Psychologists Suggest Mental Health is Based on Environment


In a new review for Molecular Psychiatry, psychologists Elaine Fox and Chris Beevers examine the connection between mental health genetics and cognitive biases. “’If you take a gene that is linked to mental illness, and compare people who have the same genetic variant, it becomes clear that what happens to their mental health is based on their environment,” they write. “We suggest that while no gene ’causes’ mental ill health, some genes can make people more sensitive to the effects of their environment – for better and for worse.”

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  1. THANK GOD! Just saw this on yahoo!….their usual PROPAGANDA, from “HelloGiggles”, “Refinery29”, and HuffPo, is blatantly anti-human rights, and pro-drug! Yahoo! usually touts the party line of the PSEUDOSCIENCE DRUG RACKET known as “biopsychiatry”…. Abuse and trauma can never result in good “mental health”, yet the psychs and the system routinely traumatize, abuse, and over-drug folks….
    THANK-YOU!, MiA, for some TRUTH!….

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