Navigating the Mental Health Wilderness: Steven Morgan’s Journey

Steven Morgan discusses his transformative journey from chronic "patient" to leading mental health advocate. Steven has been working in peer support and helping to create alternatives to traditional mental health services for the past decade...

Open your Eyes to SSRIs

From youtube: Published on Sep 17, 2013 SSRIs: More Harm Than Good Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor ( SSRI ) Researchers found that antidepressants hinder serotonin regulation and can cause...

Tom Arnkil on “Unconditional Respect for the ‘Otherness’ of Other People”

Tom Arnkil on the book he co-authored with Jaakko Seikkula, and the necessity for the "Unconditional Respect for the 'Otherness' of Other People."

Take These Broken Wings

"Take These Broken Wings," a 75-minute documentary on recovery from schizophrenia without medication. Featuring Joanne Greenberg (bestselling author of "I Never Promised You a...

Choose Wisely

  Choosing Wisely - a parody of the Pharrell Williams song "Happy" - choose wisely when it comes to making health care decisions and if...