stupid. I got mine for thinking of suicide after a man I loved dumped me for no known reason. (And my mom had been telling me for years I was unlovable and no man would want a bipolar/schizo/fatty like me.) Didn’t get mine from a shrink either, but a case manager with a BS in phys ed who fit the “type” way better than I ever did.

    I hate break ups but they quit making me suicidal some time ago. The label lasts though. Believe me, I empathize with you. Your anger and pain are legitimate.

    I only ask you to remember Abrianna did not label you. Some quack playing god did.

  • It is an insult. But not intentional. Consider it a stray bullet.

    Abrianna doesn’t know any better and believes in her own label. Takes time for people to come around. Plus she doesn’t know any of us from Adam. You know you’re not whatever the shrinks called you. So do I and the majority of others here.

    Weird how I no longer act “bipolar 2” and no one knows I am supposed to be that way. But when I read articles or see crap on TV about “mental health issues” my heart races and my stomach churns.

  • Sorry you went through all that. Hope your nightmare ends pretty soon.

    There are a few online resources if you choose to go off your drugs. But now may not be a good time for you. Your decision.
    Also a class on tapering has been offered here at MIA not too long ago.

  • Great point Cat!

    Weird how I don’t have such an automatic knee jerk reaction when I hear the term “bipolar killer” on TV. I used to–especially when I believed it applied to me.

    But it still scares me people will discover my painful past.

    Takes time to emotionally distance yourself I think.

  • Cat, I believe KS acknowledges there are plenty of horrible characters in psych wards. I have met my share. Many of those opted for “treatment” over a legitimate prison.

    My problem–and perhaps KS’s problem–is legitimizing these labels.

    The author meant no harm however. She’s a newcomer and doesn’t understand why people are upset.

    I respectfully disagree, but I’m not angry myself.

  • Would be better to call them nasty, violent people. “Personality disorders” are just labels to ensure “patients” they dislike get treated worse.

    Please focus on the bad behaviors. Not the bogus labels. Shrinks are notoriously poor judges of character. πŸ™‚

  • Who said Breggin was a liar or Szazs cold blooded? Truth and love are actually conjoined twins who’ll die if taken apart. They just emphasize one more than the other.

    Szazs has written some witty stuff on par with Mark Twain. Not a sci fi space alien or android! And the favorite butt of his wit were the quacks who loved to deceive people at the expense of others’ liberty, well-being and life itself.

    Breggin spoke the truth when it got him into trouble. Wish I had read Toxic Psychiatry the year it came out. It could have saved me years of heart ache and misery.

  • I’m in favor of restrictions on pharmaceutical crimes. But as long as government officials stand to benefit there will be none. The FDA has proven worse than useless in the recent ECT hearings.

    Get rid of Big Pharma lobbyists AND lying commercials. Not an either/or proposition. Though ending legal bribes will probably lead to the latter. Crooks aren’t into evil for evil’s sake the way altruists are into goodness for goodness’s sake.

  • If she did go drug free it would probably end her position as a peer specialist and might get her involuntarily committed. So–if she chooses to leave–she will probably not announce it in that kind of setting.

    Surprised they allowed you to make this presentation. But the low-key method you used helped. Congratulations on using the term “drugs.” They aren’t medicines the way insulin, thyroxin, or antibiotics are. The first two are to be taken long term but replace real deficiencies in the body. Antibiotics are only prescribed short term.

    Zoloft replaces nothing, kills nothing known to be harmful, yet is prescribed for a lifetime. It’s destroying my 12 year old nephew’s brain. πŸ™

    For me, just going off my drugs wasn’t enough. Had to leave the “mental health” setting. Being told how sick, helpless, hopeless, and dependent you are–day after day–year after year–can be depressing.

  • Not necessarily harm them. Just turn them into helpless drug addicts good for nothing but Consuming psych drugs till they die 30 years prematurely.

    Most shrinks aren’t Snidely Whiplash types, but they just prefer their prestigious, cushy jobs to acknowledging, “Hey these drugs–the only thing I can actually do is prescribe them–are harming patients. Making many crazier than they ever were to start with. Causing all of them horrible, scary health problems, brain shrinkage, and nerve damage. Diminished quality AND quantity of life. Why am I even here?”

    (All bets are off for the high ranking creepers on the Inner Circle. You know. The “well informed” ones.)

    Once you let yourself ask this question you’re faced with the ugly task of leaving the field for training in a different specialty where lawsuits can occur or talk therapy that pays 1/4 or less what filling out a dozen prescriptions for 4 patients in one hour would. Your pesky conscience may turn you into a whistle blower. If their’s one thing psychiatry hates more than those it “helps” it’s a conscience.

    Yet Psychiatry says it’s guarding society from sociopaths and psychopaths. Ha ha.

  • Surprised this was published on MIA. It reads like an article from NAMI or Psychology Today.

    Who says “boys need more help because they won’t accept passive roles and ask for quarts of happy pills to smile ALL the time?”

    More like “Why do girls accept passive roles for mental illness promoters and ask for/take quarts of happy pills to smile 100% of the time?” That’s the real problem

    Saw an article on Xojane explaining how happy the writer was for her “depression diagnosis.” Somehow she felt guilty for not being HAPPY 100% of the time and not grinning like the Cheshire cat 24/7. Why was she ashamed of a simple feeling? Like being unhappy was a crime or something?

    She admitted the SSRI’s didn’t help all the time. But she seemed to see the “diagnosis” as a note from her doctor. “Please excuse Jane from smiling all day today. She has depression–a real honest-to-gosh BRAIN DISEASE. She has the right to look unhappy now and then.”

    Why is this a thing? Why this sadness shaming?

    If Jane is sad all the time and wants to feel better that’s one thing. But why does she have to fake exuberance and joy? That may be causing her depression. Partly caused mine.

    I was thoughtful, pensive, and occasionally melancholy as a young girl. Not only was this seen as NOT GOOD, but this led to bullying in high school/social phobia/then full blown depression.

    The teachers/counselors didn’t do much to teach me social self defense or emotional resilience. Just “self esteem affirmations” I couldn’t believe. Then drugs. Always my “problem” for not fitting in. Like they want us all to be vapid, shallow morons.

    Be yourself. As long as you’re “mentally healthy” like everyone else. πŸ˜›

  • Psychiatry was a strong right arm of the Soviet Union.

    Smaller government is the answer. Not a bigger totalitarian state which would only appropriate psychiatry for the new regime.

    If we got rid of the FDA and abolished cronyism and bribery (lobbying) Big Pharma would lose its legal clout and the government would lose the incentive to push travesties like the “Cures Act” through.

  • This is good. In middle school a nasty boy kept calling me ugly and hid his face pointedly whenever I entered. One day I said, “Thank you for sparing me the sight of your face Chad.” He quit trying that!

    Do you think teaching victims of bullying to do stand up comedy instead of karate might be a good idea?

  • Thanks Sam. I have read these comments from you before and appreciate you are not speaking OVER your wife. Most SO’s who do are not on this site.

    Every now and then a controlling (possibly abusive) relative does show up. Like that one woman who censored her adult daughter’s reading material–wouldn’t let her online without watching over her shoulder it seems–and said she didn’t care if the “meds” killed her daughter in her forties or fifties. Ick!

    Most of us know you aren’t anything like “Kate.” Glad for your wife and you as well. Most “Kates” are very unhappy people. No wonder their SO’s are so crazy to start with.

    My own parents played a more ambiguous role in my psychiatrization. Most do. Other SO’s know the loved ones are being hurt, losing all ability to function but can’t stop it.

    I know you’re not a “Kate.” Many others do too. But I hope you’ll be charitable and patient to those whose suffering makes them uncharitable and impatient with kindly SO’s like you who only want to love and heal.

  • Maybe show the kids kindness and compassion instead of brain damage and torture…but that would be just plain nutty.

    As Breggin points out in an article from years back, if they were doing this as a form of punishment for actual crimes committed, a bunch of human rights groups would be breathing down their necks but torturing/crippling/killing (through negligence) the innocent are all acceptable. They’re only “treating” “useless eaters” and “defectives” after all.

  • And how can they determine numbers of stuff that might have been so but isn’t?

    Great science fiction. But don’t confuse the figures pulled out of thin air with science.

    If people read these statistics and know the “chemical imbalance” myth is BS I guess that’s informed consent. If they want to try anyhow they must be desperate and at least they have all the facts.

    Like most survivors here I was lied to.

    A positive and more accurate word for these drugs is “emotional pain killers.”

  • In my case the cocktail prevented me from working. 90% of “med compliant” people can’t maintain gainful employment. As far as the woman you cited Craig, it may be the placebo effect. If she suddenly quit her neuroleptic she probably would suffer withdrawals. And as a peer support specialist being “naughty” would definitely lead to her getting fired. Not just that her “meds” are working but she needs to toe the line.

  • “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

    Psychiatry is about comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted. The perfect “science” for grown-up bullies who loved to name call on the playground and torture the weak. Just like the names bullies gave their victims stuck through school the “diagnostic” insults last through life.

  • It wasn’t always this way. Most churches support psychiatry because they believe in the “chemical imbalance” psychiatrists themselves laugh at. I think they bought into it during the 90’s when the “bio-bio-bio model” took over and NAMI spread its propaganda all over the place.

    In the old days many places told you depression was a sin. So, while they wouldn’t force “meds” on you they would lecture you on your sinfulness if you weren’t smiling all the time. Kind of led to the outbreak of psych marketing.

  • Abuse victims do have a hard time “accepting love” because they can’t trust anyone. Peter Breggin would say deal with them kindly instead of further cruelty and punishment for weakness. All standard “treatments” of psychiatry.

    I know that’s not activism. But this is NOT an anti-psychiatry site for activism or support. So complaining that it isn’t is like finding fault with a grocery store for not selling nails. But produce here and get your nails at the hardware store.

  • Psychiatrists cannot pretend to believe something they know is false.

    Hmm….Does that include telling the “consumer” that their distressed states are known to be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain? And that’s okay since psychiatry has a bunch of “safe and effective treatments” which are magic bullets “just like insulin for diabetes”?

  • “Mental health treatment” is the perfect passive aggressive revenge scheme for that annoying relative you can’t stand. Or maybe you are just jealous of them.

    You can ruin their life and come out smelling like a rose. The Long Suffering Saint. And everyone will tell you how LUCKY the “crazy” relative is to have someone like you in their life.

  • Psychiatry destroyed all the love in my life. When they labeled me “hard core” my friends shunned me. This was after “psych education” by the way. Telling people “Mental illness is real. They’re crazy and hopeless,” is great at selling (involuntary) “treatment” but it causes ostracism and cruelty.

    My relationship with my mom got really bad. The doctor assured her the “meds” were highly effective and if I acted weird, had seizures, or lazy/apathetic I must not be taking them properly. They made me horribly numb. I felt everyone in the world hated me. I wondered if I had a soul like other people. And all the drugs did was make me hard to live with. I still act stupidly from TBI after going off.

    I may love others but no one will ever love me again. Except my cat.

    I wonder how many other survivors have turned misanthropic. Occasionally I meet people in casual situations but I don’t trust them or share much beyond casual small-talk.

    People aren’t all mean or nasty–just around me and those like me. I bring out the worst in all I meet. Like a curse.

  • And if you get worse instead of better they accuse you of “pill shaming.” Defend pills by shaming patients for becoming disabled or dying.

    I’m not out for shaming gel capsules or tablets. Those who should be shamed are the lying hucksters who hurt people and call them crazy for suffering. Too bad they’re shameless.

    Remember Dr. Farid Fata, the cancer specialist? If he’d gone into psychiatry he would have gotten away with it. πŸ˜›