How Psychiatric Drugs Create Cycle of Effects

From Mad in the UK: A psychiatrist ushers a 22-year-old out-patient into a room for an assessment. According to his medical notes, the young man has been stabilised on the ‘antipsychotic’ olanzapine several weeks after a first episode of ‘psychosis’. After asking the patient some provocative questions, the doctor tells him that his face is like a mask and he seems unresponsive and flat. The psychiatrist goes on to confirm a prior provisional diagnosis of ‘schizophrenia’, and relates this to the young man. The doctor also decides that prescribing an ‘antidepressant’ on top of the olanzapine might help address his observed flatness.

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  1. There’s a famous case in were they mapped the human brain using someone who survived a railroad spike.
    They should do the same thing with zyprexa mapping the hypothalamic damage starting up front by schizophrenia going all the way down towards Parkinsons.

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