The Mothers Supporting Each Other Through Child Separation

From the BBC’s Vikki Irwin and Charlie Jones comes this story about a support group in Suffolk, England, that helps women cope with forced separation from their children: 

“Some 21 years ago Penelope’s heart broke into pieces and it has never fully healed, she says. Her four-year-old daughter was taken away after a court ruling, leaving her bereft.

“‘She was my entire world, I absolutely adored her,’ she says.

Penelope, now 58, met her daughter’s father while she was living in France, and had moved back to Norfolk alone to bring up their child.

But she was struggling with her mental health and her mother was dying from cancer, leaving her with little support.

‘I asked for help. I wanted to go to a mother and baby home, but I wasn’t given the funding,’ she says.

Penelope came to the attention of social services and her case ended up in court, where a judge decided her daughter should be put up for adoption.

‘I was told she could come to emotional harm,’ she says. ‘I knew I was a good mother and I didn’t deserve this.'”

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