Trauma (and PTSD) is not intellectual – It’s all about feeling

From Mad in the Netherlands: Integral and holistic recovery from PTSD and trauma goes (much) beyond just solving the triggers of the stress responses (effects) of Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms. Everyone comes into practice with his or her own situation, personality and life at the time of the start of a recovery process. There is no standard structure of PTSD. A recovery trajectory is a recovery process and it is not aimed at changing your personality. It is precisely about getting more in touch with your Essence (the pure consciousness) – with who you really are and have always been.

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  1. Real Spirit are not allowed to intervene or intercept in our mortal choices, like the choice to buy platform shoes or the choice to drink to excess or the choice to marry a banker.
    We may think that there is spiritual help of that sort. But in shopping for shoes and then confectionaries and then skateboards and then books and then political parties and then religions and so on, those spirits would get exhausted trying to keep up with our millions of daily possibly fantastic possibly deadly choices. And if their intervening messages are dropped as fleeting hints, or vague sensations of forboding, or nuanced whispers that leave us anxiously baffled at the checkout line, then such intervention cannot be helpful at all. Being mystified in many shops or political parties or religious venues is just confusing. How can confusion help to dictate choices? It just confounds our own ability to discern our own feelings about our own choices. This confusion we accept because we desperately want to think spirit interceptions are constructive, protective, forewarning, wise advice. Everything that has an air of what I call “baby caring”. A “looking after you” sense of being held by guiding benevolent spirit, or counsellor, or wise one, or expert, or experienced advisor.
    We may think that this “baby caring” is sheilding us from our own “ill decisions”. Timely advice has the allure of making us doubt our choices lest these be harmful to us or have gigantic planet destroying repercussions on everyone else. We dare not make our own “stupid” choices. But how will we know if our stupid choices would definitely have turned out that way if we never get to make them? If we are constantly impressed by all manner of experts’ choices “for us”, then we are prioritizing “their” own version of “puppet on a string baby caring” than our own “baby caring” of our own choices.
    Why do we let this occur? We want to be led and governed and advised to give us a sense of going in the “right direction”, in our shoe choice, in our book choice, in our treatment choice, in our healing choice, in our political choice, in our partner choice. Every choice is suffused with horrible danger that the choice could usher our demise, even the shoes might get us cruelly ostracized. So we want to make “the right choice” and go “in the right direction”. But in a world of millions, billions, trillions of potential choices there are no “right choices”. There are only “feels good to me at the time” choices. Time and context has a bearing on choices. So do our own feelings that are needed to inform us of what choice we now prefer to make.
    We need to foster “a relationship” with our selves in order to appreciate our feelings that feed our choices.
    But an external spirit or deity or expert or leader may convey they “know more” about how we feel that we do. We derive comfort from this parental overseer and we build “a relationship” with that external advisor. That “all knowing” and “omnipresent” spy, who we may have absorbed into our very own consciousness, as a continuous mind monitor, a nitpicking chastizer of our stupid choices, or uneducated choices, or unpolitical choices, or mad little choices, or fun choices.
    But the bonded “relationship” to that external expert on our feelings reduces our fear. Our fear of risking repercussions from making our own choices. So the “bonded relationship” becomes a medicine to our fear.
    But over time, the need to prioritize this “bonded relationship” becomes an interfering controller and a competetor to our “relationship” with our alone self. The “bsby caring” offered by the spirit or deity or expert or analytical leader does not allow us to become “baby caring” by ourselves towards ourselves, as if nobody is watching or monitoring or criticising. When we cannot be “baby caring” towards our selves we cannot attend to our feelings and needs that might quite like platform shoes or to marry a banker or join a political party or religion of our own curious choice. When we become like this fearful enquirer of other peoples expertize in choices we become so by being anxious to make “the right choice”. The riskless choice. The bullet proof choice. The everlastingly healing choice. This becomes a dependency on external advise, an addiction to the preposterous notion of immortality, done by going in the “right direction”. So we cling to that advice and seek to have a comforting “relationship” to such “directors”. This may even turn us into apprentice directors of other peoples choices. Suddenly we have access to profound learning from “the expert”. We busily impart it to everyone. So that they stop their “baby caring” choices for themselves and instead “depend” on us.

    I say this…any “baby caring” spirit or deity or leader or expert or shaman or angel or teacher or doctor or armchair intellectual or divine one, who invariably becomes a ghost haunting our head, haunting our every “baby caring” choice we make for ourselves, is not much help if they do not understand this much….

    A truly “baby caring” spirit etc will “already know” about all of these tendencies and pitfalls and so will lament it if you jettison your own “relationship” to your own lovely self and your own lovely choices. And so if needed at all, they will only offer a “relationship” that takes second place to everything you want. Even if what you want today or forever is for them to please go away and leave you alone with you own free choices.

    A person who purports to be “baby caring” who will not leave you alone to make your own choices but must constantly pick apart those choices, is not worth listening to.

    A caveat is when a human does need to depend on others for genuine care. Doctors, parents, and yes even good psychiatrists may need to care for those who are beyond making healthy choices for themselves. A person in desperate psychosis who thinks flying will save them as they go leaping from a bridge onto a busy shopping mall does need “care”. Similarly a toddler going to dive off a cliff does need “care”. And the acceptance of advice, or spiritual guidance, or political guidance, or religious instruction, or parental wisdom, or medical help, is not “a bad choice” if you freely choose it.

    Who you are deep down, is not who anyone else is.

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