When Treatment Makes You Sick: The Eating Disorder Clinic

From Mad in the UK: I entered ‘treatment’ willingly, because I was desperate to feel better. I had spent most of my teens either not eating or overeating, and I had had enough. When I found myself referred to a psychologist at 17 because I had trouble writing essays, I felt condemned to confess. I’d been hiding the truth, like a criminal against my own health. I didn’t want to be an ill person, a disordered person, a patient. Who in their right mind does? Yet I kept reading online that resisting help proves an ‘eating disorder’. Well, I wasn’t going to deceive myself like those other girls, who couldn’t own up to their crime. I was smart enough to see that turning myself in was the sensible thing to do.  

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  1. This clinic seems to be a sorry place, placing no value on a varied diet to avoid “cerebral” allergies, which can induce psychotic behavior in the susceptible. Nor is it nutritionally beneficial to be on such a diet if you don’t know how to compensate for its drawbacks and lackings.

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