Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 007 – Questioning Primary Beliefs to Reconnect with Hesham El Gamal

How an unexpected business rejection launched a quest for a successful entrepreneur to understand his personal pain and protective strategies.

Hesham El Gamal had it all – passion for his work, a successful and growing business, fame and fortune. So when a new business partner told him that he was not a fit to work with them, his ego was bruised. But instead of denying the feedback he was given, he chose to use it to discover what lay beneath this blind spot. What he discovered profoundly impacted both his relationships at work and in his personal life. In this episode, we explore the power that our own stories have over how we think and behave, the importance of personal connection in business, and finding unique ways to recover when political, personal and financial disruption hit all at once. You can find out more about Hesham by visiting If you like what you’ve heard and want to be part of our podcast community, participate in special events, or discover the wisdom waking up in your own breakdown, check out our website at

The Break Down. Wake Up. Season 1 podcast is sponsored by JAEC Foundation: Rethinking Mental Health.