Abuse Survivors Fight for Justice After Police Drop Investigation at Child Mental Health Unit


From The Independent: “Survivors of alleged sexual and physical abuse at a children’s mental health unit have vowed to continue their fight for justice after a three-year police investigation ended without charges.

Police said they found evidence that children had been over-sedated by staff at the Hill End Hospital Adolescent Unit in St Albans, between the 1960s and its closure in 1995.

Hertfordshire Constabulary investigated allegations of beatings, mistreatment and sexual abuse, including rape, but said there was ‘insufficient evidence to support any arrest or prosecution’ against former staff.”

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  1. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Taking the known horrors of psychiatry and pushing it on children, has to be the greatest atrocity of humankind.

    I’m astonished that at least there was a time when the police would look into such things. For the past 30 years, child psychiatry has been destroying children with brain damaging drugs and ruining their lives and pushing them toward miserable futures without any acknowledgment, let alone action, on behalf of the government and society. None that has actually approached it with the understanding of what is really going on. Psychiatric child drugging is child abuse, and it most often is used to cover up other abuses, but yet is an abuse on its own with permanent consequences.

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  2. Child: “Is there something wrong with me?”
    Psychiatrist: “Yes. You have an illness.”
    Child: “Oh no, why do I have an illness?”
    Psychiatry: “Because I need a job, I was born and went through school expecting 6-figures a year, god damn it,”
    Child: “But what is my illness”
    Psychiatrist: “It’s whatever I observe to be wrong with you.”
    Child: “What’s that?”
    Psychiatrist: “Well let’s get started…”

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    • Continued:

      Psychiatrist: “Now let’s see, after talking to your unsuspecting or involuntarily or abusive mother, you’re grandiose; you dream of being a princess, a pop star, etc. You talk too much. You wake up during the night sometimes and won’t go back to sleep. At least one of your teachers has sent home a complaint about how your behavior. With that said, let’s start with ADHD.”
      Child: “What’s ADHD?”
      Psychiatrist: “It’s a scary disease that’s caused by broken wires in your brain, chemical imbalances actually. But don’t worry, if you take some medicine, it’ll get better and you won’t be sick anymore.”
      Child: “Okay Doctor, thank you!”

      -psychiatrist reads paper on his desk written by his pre-appointment therapist-
      “Parent and child complains of myriad side effects; irritability, aggression, social maladjustment…”
      Psychiatry: “The usual… just as the literature would conclude; about two thirds of children of ADHD have an underlying disorder as well, with a third being bipolar.”
      Psychiatrist: “OK Child, this appointment is going to be much quicker because we’ve reached the med-check phase of treatment. I’m just going to ask you a checklist of questions, OK?”
      Child: “Yes sir”
      Psychiatrist: “Are you hearing voices?”
      Child “I’unno, maybe…”
      Psychiatrist: “Do you ever have thoughts of maybe hurting yourself or someone or even something else?”
      Child: “Well, I tore my teddy bear apart last week…”
      Psychiatrist: “Hmm, this is literally text book.”
      Child: “huh?”
      Psychiatrist: “Sadly, it appears now that you may have bipolar disorder. In many cases when a child is treated for ADHD, it undercovers the underlying bipolar disorder, which otherwise normally hides until a child has grown, making it much more difficult to treat! Thankfully we’ve caught yours early!”
      Child: “Yay! So I’m going to be OK?”
      Psychiatry: “Well, I wouldn’t say that… but we’ll try to keep you stable.”
      Psychiatrist: “You just need more medication. I’m going to add just risperdal and tegretol and see how your disease responds.”
      Child: “No! I hate medication! I felt fine before I started taking this medicine, I’ve been feeling weird and sick ever since…”
      Psychiatrist: “That’s nonsense, you’re beginning to lack insight into your illness, which is bad. If it gets too bad, you’ll need to go to the hospital. Do you want to have to go to the hospital?”
      Child: “uhhh… for how long?”
      Psychiatrist: “Maybe days, maybe weeks, maybe months. It’s important that you understand that you have a serious disease and need to keep taking all your medication, no matter what.”
      Child: “*cries*”
      Psychiatrist: “*Scribbles on paper: histrionic, emotionally impaired. Affective symptoms, increase dose of risperdal or maybe add some seroquel…*”

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      • Continued:

        — Months later, after bouts of outbursts coinciding with side effects and generally being unwell, the mother decides she’s had enough of this, and begins to suspect that her daughter is only being harmed and that she must get back to the start at least and try something else —

        Mother: “I appreciate all your efforts, but this just isn’t working for us, for her… it’s just the medicat-”
        Psychiatrist: “Stop right there, you do know that a child cannot treat herself for a disease like this?”
        Mother: “Well that’s just the thing… I’m not so sure she has this ‘disease’ you speak of. And I was wonderi-”
        Psychiatrist: “This is nonsense. I can’t work without total cooperation. You need to assure me that you are going to be totally cooperative or else we’ll have to remove you from the treatment team, and that may mean removing the patient from you.”
        Mother: “Excuse me?!?! *GASP* that is it, we’re leaving…”
        Psychiatry: “Time to call the department of human services, child protective services, community mental health center, behavioral medicine unit, etc”
        Psychiatrist: “*picks up phone and makes some calls.”

        — Hours later, police with an ambulance arrive at the mothers house —
        Officer: “We have a petition from the court signed by a county judge that says your daughter needs to go to the hospital.”

        — Fast Forward two months later —

        – Mother, child and psychiatrist are all back in the same treatment room –
        Psychiatrist: “Well, I’m glad that’s over. You’ve come to your senses and realized the consequences of untreated serious mental illness. I’m glad the department of children and families have decided that after attending some didactic groups, you’re competent enough now to care for your sick daughter.”
        Mother: “I…i… ok.”
        Psychiatrist: “Now let’s see here, it appears we have some extrapyramidal symptoms, I’ll just go ahead and prescribe some good o’l cogentin for that… and maybe experiment with some anti-parkinson drugs. Meanwhile…”

        — as doctor continues talking and scribbling away, the nightmare is unfolding… —

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  3. Whenever you see people fighting injustice, there are causes to do so. It would be in the public’s best interest to help the victims pursue the cover ups. This happens constantly, every minute of the day. In ANY establishment the cover ups are in place LONG before any injustice happens and is WHY they happen.
    Power dressed in it’s fear of losing it.

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  4. Whenever you see people fighting injustice, there are causes to do so. It would be in the public’s best interest to help the victims pursue the cover ups. This happens constantly, every minute of the day. In ANY establishment the cover ups are in place LONG before any injustice happens and is WHY they happen.
    Power dressed in it’s fear of losing it.

    Of course, the ones responsible for putting the kids there, were the real perverts. Psychiatry is the abusive rescue who continue to operate on tax dollars to simply cause more chaos, which requires more tax money.
    The kids were abused by psychiatry first, and looked the other way when everyone joined in and indulged in abuse. After all, why should psychiatry be the only ones who get to squeeze life out of kids.

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