Respect Psychiatric Hospitals’ Real-Life Horror Stories


From The Detroit News: “Not to be a holiday buzzkill, but I find it disturbing the old Eloise hospital has been turned into a giant haunted house for Halloween.

I’m sure it’s a magnificent attraction, and hear it is among the scariest house of ‘haints’ ever. It should draw visitors in from all over.

My issue is that real people lived genuine horror stories in the Wayne County facility, which served for decades as a repository for the hopelessly poor, mentally ill and destitute infirmed.

Real pain stalked its hallways. Real abuses were inflicted on the most vulnerable and forgotten members of society.

This is ground made hallow by the tremendous torment that was endured there. To have the suffering and misery mocked up for the amusement of Halloween thrill-seekers seems disrespectful.”

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  1. The reporter wrote
    “Perhaps I’m looking at this wrong. Maybe the anguished screams that once rang through these buildings will be exorcized by the delighted shrieks of Halloween revelers. Maybe the joy and laughter will wipe the walls clean of the agony that still clings to them.
    But as someone who heard the screams when they were real, I just can’t get there. ”

    The patients had the luxury of screaming? They were lucky to be able and allowed to scream in my opinion/experience.
    It is far worse to be not allowed or to be unable to scream by the psychiatric “medications” that make the observer happy. What crime did I commit again? (to deserve such treatment) There was a trial?

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  2. I wonder if 50 years from now they are going to turn present day psych wards into haunted houses. Like the psych ward attached to the teaching Hospital of the ivy League school where ECT treatments were performed on me and then I was told by the psychiatrist that they didn’t work because I had something called borderline personality disorder. And funnily enough that was only the beginning of the years of abuse I experienced there. That would make a good haunted house.

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