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From The Corbett Report: “What is mental health and how can we achieve it? Is it only to be found in a trip to the psychiatrist’s office and a prescription for a Big Pharma medication, or do alternative mental care structures exist for those who need it? And what does all of this have to do with Baruch Spinoza, anyway? Joining us to answer these questions on this week’s in-depth edition of #SolutionsWatch is Dr. Bruce Levine, author of A Profession Without Reason.”

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  1. Thank you MIA for posting this! I have been talking about it nonstop in another article.
    The next thing I want to do is approach Dr. Levine to see if he would interview James Corbett and have that printed here.

    This cross pollination is critical to keeping the public informed about totalitarian policies affecting all of our lives. It is a labyrinthine task to even understand it, much less explain it.

    I can probably come up with some questions to make it relevant to this publication.
    Maybe I can come up with some questions from the AP point of view, although I am not the most qualified on this site to do so.

    (the purpose of reversing the interview is to introduce the MIA readers to Jame’s work. For instance, James has made an extraordinary documentary/podcast called “The Future of Vaccines,” and it absolutely does fit in with the mission of this publication. Since the vaccines made more money than all products combined EVER, Big Pharma did not want the narrative about psychiatric drugs to unravel, since it could direct questions toward the efficacy of their best money maker.

    And Psychiatry has always been a convenient way for the Deep State to destroy the lives of dissenters.


    ~Thanks again for posting this!

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