Now I’ve Quit Benzos, This Year Will Be the First I Can Remember for a Decade


From The Guardian: “Following a month-long taper, I’ve made it through the potentially life-threatening phase of acute withdrawal. My symptoms now include deafening tinnitus, 72-hour migraines and panic, all of which come and go. This tendency of symptoms to come and go, increasing and decreasing in severity, is known as windows and waves. The only constant I experience are cognitive problems, especially related to my memory of the better part of the past decade. But every day I recover a little bit of my desire to write, to see and experience new things, and maybe there’s really little any of us can do about our lost years, except salvage what we can.”

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  1. Good accurate article. Now if The Guardian could participate in getting accurate accounts
    of “anti-depressants”, it’s harms, it’s lasting harms, it’s epidemic disabilities, they would then be an up to date reporter. One of few.

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