Latinx LGBTQ Young People at Greater Risk of Suicide

On Parents, Irina Gonzalez his this story on the Trevor Project’s new report analyzing the mental health issues affecting LGBTQ youth who are also Latinx: 

A new report released by The Trevor Project reveals how difficult it can be for young Latinx people who are part of the queer community. 

“A lot of these numbers are higher for Latinx LGBTQ young people than when we did the analysis compared to non-Latinx LGBTQ young people,” Ronita Nath, PhD, the Vice President of Research at The Trevor Project, tells Parents. “We showed that Latinx LGBTQ youth had a 22% higher likelihood of a past suicide attempt when compared to non-Latinx LGBTQ people. That’s concerning.” 

For parents and caregivers, the most concerning statistics in this report show that almost half (44%) of Latinx LGBTQ young people have seriously considered suicide in the past year. Even worse, 16% of queer Latinx adolescents and teens have actually attempted suicide in the past year.1

As is often the case with BIPOC groups, the mental health of LGBTQ Latinx youth appears worse compared to their non-Latinx peers. In the most recent report, The Trevor Project found that 70% of Latinx LGBTQ young people reported anxiety symptoms (compared to 67% in the 2023 overall report released earlier this year). Additionally, 59% of Latinx adolescents reported depression symptoms (compared to 54% of the overall LGBTQ youth population).”

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