Reducing Neuroleptic Medication Paid Participatory Research Workshop in London


Survivor Researcher Network C.I.C. is working with a German university medical school, Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg (MHB), to organize a workshop contributing to the PARTANE project, or Participatory Design of a Systematic Review on Tapering Neuroleptics in People with Schizophrenia-related disorders.

The goal of the study is to prepare a participatory review of existing evidence on the following questions:

  • how to reduce or discontinue neuroleptics in a safe way;
  • what treatment and living conditions enable successful discontinuation or reduction;
  • for which people is a discontinuation or reduction process successful; and
  • which conditions are necessary for this success.

They are looking for 10-14 people with experience of taking neuroleptics and attempting reduction or withdrawal to take part in a one-day workshop on Wednesday 20 September in Central London.

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