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“ADHD: A Return to Psychology” Video Series

Most people believe that children diagnosed with ADHD misbehave because they possess an inferior inhibitory system that renders them less able to suppress unacceptable actions. However, this belief has numerous shortcomings. This series of videos challenges these assumptions and offers alternative explanations for why a child may exhibit ADHD behaviors.

Exploring Psychiatry’s “Black Hole”: The International Institute on Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

When Carina Håkansson sent out an invitation for a symposium on "Pharmaceuticals: Risks and Alternatives," some of the world's top scientists, along with experts-by-experience, came from 13 countries to explore better ways to respond to people in crisis.

Healing Voices to Premier at the Boston Independent Film Festival in April

Full scene released exclusively on Mad in America from the upcoming feature-length documentary HEALING VOICES. It will premiere Saturday, April 16 at the Boston...

My 6-year Anniversary Off Psych Drugs: How I Made It Through the Darkest Times

Last week was my anniversary off a huge psych drug cocktail I’d been on for 20 years. In this video I speak to the inner resources that kept me going. The fact is there is nothing in society to help those who love us to understand what we are going through.

CNN: Are Medications An Effective PTSD Treatment?

"CNN's Carol Costello explores Operation Tohidu, an experimental rehabilitation program to help veterans with PTSD." Operation Tohidu founder, Dr. Mary Vieten claims PTSD is not a mental illness and "there is no reason to medicate someone who has been traumatized by their war experience." When asked what percentage of soldiers returning with PTSD do not need drugs she responds, "100%."

Dr Peter Gøtzsche on How Psychiatry has Gone Astray

Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD is a Danish medical researcher, and leader of the Nordic Cochrane Center at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has written...

Antidepressants Kill Over 500,000 People Annually

A new study shows psychiatric drugs kill over half a million Americans and Europeans every year who are over 65. Professor Peter Gøtzsche claims...

Psychiatry Must Stop Ignoring Trauma, with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk explores his field's long, complex, and stubborn history with trauma. Dr. van der Kolk explains how psychiatry as a...

Developing a Compassionate Voice as a Step Toward Living With Voices

I've previously written about the possible role of compassion focused therapy in helping people relate better to problematic voices, in my posts Could compassionate self talk replace hostile voices?Feed Your Demons!, and A Paradox: Is Our System for Responding to Threats Itself a Threat? I'm happy to see more interest being taken in this kind of approach, and a video has just become available which, in 5 minutes, very coherently explains how a compassion focused approach can completely transform a person's relationship with their voices and so transform the person's life!

Is Big Pharma the Only Answer to Schizophrenia? – Interview with Dick Russell

Tyrel Ventura speaks with Dick Russell, author of My Mysterious Son about his struggles in raising a son with schizophrenia and the surprising success...

Sick‘s Wild Ride – From Treatment to TEDMED

Earlier this year, I was invited to speak at TEDMED 2014 and John Kazanjian and I worked hard to come up with a 13-ish minute version of my play Sick. The video of the talk/performance got released today on and YouTube. It’s been a wild ride sharing the big play with small audiences around the country these last couple of years, and I am excited and humbled by the potential audience this abbreviated version can have online. I hope you have a chance to watch it.

Emotional Abuse Is Far Worse Than You Think

Though attention tends to be drawn to physical forms of violence, it may actually be the more invisible forms of violence - abuse and...

Psychiatric Drugs: More Dangerous Than You Ever Imagined (A New Video)

Psychiatric Drugs are More Dangerous than You Ever Imagined” is the newest video in my series Simple Truths about PsychiatryIt provides a simple, direct and inescapable warning about this epidemic of harm induced by psychiatric drugs. The video sounds a necessary alarm about this growing tragedy, involving millions of people and their families, who never foresaw the disabling results of taking psychiatric drugs and giving them to their children.

Bohemian Polypharmacy

Bohemian Polypharmacy - a parody of Queen's classic song Bohemian Rhapsody - a song all about polypharmacy - taking more medicines than are clinically...

Choose Wisely

  Choosing Wisely - a parody of the Pharrell Williams song "Happy" - choose wisely when it comes to making health care decisions and if...

Animals and Mental Illness

The search for animal analogues for mental illness continues to inadvertently show that much if not most of what is thought of as mental...

Are You Ready for Multiple Lawsuits By Victims of Psychiatric Misconduct?

Professor Leigh Turner of the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics blasts the Board of Regents for ignoring psychiatric research abuse.

PROTEST PSYCHIATRY – My Newest Film, Free!

I just made a new film, called PROTEST PSYCHIATRY, on the psychiatric survivor-lead protest of the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting in New York City. And I’m thrilled by how it turned out. For starters, I filmed it on no budget whatsoever, created the entire film in three days, and have uploaded it straight to Youtube, so it’s freeeeeee!

The Mindful Way Through Depression: Zindel Segal at TEDxUTSC

One of the developers of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy explains the history of its development.

Tom Arnkil on “Unconditional Respect for the ‘Otherness’ of Other People”

Tom Arnkil on the book he co-authored with Jaakko Seikkula, and the necessity for the "Unconditional Respect for the 'Otherness' of Other People."

“Can Psychiatric Drugs Cause Long-Lasting Negative Effects?”

The Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry presents this interview with Dr Joanna Moncrieff, a psychiatrist and senior lecturer at University College, London.

Thomas Szasz: Does Mental Illness Exist?

A conversation with Thomas Szasz, published on March 28, 2014.  He discusses the question of whether mental illness exists and whether it is possible...