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Essays by a diverse group of writers, in the United States and abroad, engaged in rethinking psychiatry. (The directory of personal stories can be found here, and initiatives here).

Blog author, David Oaks, in wheelchair with Patch Adams, with blue hair and glasses. Both are picking their noses at the Oregon Country Fair, with trees in the background. Oaks says, "Searching for meaning."

July is Both Disability Pride Month and Mad Pride Month: Happy Bastille Day!

The National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) supports both Disability Pride Month and Mad Pride Month: Both are July!”

MIA Webinars: Past, Present and Future

We are pleased to announce that Charmaine Harris, who is a part of the POD team, will join the peer-supported Open Dialogue panel on Wednesday as a co-host.

The UK’s IAPT Service Is an Abject Failure

Despite the hype, the IAPT is hardly “world-beating.” In fact, it is a doubtful model for other countries to follow. Over half of IAPT clients don’t even attend two sessions.
mass shootings

Expanded Mental Health Services Won’t Stop Mass Shootings

“Easier access” to mental health treatment is likely to translate to getting more kids in front of more prescribers to produce more lifetime customers.

Peer Values Versus Violence: A View from Lived Experience

Some of us have survived violent, coercive forms of socially condoned mental health treatments. But many of us grow past the pain, into healing and compassion.

Cargo Cult Psychiatry

Cargo Cult Psychiatry uses the courts to force people, who are otherwise assumed to have the right to refuse treatment, to submit to their pseudoscientific approach to "mental health."

The Power of Activism

Getting support from other psychiatrized people, outside of the system, has the potential to be mutual. You are not being “treated” or talked down to. The contact is genuine and natural.

Open Season on Mental Patients

No one is safe from psychiatry’s project of medicalizing every variation of human emotion and behaviour, especially people viewed with suspicion and contempt by the powerful.

Behaviorists Must Confront Psychiatry’s Pseudoscience

Despite the well-documented greater effectiveness of behavior therapy, psychiatry's choice of treatment for mental disorder heavily favors drugs.

Psychiatry’s Medical Model: How It Traumatizes, Retraumatizes & Perverts Healing

The beginning of healing from trauma requires stripping power away from disconnecting violators like psychiatry's medical model.
A vector illustration: A female-presenting figure in the middle holds her ears; a figure to her left shouting into a megaphone; a figure to her right throwing speech bubbles at her

The New York Times Comments Section: A Literary Rorschach Test for the Masses

Bergner’s piece in The New York Times challenged the illusions of psychiatry. That made some people angry, outraged, or scared. The result is their comments section.

A Hopelessly Flawed Seminar in “The Lancet” About Suicide

The Lancet seminar is one of the most misleading articles about suicide I have ever seen. Depression pills double the risk of suicide in children and adolescents.

Icarus, Let Me In: Songs For a Better Story

Mark Lipman made the album he wished his 23-year-old self would have heard. He needed a way to tell an integrated story instead of one of stigma and diagnosis, and here it was in music.
Illustration of pills, a brain, and a person with scribbles indicating displeasure

A Different Psychiatry Is Needed for Discontinuing Antidepressants

The problems related to the use of antidepressants cannot be solved by an oversimplified psychiatry brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry.
Illustration of a brain made of paper disintigrating

The Shady World of Shock Treatment

The risk of undergoing shock treatment remains. As the FDA warns, “The long-term safety and effectiveness of ECT treatment has not been demonstrated.”
Illustration depicting one yellow paper ship breaking away from a fleet of monochromatic ones

The Alternative to Psychiatry Has Been Discovered—We’re Just Not Using It

The psychiatric solution and the psychological solution to psychopathology are fundamentally incompatible with each other.
An older woman holds an hourglass

Peer Support Research: Is It Time Yet?

Researchers could be doing a better job of defining peer support. We could also have a better understanding of what the “positive effects'' of peer support really are.
Concept illustration: Blindfolded young woman walking through lightbulbs

The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Upcoming NICE Depression Guidelines

The new NICE depression guideline is a reflection of the field: you don’t really know what you’re doing, and you lack confidence that it’s doing any good.

Review of the Conference on Withdrawal and Side Effects: IIPDW

The online conference Withdrawal From Psychiatric Drugs was held on Friday May 6th and 7th. Here we summarize each of the speakers' points.
Photo of a female pilot with her hands on her head, stressed/worried

Psychiatry in Aeromedicine: Who Is Denied the Privilege of Piloting an Aircraft?

Urging aviation students at the summit to seek help if they need it is a noble cause, but it sounds hollow when the FAA regulations are built on stigma.

From Horse Ranch to Home Ground: Healing Families via Telehealth

Since COVID, NISAPI has transitioned our collaborative therapy setting from barns and fields to kitchens and living rooms. Our clients report similar positive outcomes with telehealth as in person.
Illustration of trees shaped like human heads

Unity in Diversity: Rethinking Mental Health and Our Connection to Nature

Meditation, walks in nature, and artistic and musical activities: These all have something in common—they have the power to dissolve the boundaries between us.

What Is the Role of the Prosumer in the Mental Health System?

I believe "prosumer" is the best term to describe consumers of mental health services who are also traditional professionals in mental health care.
A child looks shocked to receive an overflowing handful of pills

ADHD: The Money Trail

Doctors, drug companies, and the news media have profited from skyrocketing rates of diagnosis and drugging for ADHD, and the law has created a perverse set of incentives for parents and children which favor the ADHD label.
A photo of a dirt path through the forest in bright sunlight

Inner Fire Is the Only Place I Would Go for Emotional Distress

At Inner Fire, people share meals, take walks, clean, and garden, learning how to live again after being disconnected from others, nature, and our authentic selves.

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