World Tapering Day: November 5, 2022


From World Tapering Day: “This is an invitation to researchers, scientists, patients’ advocates, healthcare professionals and experience experts from all over the world to join the World Tapering Day 2022 project.

World Tapering Day is a worldwide event to increase awareness of the fact that antidepressants, benzodiazepines, sleeping medication, antipsychotics, antiepileptic drugs, mood stabilizers and opioids need to be tapered much more slowly than most doctors and patients realise. Lowering the dosage of psychotropic medication too quickly can result in severe damage. Doctors need to acknowledge this and become more careful in advising patients how fast to taper.

World Tapering Day is an awareness event for doctors and patients, with the focus on better tapering guidelines and access to proper tapering medication. We want to make sure that patients have access to the best possible tapering methods, so that tapering can be accurate, safe and slow. WTD is a day to underline the importance of slower tapers and access to proper tapering medication. 

WTD will return every year, on the first Saturday of November.

World Tapering Day may be used as a platform for tapering projects all over the world.

WTD is an online event, but very likely, we will have some live events too.

World Tapering Day is an initiative of patients’ advocates and researchers from the Netherlands.”

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