Top ‘ADHD Experts’ All Take Drug Company Money


From ADHD is BS: “All of the world’s ten most influential ‘ADHD experts’ take funds from multiple ADHD drug manufacturers. Topping the list is American psychologist Prof Stephen V. Faraone who has commercial ties to 21 ADHD drug companies. Faraone has authored or co-authored 325 articles in the last decade at an astonishing rate of one every eleven days.

We can’t know how much Faraone and his fellow ADHD Industry luminaries get paid but thanks to recent improvements in academic journal conflict of interest disclosure requirements, we do know some of their financial ties. We also know that ADHD is very Big Business with global sales in 2021 expected to total US$22.5 billion.

Some (not all) of the most relevant connections for the world’s ten most prominent ‘ADHD experts’ are listed below. A more comprehensive list (including more ‘experts’) is available at ADHD ‘Experts’ Conflicts of Interest.”

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