Trauma Symptoms or Multiple Diagnoses?

From Mad in SwedenI see it quite often. And I have been there myself where doctors in psychiatry give patients several diagnoses even though these are actually symptoms of C-PTSD (complex PTSD) ie. trauma responses. However, because trauma-conscious care is not provided, patients with these natural trauma responses are given diagnosis after diagnosis. It is not uncommon for people to be diagnosed with PTSD and according to psychiatry also have co-diagnoses such as eating disorder, self-harming behavior, GAD (general anxiety disorder), panic disorder, substance abuse and more. 

Read the English translation here, or in the original Swedish here.


  1. It’s quite scary, this.
    When psychiatry starts doing this it’s mostly denial. The emperor has no robe on syndrome, or such strange concepts as statistical based norms, consensual reality deportment, peer pressure, social bondage.

    Our “society” glamorizes the ability to coerce people into behaving a certain way, and the right to traumatize anyone who isn’t coerced becomes a commodity. Thus when people start showing signs that it’s not working you get all of the diagnosing.

    My parents are both psychologists, and God bless my mother who blossomed into spirit July 9th 2021, 94 years old; but when they were so bent on forming us, that not only would we be filled with anxiety would we start having our own thoughts about what they were trying to instill us with, that lead later in life with me into not knowing I could think things through, and disassociating into all of the behaviors that the article talks about. And beyond that my parents weren’t much interested in helping with very simple tasks everyone should learn, like brushing your teeth well. this is like not psychology but mind control. With me it was just too much [WAY too much] coffee, and before that smoking, which also didn’t help me think things through. After awhile it did put me in these states for about a month or two that I could be called “psychotic,” although that’s nothing to do with it but labeling it something to deny the trauma causing it. And it DOES become so dangerous realizing how abandoned you really were, in what kind of a hole you’re left in regarding society, that actually consciously gaining perspective on what you didn’t understand yourself regarding your behavior, the emotions are so strong, that yes many people commit suicide. As happens when someone with multiple personalities starts remembering what they suppressed.

    It’s not easy to break down all of the reflexes you’ve built up to push your real feelings away. And for years I wasn’t hardly aware of it at all. And being that society is also based on making people addicted to commodities in order to push their feelings away, it’s not like basic behavior that’s considered “social” is much of a help. And then you have psychiatry diagnosing you depending on whether you’re going along with the machinery that pushes not only you, but what it is to be human to the side. And then they have these phrases about a better life, being able to grieve in a normal way, make you more phobic about any response that’s breaking away from the mold that you might find uncomfortable, thus. I actually never believed their stories about medications, although I couldn’t just ignore that I was having symptoms of what they labeled as a psychiatric disorder. That was one of the most difficult things, being able to see that, wanting it to actually change, but knowing that they actually could force me into “treatment” that would prevent me from healing, and I’m also a creative artist and knew that it would compromise if not destroy my creative energies. But somehow in the end I was able to gain perspective.

    There’s different parts of the mind. There’s the part that takes on the indoctrination you were forced into accepting, also at a subconscious level with reflexes you don’t really know you’ve acquired. And then there’s the part of you trying to gain perspective, and will step back and allow these sometimes quite disruptive reflexes taken on because of indoctrination to emerge, so you can see they are there. And that could just be behaviors you’ve seen echoed in your parents way of responding. Then there’s other spiritual things that can emerge, because you’ve stepped back from controlling your behavior, more stuff society doesn’t want to believe exist.

    It’s not easy, then I find myself in that mind set again, that rhythm of pushing thoughts away without knowing it.

    You do reach a point where you have to see that in encountering really indoctrinated behaviors you don’t understand at first, but when you see the trauma from your youth there’s perspective, that you can only see that must have happened to those who traumatized you.

    And you have to be real human. And discard the image of what it would take for people to think you are a “saint.”

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