Antidepressants: Number of (UK) Prescriptions for Teenagers Has Now Reached a Million

The National World news outlet, which publishes The Scotsman and other papers, has this piece by Hiyah Zaidi on the increasing numbers of UK youths on antidepressants‚ÄĒand the rise in prescriptions by general practitioners:¬†¬†

“The number of teenagers who have prescriptions for antidepressants has reached one million in a year for the first time, new data has revealed.

The figures revealed one in 300 children aged 13 had been prescribed an antidepressant, but by the age of 19, one in 10 were taking them.

In 2022, 173,000 children aged 13 to 19 are using antidepressants, which rose by 6,000.

GP prescriptions for antidepressants to teenagers over the course of a year reached 1,005,972 – the highest on record.‚ÄĚ

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  1. The fact that 10% of kids need anti depressants is very, very sad. I am sure that # is even higher for adults. Has to be a sign something is wrong with society . Being a kid should be a happy time in life. IMO, it is a result of today’s fast paced society constantly being bombarded with demands, poor work/life balance, the overuse of social media with people spewing their opinions, never ending bad news being reported by media. People need to slow down and figure out what is really important to them based on their own true core values, not what social demands. Don’t be a follower, live the life you want, not want society and the corporate world is brainwashing you to think is important.

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