Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 010 – SOLO EPISODE! Sharing Insights from the First 9 Interviews


I recap the major themes that arise in  the guest interviews and share my perspective on how these themes can help us solve personal, professional, and broader collective challenges.

It’s been 6 weeks since the podcast launched and we’ve covered a lot of ground and had overwhelming enthusiasm for the project. In the first nine episodes I interviewed business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches from sectors like science and technology, learning & development, impact investing, healthcare, consulting and innovation, and journalism who shared a range of break down wake up stories, from addiction to mental health challenges, challenging upbringings, grief and loss, physical pain, and non ordinary states of consciousness. In this reflection, I touch on some of the broader perspectives that arise from these stories like the power of compassion in approaching personal and systemic transformation, how we can pay attention to the more subtle signals of when things are breaking down, and what the happy hour culture in the organizational world says about our deeper needs for creativity, play and exploration in the workplace. If you like what you’ve heard and want to be part of our podcast community, participate in special events, or discover the wisdom waking up in your own breakdown, it’s all at our website: Last and certainly not least, I want to hear from you! If this podcast resonates with you, please get in touch ([email protected]).

The Break Down. Wake Up. Season 1 podcast is sponsored by JAEC Foundation: Rethinking Mental Health.