What if We All Became Preachers? by Laurenne Kredentser

What if we all became preachers?
Us madfolk
Who’ve been locked up, lobotomized, and drugged into a living death
Who’ve been tied to trees and left to sit in our own shit
Who’ve been handcuffed and imprisoned,
Restrained and held down until we complied.
Until we complied with their vision of the world, their reality, their narrow ideas of what is right and wrong, good and evil.
The sane ones.

What if we all communed together as one?
And mad as hatters
Took to the streets-
The wise ones and the prophets
The seers and the shamans
The orderly and the chaotic
The sensitive and the warriors and the rebels-
And pooled our insights until we envisioned the world anew?
A mad world, a world of god and abundance, chaos and freedom
A world where the darkness is in plain sight,
And the light not hidden
A world that is as wild and awesome and terrifying as the day it was born
A world worth living in.

What if all of us took to the streets
As preachers?
What if we shared our sacred wisdom with the world
Bothered them on their way to work
Swarmed them in numbers so that they couldn’t look away, couldn’t drown us out?

What if we wore our pain on our sleeves along with our love?
What if we shoved it into the faces of cops who tried to drag us away to their prisons?
What if we all cried out a deafening wail, a call to mourning for all the generations lost to their abyss.

What if we forced them to look?
To look into our eyes
The eyes of the great forgotten hordes
The eyes of the only people who can truly see
The mad ones.

Let this be the generation of madfolk that band together!
Let this be the generation of madfolk that shout their truth in the streets in numbers as great as the greatest armies!
Let this be the generation of madfolk that spark the great upheaval!
Let us bring them their messiah they’ve been waiting for!
Let us bring a new beginning!


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