Monday, September 21, 2020

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  • A big problem is all or almost all the media rely on Big Pharma ad revenue for the magazine or channel to stay afloat.

    “Always the patient’s fault.” Should be the motto for the American Psychiatric Association.

    I strongly recommend the site Surviving Antidepressants for those who need help coming off and can’t get it. I cold turkeyed off Lamictal since I couldn’t cut the tablets. But I only took it for 13 days after being hospitalized.

    Personally I found Abilify was a snap to come off. Went from 20 mg to 15 mg. Then 15-10; 10-7.5; 7.5-5; 5-2.5; 2.5-0. 2 weeks between each gradation. 10 weeks with only a few headaches. But Effexor was another thing altogether. Took me 13 months to come off 150 mg.

    No more suicidal thoughts or melt downs since. The pills were holding me back.

  • I’m more at risk for dying if I contract Covid-19 due to my autoimmune disease caused by years on SSRIs.

    Why is it surprising that STIMULANTS which wear the body down by artificially boosting energy levels make kids more prone to infection and poor prognosis from the infection?

    Does forcing a child to drink 5 cups of coffee and a 6 pack of Mountain Dew every flu season make them less at risk for infection?

  • I do NOT defend that by any means Oldhead.

    Our opponents would (probably) argue that it’s different because it’s not punishment, but “help.”
    Peter Breggin points out how calling random brain damage, pharmaceutical torture (that is a thing) and imprisonment “treatment” instead of punishment enables psychiatrists to treat law abiding citizens worse than convicted felons.

    Would D.J. Jaffe have given the cootie treatment and avoided eye contact with some cancer victim he was trying to organize a fund raiser for? Interesting how the pro-psych force can rationalize what they do so easily.

    “I have the right to force these drugs on Blanche.” TAC Dude
    “Blanche doesn’t like them. She says they upset her stomach and give her terrors. I see her seize on them.” Friend of Blanche
    “Blanche is ‘mentally ill’ so if she doesn’t like them that’s just her illness talking. Lol. If she seizes or throws up she’s faking it for attention.” TAC Dude

  • His death brings me sorrow. Leukemia is an awful way to go.

    Sadly it won’t undo the harmful policies passed through his activism. He was more of an advocate for annoyed family members and psychiatrists who made a killing off crippling and defaming through quack treatments than the “consumers” themselves.

    What Briana describes in her encounter with him, his refusal to make eye contact or acknowledge her humanity is what I remember during my 25 years in psychiatry. Numbed and dumbed down as I was, I felt it keenly.

    In dehumanizing others they dehumanize themselves.

    It’s sobering that Jaffe will never have another chance to make amends to those he–more or less–unwittingly harmed. To undo his TAC policies is up to others.

    Rest in peace Jaffe. May Heaven have mercy on your soul.

  • Thanks.
    I don’t consider myself an anti vaxxer though. At least not as far as the basic MMR shots go. Even polio shots are still a good idea.

    These shots are highly effective. And the polio one saves children’s lives.

    My brother and I had all four as children. But I got my Chicken Pox immunity the old fashioned way.

    Dedicating my time to trying to help keep local small businesses afloat. Pam Popper’s gives some tips on how we can do this. I highly recommend looking up her interview with Peter Breggin on YouTube.

    A lot of people are desperately afraid they will lose their homes or be unable to scrape enough beans and rice together to feed their children. I visit a cafe near me and promised the owner’s daughter working behind the cash register that if another lockdown takes place I will still get carry out there regularly.

    She thanked me profusely.

  • Okay. You want to spend the rest of your life in isolation? Because that’s what all the experts recommend. Utter isolation at home alone for everyone forever.

    The only plan out there!

    Sounds like a quality life and very healthy too.

    Nobody work or see friends or family ever again. Stay locked at home for 50-60 years till you die. WONDERFUL.

    Funny how a lifetime of permanent isolation is healthy now. Not like any of us have social needs after all.
    This will never end. Get used to permanent house arrest. Years and decades.

    The New Normal means you can never have coffee with friends again. I prefer death from this alleged plague myself. The rest of you can enjoy this nightmare dystopia. Funny how I’m the only person who finds it depressing. Crazy me to want friends and fresh air instead of spending the last years of my life locked alone in a room eating beans.

    Weird how everyone but me suddenly loves endless isolation, wants it to last forever and enjoys dying alone. Cause you will die even without the Covid. Utterly ALONE IN ISOLATION.

    Wish I enjoyed loneliness and hated companionship like the rest of you cranks. Everyone else loves being cut off alone FOREVER.


    Why is Covid death so scary? As the last person with human needs or emotions I wish it or something else would kill me.

    Dr. Fauci says we’ll probably never have a vaccine and should never be allowed out of our houses till the virus completely vanishes which he is pretty certain it won’t. Ergo permanent lockdown forever according to the Experts.

  • And who ordered the months of social isolation?

    Oh yes. The Scientific Ex-Spurts suddenly decided isolating is not only healthy but praiseworthy. If you don’t enjoy it, it’s your fault and they will force drugs on you while forcing even more isolation on you.

    Glad I live in the country. Like many labeled SMI I’m no stranger to loneliness. If I avoid thinking about the future I’m okay.

    Curious how many other survivors are holding up. Like everyone else is caving in but we’ve already been through this crap. Same old, same old.

    I wish these controlling Science Ex-Spurts would experiment on themselves. At least they’re too busy to hunt down every single depressed person now. Easier to escape their notice.

  • “If someone has committed a heinous crime let them pay their debt to society.”

    Well said Caroline. We already have the legal system to punish all of us for law breaking.

    But psychiatry has the authority to punish regardless of our behavior. The unquestioned absolute authority to inflict cruel and unusual punishment (without limit) on even the most mild mannered law abiding saints–more sinned against than sinning. Just because some Expert deems them biologically unfit for basic human rights or simple kindness and decency.

    Psychiatry punishes the “biologically unfit” for the crime of existing. ๐Ÿ™

    Because of this pseudo science our culture chooses to judge us on the word of some Ex-Spurt Sciencey Dude–who just flipped through old notes without talking to us. Not the content of our character.

  • After i got labeled I hated myself. Everyone treated me like a monster.
    The drugs killed all my ability to experience positive emotions and caused daily seizures. Everyone blamed my desire for suicide on my “illness.”

    When they say, “You’re not your illness” it’s pretty laughable. In their eyes all “consumers” are walking diseases.

  • It takes time.
    I chose to forgive the people who injured me. But it took a long time.
    If you don’t want to or feel you can’t I sympathize.

    Part of forgiving meant acknowledging the wrongs done me. I’d always been taught nice girls don’t get angry or remember wrongs. My grandma told me we automatically forget bad treatment because girls are naturally sweet–made up of sugar and spice and all things nice. ๐Ÿ˜› Nope.

  • I’m better now.
    Made real progress emotionally, cognitively, and finally physically.

    I get along with people now. Smiling easily. I shower every day and keep up on household chores. And I am finishing writing projects since the first time in my teens.

    I attribute these changes to going off drugs and rejecting the role society assigned me of madwoman.

  • I’ve heard of kids “inheriting” trauma.
    It’s not to be confused with abuse. If anything the mother may strive to protect her children from the horrors she went through. Unfortunately this can backfire however kind and noble the intentions.

    For example the children of Holocaust survivors and those who were molested as children.

    You can’t fault the parent anymore than you can of unwittingly giving the child a cold. It just happens. The right kind of family therapy might help the parent. Such as Choice Theory by William Glasser. He only counseled adults. If the children acted out he would advise the parents on how to show love while preparing the child for life.

  • Yeah. Fine line between whacking myself over the head for everything that goes wrong and blaming others.

    I dated a man also labeled “bipolar” though we had little else in common. One day I realized how we kept apologizing to each other in an excessive, compulsive manner.

    “Nobody’s fault, it’s a brain disease” translates to “everything that goes wrong is the fault of the person with the presupposed brain disease.” One of Psychiatry’s paradoxes.

  • False dilemma. Reminds me of the story of how the disciples asked Jesus, “Did this man sin or did his parents so that he was born blind”?

    Neither Mom nor I behaved perfectly through my existential journey into madness. Exacerbated and greatly prolonged courtesy of Big Pharma Psychiatry.

    I gladly brought her to NAMI because she kept blaming herself for my weird behaviors under the influence of mind altering drugs and my new diagnostic identity.

    Looking back, I’m more upset at how my crazy behaviors impacted my friends and family who stayed with me through the quarter century ordeal. I was a drug addict and none of us even knew.

  • Let me try. Here’s a disorder I’ve observed first hand.

    1. Prolonged use of mind altering drugs and/or electroshocks to alter moods and thoughts.
    2. The treatments entail distress and poor concentration.
    3. The treatments cause pain, cognitive decline, and numerous other health issues.

    I’ve now “proven” that Psychiatry is a disease.

  • I_e_cox I agree with you. This whole scenario with:

    1. Expert Doctor Monarchs who must never be questioned even when they contradict each other.
    2. The Doctors/Demagogues who inflict their will over us all in the name of “our own good” or “for the public” who are never held accountable for bad advice.
    3. It doesn’t matter if it ruins your career, your hopes of a family, renders you homeless, depresses you, or injures your physical health from months/years of isolation and stress. Don’t you ever dare quit distancing till Experts say you can. Maybe before you die.
    4. Because obedience is all that matters the Experts are happy to throw you a bone every month or two so you won’t starve (hopefully.) Quit taking care of yourself. Self reliance is evil and wrong. Only eat what the Demagogue/Doctors feed you.

    1. Never question a psychiatrist. Ever. This shows “poor insight” and doctors don’t make mistakes or lie.
    2. Being forced to take drugs that make you miserable, tired and stupid is for your own good. And you owe it to society to be good pill popper or you endanger them by morphing into a mass shooter or something through non compliance.
    3. It doesn’t matter if you feel horrible and can no longer read, work, get along with others, or attend to basic hygiene. It doesn’t matter if the pills give you grand mal seizures, heart palpitations, spasms, make you vomit uncontrollably for days on end, or put you into a coma. You must be “meds compliant” till you die. Doctor’s orders.
    4. Because compliance is all that matters, once the “meds” have incapacitated you the Experts will sign a paper so their cronies in Washington will give you a pittance every month to scrape by on. The flunkies at the Mental Illness Center chastise you for wanting to be able to care for yourself. Shame on you for wanting to work. Besides that’s unrealistic cause you’re crazy. Lol.

    De ja vu. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • “Rejected the idea that insanity reduced people to animals…” Did it though?

    The whole notion of “mental illness” is that those marked by psychiatrists are not fully human. Incapable of higher reasoning and completely amoral. Just like animals.

    The “treated” are viewed as pets. The “untreated” as rabid dogs–either to be captured and rendered docile (helpless) or shot.

  • It’s paradoxical that the notion of “mental illness” discourages trying to better yourself. Just the opposite of what AA is supposed to preach.

    Being told how hopeless I was as a “bipolar” led to my relinquishing self control. (Not alcohol but a psych drug that sent me on the bad trip that ruined my life.)

    It’s also disgusting how opportunists are using the notion of “alcoholism is a disease” to push far deadlier and more addictive drugs on the person as a “treatment” for drinking wine or beer.

  • “There’s nothing also to say that a Qualified Doctor, is any better than a Library Assistant at helping a person get through Emotional Distress.”
    Doctors are great at dealing with ruptured appendixes or inflamed adenoids or broken limbs. But if you feel sad or lonely you should phone a friend.
    Asking a GP for help with emotional pain is like asking one for advice on roof repair. Not their field.

  • It’s been a real struggle to me not to hate humanity.

    Unlike Frankenstein’s monster I used to be a human being till They damaged me beyond hope of recover and dishonored me forever in the eyes of all Humanity.

    Shrinks have harmed me–while causing suffering–by pretending their cruel, pointless experiments fixed known brain abnormalities. Apparently many were laughing up their sleeves when they talked about the “scientifically proven chemical imbalance.”

    But they couldn’t have done it without help from all the “normals” applauding the cruel damage. I know this was ignorance (except for a few like Pete Earley.) But if your kid were getting worse instead of better every time the doctor put him on something to “treat” the problem which wasn’t bad till after the doctor “helped” it would make sense to try figure out what was wrong.

    They don’t know because they don’t care. Sticking a “loved one” in a psych ward to be drugged and shocked indefinitely is easier than doing a little research to look for ways of actually helping people. Happier handing you over to the tender mercies of the experts. Then they can ignore the relative forever. Almost as good as locking them in the old asylums.

  • Lots of people have no choice Dr. Monk. Do you really think there are no social or legal repercussions to such a decision? It’s almost never an informed one.

    After a break down following 3 weeks of sleeplessness from a bad reaction to the drug Anafranil my shrink cheerfully told Mom it wasn’t HIS fault her daughter had schizophrenia. Joyfully ruined my life causing everyone to write me off as a psycho killer.

    Put me on 10 mg of Haldol. Hell between my ears. Seizures, constant dry mouth, tardive psychosis, eyes rolling back. All attributed to my illness.

    Psychiatrists go around telling how those they diagnose are all would-be mass shooters. Through guilt by diagnosis/association they claim we’re morally defective in some intrinsic way no other human beings are. Only drugs can save us from becoming violent, suicide, cheating on our spouses, lying, stealing. All “symptoms” in various DSM categories known as “mental illnesses.” Whether we actually DO any of the above is irrelevant. The doctor has pronounced us morally diseased so we’re automatically worse than felons.

    (I don’t know you personally Dr. Theolonius. But prominent members of your profession have gone on national television to warn society of the monsters posing as humans in their midst. Also known as “schizophrenics” and “bipolars.” You aren’t directly responsible for what Dr. Fuller Torrey says. But you must be aware of it.)

    I was repeatedly told for 25 years that I had a brain disease with a known biomarker. That it had already been proven my “illness” came from a chemical imbalance in my broken brain. Not for two decades did I read William Glasser and then articles by the President of the APA declaring otherwise.

    Had to relocate and start over where no one knows me while slowly tapering. No help from any doctor. I knew better than to ask for any.

    For years I took the XXXX pills though they doubled my weight, made me seize, vomit, lose teeth, grow so tired I couldn’t keep up with simple ADLs like bathing regularly. They made me miserable and numb. Yet I took them conscientiously. Not for myself but for my loved ones. I didn’t want to hurt them or be a burden.

    Because of my wrecked body…real doctors who don’t know all my psychiatric history have diagnosed me with IBD and other autoimmune diseases…I still can’t work. All iatrogenic I firmly believe. More of a burden then ever from trying to do the right thing as a “conscientious consumer with excellent insight.”

    Obeying the rules doesn’t work in a corrupt system.

    I wish I’d broken an actual law instead of seeing a shrink. That would have had fewer legal repercussions. Seriously. Criminals have more rights in our society than law abiding citizens labeled as “severely mentally ill.” Once you get that label how you behave–the content of your character–is completely irrelevant. Everyone expects the worst of you. Especially if they know you’re “off your meds”

    Been off mine for nearly 3 years. Doing better in many ways. No melt down despite lockdown stress. My parents acknowledge I wasn’t crazy after all. I’m an embarrassment to the psychiatric profession. And doctors in general who remain thick as thieves and will carry the banner for men like Farid Fata.

    Not anti-medicine but I don’t trust doctors. Buy the used car but don’t believe a word the salesman says.

  • Too much censorship can backfire. Hence the growth of the FlatEarther movement. I view it as too ridiculous to be worth censoring–even if I believed in denying them a platform. But I have more respect for people’s intelligence than Big Bro Mark.

    Because of this heavy handedness more people are getting angry and distrustful of PolitiFact. Great at spinning. Though if you read the entire article PolitiFact puts out you’ll see they call things “fake news” based on technicalities. Often hearsay from an anonymous source.

    More of us are leaving. Too angry to wait to be banned. Hopefully this will cause FB to become the next Yelp or Tumblr.

  • Yep. Sili-Con Valley for one.

    Been on FaceBook and repeatedly get censored for posting anything remotely hopeful. Got threatened with invisibility. Planning on transferring my followers to a new platform where many of them are already located.

    Mild depression keeps people passive so they put up less resistance to sales ads posted on sites.

    I have no problem–in theory–with Zuckerberg doubling his wealth. But it looks like he’s willing to cause a worldwide depression impoverishing nearly everyone else to achieve this end. I have a problem with that.

  • Yep. The whole concept itself is very elastic.

    On the one hand you have the trope of the helpless “mentally ill.” The poor Village Idiot who wanders the street muttering to himself and is mentally a five-year-old.

    On the other you have the trope of the “psycho killer.” The EVIL madman–sometimes with fits of brilliance in finding ways to do random acts of evil. Such as Hannibal Lector or Norman Bates. The scary creeper society needs protection from.

    Psychiatrists use the second trope in calls to action against mass shootings and the first when trying to sound compassionate. They flip flop between calling a “case” or human being “cognitively impaired” regardless of how coherently the “case” can defend herself/himself. And warning the public of how dangerously “unstable” this person will be if they don’t have their way with them.

    This two fold approach is useful for those who can’t see through it. By calling the person evil the psychiatrist alienates them from everyone–rendering the non-labeled more agreeable to subject the former friend or loved one to dubious treatments that cause obvious suffering. And depicting the person as incompetent and dumb makes the psychiatrist look benevolent and humane. Rendering him more trustworthy so family members feel safe delivering the relative into his allegedly tender mercies.

  • Don Karp that’s why I’m so miserable.
    Sorry, I have no reason to trust any doctors. Especially bureaucrats with degrees in medicine.

    I would rather take my chances with the Bubonic Plague itself than let these micro-managing control freaks ruin the world. THEY are what really scare me. Not the Covid-19. Even if it had 70% fatality rates like many of the ignorant imagine.

    No, I realize Dr. Fauci never said this. All a bunch of hysterical pearl clutching from watching the News on TV. But this insane fear encourages compliance to the lockdown.

    This is supposed to be for the greater good and save countless lives. These people aren’t dead yet and won’t die–in this segment of the multiverse–if we all hunker down and OBEY the Medical Experts. They’re doctors after all. They don’t make mistakes and only want to save lives.

    If lots of people die it will be in spite of lockdown. Or because we didn’t follow it strictly enough they’ll say. If mortality rates drop it will be because of the lockdown.

    This whole scenario is all too familiar to me. Very depressing. And it may never end.

  • I got so sick of being told how much I needed to love myself during all those years of adult preschool. AKA “day treatment” and “clubhouse.”

    Made me want to burst into song, “I love me. I love me so./I took myself to a movie show./I put both arms around my waist./I got so fresh I slapped my face!”
    I actually did during one incredibly dull session. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Like C.S. Lewis I find the reverse is true. I must love my neighbor before I can love myself as my neighbor.

  • Yes.
    The entire premise of Pharma-psychiatry is that SCIENCE has proven people feel down or have weird thoughts only because of bad brain chemistry. And they have the pills to adjust it so you’ll feel normal again.

    A giant hoax. And even the non medical people who spread this lie know it’s a hoax. Pete Earley admits as much on his blog–justifying this deception by saying the drugs work. Meaning they turn “loved ones” into passive, sickly zombies who won’t annoy relatives.

    I was hoping this article would share more details on how ignorant or knowledgeable your friendly neighborhood shrink is. It doesn’t.

  • And it’s turning us into misanthropes too.

    A blogger I follow is worried about how his alleged brain disease is flaring up. Being forced to stay unemployed and at home all day has nothing to do with it. He thinks.

    Of course, like me, he’s dealt with “sadness shaming.” Our shallow culture can no longer handle anyone the least bit glum or serious. So it’s either a disease we must cure immediately or a shameful sin we must repent of so we can grin ear to ear perpetually like we’re s’posed to. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Now that I no longer see my depression as a disease I no longer struggle with it for days or weeks at a time. If I feel blue I ask myself, “What can I do to feel better?” It never lasts more than a day or two. Amazing how changing that mindset helped me cope with it successfully.

  • They’re much better at concealing what their intentions. To be fair–most neighborhood shrinks believe they help people.

    “Life saving medications. They are just like insulin for diabetes.”
    But nobody gets better even if we take them faithfully. Our bodies and brains fail rapidly. And no one cares but us.

    And maybe our loved ones. If “mental health” fails to alienate them. They don’t like family members offering real emotional support and love to us.

  • NAMI actually had a bunch of people slip in to do that? Okay. When I first read I thought it was gaslighting. Now it looks like was just an advertisement. “This is what having ‘schizophrenia’ feels like.”

    I didn’t know NAMI was supposed to be a patient’s advocacy group. I belonged to it (as a mascot) for some years. It was supposed to be about helping us and reducing the discrimination or stigma NAMI created with other ad campaigns to begin with.

    They liked to hear the voices of “high functioning” people like me. As long as I praised my life saving medications and the benevolent doctors who could do no wrong.

  • Covid-19 is being used for two things. Selling a vaccine that’s probably just a placebo. And propaganda.

    They say they should have it out in a year so we should just stay home till then. Really? AIDS has been around for well over 30 years and there’s no vaccine for that virus yet. I’m sure Gates and Big Pharma will be handsomely paid after keeping the populace isolated and fearful for months on end.

    It also makes great propaganda for Big Brother rising up from the depths of the sea. Every great tyrant knows the best populace is a divided one where everyone distrusts and fears their neighbor. Hysterical fear of a possible infection with a small chance of dying is a great way to turn us all against each other. A bunch of selfish, cowardly misanthropes with no social support except the evening news and “social” media is very easy to control.

    I’ve already promised myself if I see an elderly person passing out from the stupid mask at WalMart I’m going to help them. Yeah, I know it means exposing myself. So?

    Better to die from the virus (unlikely as that is) than live on as one of those caricatures who beats up little old ladies for coming within five feet (the old lady is way more apt to die than a 30 year old if she’s infected.) Or one of those killjoy “karens” who drives around looking for children to scream “I hope you all get Covid-19 and die!” at because they’re playing in the park. A school teacher was doing this. ๐Ÿ˜› Or one of those people who doesn’t know their grandma died till six months after since they never made phone calls and rejoiced at the pandemic since they had an excuse to quit visiting her nursing home. Or–speaking of the medical profession–that doctor near me in Louisville who assaulted a teenage girl (choking her) for the horrible crime of enjoying a sunset in the park.

    None of these behaviors are rational. If you’re so worried over infection why run toward the person for further contact as you try to punch or throttle them? These activities require touching the person. If you’re worried over their safety why scream how you hope they die?

    Covid-19 offers a great excuse to act like selfish jerks. Many are taking advantage of the situation.

    If this were the next Bubonic Plague (it isn’t) it still wouldn’t justify these behaviors. There are fates far worse than death. Like losing our humanity.

  • Another idea for psychiatrists.

    Quit lying.
    Quit telling “consumers”–or using mouthpieces like NAMI to tell them–that Science has proven they have a “broken” brain proven to be caused entirely by a “chemical imbalance” and faulty genes already discovered.

    Quit telling people experiencing a bad trip caused by the mind altering drugs you push that it’s all their fault. Those drugs never have that effect on anyone. Unless they’re crazy to start with or lying about taking them “exactly as prescribed.”

    Quit telling family members “Drug X never does that to anyone. It’s all John’s illness causing him to sleep 12 hours a day, not cry or smile, silently pace for hours at a time, have mini seizures while his eyes roll back in his head. If he would just take his ‘meds’ exactly as prescribed he wouldn’t bother you with these symptoms. Obviously he’s not really taking them.” (Any search for drug side effects can help us catch you in this deception anyhow.)

    Quit lying to the public about how your Science has the infallible ability to weed out serial killers, mass shooters and all other criminal types in our midst with laundry lists of personality traits that lump groups of random individuals together as guilty or “sick” by association. Is red your favorite color? So was Jeffrey Dahmers’!

    Quit lying to the public about how you want to end “stigma.” You don’t. “Stigma” or slander is the best advertising technique to sell your product as Fuller Torrey, Tim Murphy, and countless others know.

    Yes. Telling the truth is pretty essential to morality. Especially when people’s reputations, health, and lives are at stake.
    Quit lying.

  • I keep thinking of that movie The Minority Report.

    Psychiatry is our society’s pre crime division. But unlike the movie, no one holds them accountable for their mistakes. And those they accuse get punished anyhow.

    All by pretending the treatments are restorative rather than punitive in nature. And they’re doctors. Not penal enforcers of unwritten rules they can change on a whim. 0 accountability and 100% immunity.

    Why not just make suicide illegal and say all unsuccessful attempts will be punished by imprisonment, pharmaceutical torture, possible brain mutilation, and public defamation? The only difference between this scenario and the way things actually are is the Pre-Crime Psych(ic) enforcers are allowed to pose as medical healers. Psychiatry’s got nothing to do with healing people.

  • Doing fine despite the lockdown and Covid19 fear.

    I say fear because I have had no direct encounters. My sister’s roommates caught it and recovered without hospital care. She tested negative. My rural community has no cases yet. A family friend in a city caught it and got better. As did my 89 year old great aunt.

    The lockdown itself is stressful. But I’m okay.

    Before stuff started opening I used Skype and Zoom to visit along with letters and phone calls. Way better than social media for human connection.

    Now we go to church–with S.D. in place–and I visit my neighbors in the open air.

    Since going off my psych drugs I’ve developed an emotional resiliency I never had before. Violating Expert orders was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.
    But I ignored the Experts after doing a lot of homework. According to them I should be acting like Eric Harris/Ted Bundie/Norman Bates/a rabid dog. Or at least unable to talk coherently or care for myself or get along with people I meet. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    No more mood swings, better at reading social cues, normal heart rate, improved hygiene and home maintenance. All these horrible things happened after I fled the mental illness makers.

    Stories like mine are an embarrassment to the APA and the AMA too. Psychiatry is cancer on western medicine. Not to mention the legal system–which now has a way to bypass due process and punish the innocent.

  • Don’t forget those branded at hopelessly “severe mental” cases to help cover some doctor’s butt because he refuses to acknowledge that his precious SSRI’s can drive people crackers.

    Heaven forbid he let you go off the drugs so you can function again after catching up on sleep after he kept you awake for 3 weeks in a row. Better label you a “bipolar” menace to society so everyone will shun you till you die. And Dr. Quackenbush can bill your insurance for 3-6 drugs instead of just 1. Including the very drug he KNOWS caused the problem. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I imagine these un-healers cackling with glee and sipping champagne to celebrate every time they ruin some young life this way. Cha-ching! Souls for cash.

    I’d say “Shame on them.” But they are as shameless as they are remorseless for all the people they’ve harmed and killed.

  • I remember how Julie Greene emphasized that the whole point to psychiatry was eugenics. It is based upon the philosophy of social darwinism.

    I admit I was slightly skeptical. Eugenics?

    Not sure the mainstream shrink at your friendly neighborhood mental illness center knows. Probably clueless. Most of mine were friendly and tried to keep me from suffering too much.

    But I believe there’s an inner circle at the top–the guys who invent new “diseases” and make guest appearances on national TV warning Joe Schmoe how evil and dangerous all the “untreated mentally ill” are. They know what they’re doing and show no pity.

    The whole premise to psychiatry is certain groups of people are “defective criminal types.” This grew popular in the 19th century. According to eugenicists these “defectives” need to be weeded out from society and prevented from breeding more “inferior stock.” Regardless of the content of their characters and actual behaviors “blood will tell” and these Men of Science must weed out the defectives.

    This demonizing of those they claim to help is necessary for psychiatrists since if others saw them as ordinary people they would call them out on the inhumanity of the cruel, pointless experiments they persist in inflicting on hapless test subjects.

    This defamation campaign has proven highly effective. Stigma is a shrink’s best friend. They WANT to turn our families and friends and everyone including other doctors against us.

    Most people don’t think this through. But they believe the SCIENCE. In their defense many think they’re helpful telling us to take drugs. But thinking we’re all dangerous monsters makes them avoid us. (Duh.) And my guess is doctors don’t care about the quality or quantity of our lives. They have similar attitudes about the disabled and elderly but the notion that we’re all would-be-mass-shooters rendered temporarily harmless via SCIENTIFIC MAGIC makes them treat us worse.

    When I moved I managed to not get “bipolar” on most medical records. Just “depression” and all those physical problems inflicted by psychiatry. Amazing how helpful and nice doctors are now.

  • Lisa is bleeding? Where? Her heart is racing so hard it hurts?

    WTH??? ๐Ÿ™ This crap is killing people like Lisa.

    Assuming she wants this drug I still worry about her health. But my guess is she’s not taking with with informed consent. Just told she has to take this miracle pill NO MATTER WHAT.

    If Lisa tells her shrink or doctor how horrible it makes her feel–assuming her body can’t adapt–they may change her to something that makes her feel less horrible (for a while.) Or just threaten her with horrible things that will happen if she ever dares to go off. It’s a coin toss.

    Pernicious anemia, IBD and other autoimmune problems. Including abnormal bleeding. My heart beat was very erratic till I finally disobeyed my quack. It may have saved my life.

  • “Antidepressants” have already had studies showing they lower inhibitions and empathy.

    Yet prominent psychiatrists urge that still more people be put on these drugs to lower mass killings. Arguing that people murder others because of low self esteem. I dunno. How about not thinking about future consequences (low inhibitions) and not caring about others (lack of empathy)?

    Astounding ignorance as to how human beings think or what motivates us. Pseudo science combined with a view of humanity less complex or nuanced than a comic book.

    These mind altering drugs do not transform a bunch of Mr. Hyde’s into Dr. Jekyll’s anymore than heroin does. NAMI propaganda notwithstanding.

  • Yes. NAMI is behind the police brutality toward the “mentally ill.”

    Doesn’t require much brain power to see how convincing armed enforcers that others are monsters will lead to more shootings and brutality of these people. But NAMI wants to make the world’s largest omelet and are more than happy to break countless numbers of eggs to achieve this end.

    I avoid all things “mental health” now. If I know someone works for “mental health” I will cross over to the other side of the street to avoid them if I can. They think they’re kind when they lock you up and destroy you with drugs, shocks and other random brain damage.

    They deny the humanity of their “compassion” objects. Zero empathy because of this denial. All our suffering is written off as fake just like we’re “fake people” in their eyes–without real thoughts or feelings. Only walking brain diseases.

    Delusional and dangerous. Lacking insight into their own motivations.

  • Sadly psychiatrists are already planning on setting up their own police. My guess is if you end the current police system, “mental health” will take over completely as far as those already labeled are concerned. ๐Ÿ™

    Defund psychiatry. Its propaganda is behind police hatred and fear of the “mentally ill.”

  • This may surprise you OH, but many would not see the sarcasm. A lot of NAMI mommies actually tell themselves that.

    I wonder how many killed themselves because they had been persuaded of that. It nearly drove me to suicide. ๐Ÿ™

    Unlike brain cancer or epilepsy, “mental illness” means you are hopelessly evil. Like hyper calvinism–only it’s just a minority of genetic throw backs or “criminal types” who are depraved. With no hope of redemption for any of them.

  • Steve I imagine a couple shrinks discussing this.
    “So Bob, how long do you think you’d grieve if your wife died?”
    “I dunno Bill. It took me less than a week to get over her leaving me. Too many hangovers from partying.”
    Both laugh.
    “I can’t imagine grieving more than a week for mine. Ten days tops.”
    “I never grieve over losing anyone. Emotional attachment is a sure sign of mental illness. My dog died today. No big deal. I did what any sane person would. Put the carcass out with the weekly trash and added ‘visit the pound’ on my things to do list.”
    “Let’s say fourteen days tops. I can’t imagine loving anyone so much you grieve them that long unless you’re severely mentally ill.”

  • 70% of those labeled “schizophrenic” used to get back on their feet or “recover” before pharma psychiatry.

    Now it’s below 16% and only because they really lowered the bar for what counts as a decent life. And the life expectancy post diagnosis is roughly cut in half.

    But the “mental health” industry likes it fine. More treatments to sell and more long term “consumers.”

    Pretty annoying when two thirds of your buyers find they can lead better lives drug free and you need to drum up new ones. At that rate how are you going to expand your turf?

  • Frank, I’m not sure what OTC drugs are available in Britain. Over here it varies from state to state. But I’ve used adult cough syrup for one or two nights to break an insomnia cycle.

    There are a number of sleeping pills here I could buy at Walmart. I try to avoid shrinks. If I see someone I know works for mental health I’ll do all I can to stay out of their way. They’re a danger to my health, my freedom, and my life itself.

  • Something I see as a potential problem for prescription cannabis is psychiatry’s long track record of blaming everything it does on the consumers’ alleged brain disorder. AKA the consumer him/herself.

    A lot of young people labeled “schizophrenic” for life simply got locked up during a bad trip. As a sort of ironic and excessive punishment (called treatment) they’re forced to take massive quantities of mind altering drugs to make them miserable till they die prematurely.

    I only took what Dr. M gave me. A “therapeutic” dose of the SSRI Anafranil. Yet my three weeks of sleeplessness and hallucinations were all blamed on me. Dr. M swore up and down that “They never have that effect on anyone!”

    Is this merely a clever attempt to create more “schizophrenia diagnoses” by encouraging use of a drug that can cause vivid hallucinations?

    For those of you who like MJ, my argument is with psychiatrists prescribing it and interpreting all the temporary effects as symptoms of a life long brain disorder–which requires crippling drugs and a life in segregation to maintain.

    Drugs that cause real disabilities and segregation from mainstream society are psychiatry’s gifts. ๐Ÿ™

  • My family is lower middle class. Not rich.

    I’m too damaged to work now. Iatrogenic disease thanks to psychiatric treatment.

    But I escaped because I managed to sneak off to another county and my parents let me stay for a while.

    Better to have a middle class or poor family that loves you when it comes to escaping psychiatry. Evan Durst’s family used its wealth to hound him. Just like rich people would pay tidy sums to asylum keepers for locking up annoying relations in Victorian times.

  • The great novelist Jane Austen had to get her brother to sign her publishing contracts for her since she was an unmarried woman. (No hubby to sign for her.)

    Nowadays a woman can be placed in a similar situation. Not because of her gender but alleged “mental illness.”

    It makes no difference how rationally you behave nor how reasonable your arguments. Your label will cover it all.

  • Well, if they’re talking about the Fear–rather than the virus itself–it’s entirely psychological. The Fear seems to be killing large numbers of people as they commit suicide and develop stress related illnesses.

    Even though it’s contagious your odds of dying from it are slim. Not arguing the lock down here but pointing out how ridiculous the Fear is. Caution is smart; hysteria is not.

    This reminds me of The Bird Box. Only the monsters aren’t Out There. They’re in our screens.

    Way easier to avoid.

    Don’t watch TV and moderate other media. Read more literary classics and talk to real people through Skype/Zoom/or the phone. Write letters. I hear physical stationary is making a comeback now. It gives a sense of physical contact that e mails don’t.

  • Thanks for this piece, Maria. As you point out it’s not just our health and economy at risk, but our relationships and human networking.

    All the “normals” are acting crazy now. Look at the videos going viral of screaming at teens at the beach, some doctor trying to choke a girl for not social distancing. How would choking a contagious person lower your own exposure???

    Some school teacher screaming at children on a swing set, “I hope you all get sick and die.” Such compassion and dedication to saving lives. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Crazy behaviors from otherwise “normal” people. Wonder how much sooner they’d have lost it in the psych system

    This is not a war. A plague would be a stretcher, but more accurate. Similar hysteria occurred during the Spanish Flu Epidemic. The plagues were even worse.

    And, despite higher mortality rates, there was less isolation. No internet to render “staying home” so widely accessible. During a war we can do active things and bond with fellow soldiers or our communities. Even those on the home front–like Rosie the Riveter. Instead we’re called to isolation and passivity. Way more stressful.

    I feel no satisfaction at “normals” driven mad by medical bureaucrats. Only anger and frustration and sorrow. I put no faith in a doctor simply because he is a doctor after my experiences with psychiatry. A field totally approved as a legitimate specialty by the AMA. Fleeing it may have saved my life.

    Some of my negative emotions might be considered “PTSD”? I don’t know. This pandemic reminds me so much of “mental health” with its gas lighting.

    Who knows though? Maybe we outcasts who have survived it can help people through this traumatic event.