Doing my best impression of a father at 2 a.m.

In Sascha Altman DuBrul’s latest blog post, he describes helping his sick little boy in the middle of the night while dwelling on parallels with Internal Family Systems. 

He writes: 

“I’m in the baby room holding him in my arms and his sister is asleep in the crib next to us . . .  He weighs 30 pounds and he’s heavy on my chest, his mop of blond hair fallen against my neck. He is my lithium, my heavy weight keeping me grounded, tethered to this world. I have to listen to him, it’s not about my own ego gratification anymore. And that’s the IFS connection: by taking care of my younger parts I naturally slip into a leadership role. By paying attention to the young, scared, vulnerable parts of me (or my kids) I step into Self leadership. Everyone has freaked-out ‘little kids’ that threaten to take over and flood the system with pain and anxiety and depression.”

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