A Neuroscientist Views Deaths of Despair and Depression


Why are U.S. deaths of despair the highest in the developed world? What are our species’ needs for a healthy lifecycle, and what happens when those needs are frustrated? Dr. Peter Sterling of the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Neuroscience gave a psychiatry grand rounds lecture at Berkeley’s Alta Bates Summit Medical Center last month in which he addressed these questions as well as some of the misleading neuroscientific and genetic research which has led us away from the social causes and solutions to our distress.



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  1. Why does it take so long for “educated” people to figure things out? Why can’t they just admit the garbage they’ve been selling doesn’t do anything but numb the brain???

    It sounds like the jerks are starting to pay attention to what’s happening on the sidelines and are trying to get ahead of the narrative that’s being created by people who actually know what they’re talking about. But as stupid as the “experts” are showing themselves to be (once again), they at least sense they’re starting to look stupid, which, btw, they actually are.

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  2. Why has it taken so long for “the experts” to figure out what lots of ordinary people have already known for a long time? Maybe they’re finally realizing they can no longer ignore the handwriting on the wall.

    Looks to me like they’re trying to claim the narrative before getting caught with their pants down.

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