Residences for the Execution of Security Measures

From Mad in Italy: Law No. 81 of 2014 ordered the closure of the OPG (Judicial Psychiatric Hospitals) and provided for the entry into operation of the REMS (Residences for the Execution of Security Measures) throughout the national territory. The measure of reliance on social and health services, rather than judicial ones, constitutes a step forward in the reduction of totalizing reclusive measures, but, keeping the concept of social dangerousness unchanged, it does not change the essence of the question .

How do you end up in a REMS? In Italy, in the event of a crime, if there is a suspicion of mental illness, the judge orders a psychiatric report; if this ends with a judgment of inability to understand and will of the accused, he is acquitted without judgment and if recognized as socially dangerous, he is sent to a path in a REMS or in a psychiatric residential facility for defined periods of time or less, in relation to the social dangerousness.

Click here to read the article in Italian, or here for the English translation.


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