Depression: Let’s Talk About how we Address Mental Health

From the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: United Nations Special Rapporteur Dainius PÅ«rasĀ calls for our global community to rethink...

High Rates of Questionable Research Practices Found in Ecology and Evolution

A new study, published online by the Open Science Foundation, suggests that questionable research practices (QRPs) are prevalent in the fields of ecology and evolution.

Lack of Sleep May be a Cause of Mental Health Conditions

FromĀ Live Science: A new study published inĀ The Lancet Psychiatry found that participants who completed an online cognitive behavioral therapy program specifically for insomnia experienced...

New Data on the Adverse Effects of Meditation and Mindfulness

Study reports on the less-examined findings of difficult and painful meditation-related experiences.

A Different Mental Health Approach Could Have Saved My Mother

In this piece forĀ The Independent, Nick Webb tells the story of his mother's suicide and explains how a more trauma-informed, community-oriented approach to mental...

Difficult Decisions About Antidepressants

In this piece forĀ Research with Plymouth University, Richard Byng discusses the difficulty that both doctors and patients experience in discerning theĀ effectiveness of antidepressants in...

Mental Health Awareness Month: Seven Things to be Aware of

In this piece forĀ Truthout, Noel Hunter lists seven facts it is important to be cognizant of during Mental Health Awareness Month, from the influence...