On Pharma, Corruption, and Psychiatric Drugs

"My studies in this area lead me to a very uncomfortable conclusion: Our citizens would be far better off if we removed all the psychotropic drugs from the market, as doctors are unable to handle them. It is inescapable that their availability creates more harm than good." - Peter G√łtzsche, MD; Co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration

Pat Bracken on the Crisis in Psychiatry at the Forum for Existential Psychology and...

Psychiatrist Pat Bracken speaks on the current "crisis of legitimacy in psychiatry," and the growth of the international "service user" movement at the Forum...

Animals and Mental Illness

The search for animal analogues for mental illness continues to inadvertently show that much if not most of what is thought of as mental...

“The Drugs Don’t Work: a Modern Medical Scandal”

Ben Goldacre reflects on his having been mislead as a psychiatrist in his forthcoming book Bad Pharma (excerpted here in the U.K. newspaper The Guardian), and...

Psychiatry Must Stop Ignoring Trauma, with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk explores his field's long, complex, and stubborn history with trauma. Dr. van der Kolk explains how psychiatry as a...

How Pharmaceuticals Sell A.D.H.D.

Dr. Aaron Kesselheim of Brigham & Women's Hospital analyzes several ads for A.D.H.D. medications for the New York Times to see how they play...

Sinéad O’Connor: Mental Health, the Media, and Human Rights

Sinéad O'Connor discusses mental health issues with TIME magazine this week, singling out the media's tendency to diagnose "without qualification," and adding that "mental health...

5 Tips on How to Start a Conversation About Mental Health

5 people with experience of mental health problems give us their top tips on how to start a conversation about mental health. Website ‚Üí

The Mindful Way Through Depression: Zindel Segal at TEDxUTSC

One of the developers of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy explains the history of its development.

Films by Jodie Goodnough

36,835 is a 9 hour and 41 minute performance exploring the overabundance of psychiatric medicine in the lives of Americans, particularly young women. Using...

Australia Plans To Screen 3 Year Olds For Mental Illness

A controversial move by the Australian Federal Government plans to screen 3 year olds for early signs of mental illness as part of routine...

Healing Homes

"Healing Homes," a 79-minute documentary on recovery from psychosis without medication. An in-depth exploration of the Family Care Foundation, a Swedish organization which places...

Laura Delano, David Oaks, Ted Chabasinski and Adina Lambert in Philadelpha

Laura Delano at Occupy the American Psychiatric Association, May 5, 2012, in Philadelphia David Oaks at Occupy the American Psychiatric Association, May 5, 2012 Ted Chabasinski...

Are You Ready for Multiple Lawsuits By Victims of Psychiatric Misconduct?

Professor Leigh Turner of the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics blasts the Board of Regents for ignoring psychiatric research abuse.

Take These Broken Wings

"Take These Broken Wings," a 75-minute documentary on recovery from schizophrenia without medication. Featuring Joanne Greenberg (bestselling author of "I Never Promised You a...

Laura Delano at the APA Rally

Youtube ‚Üí

Childhood Adversity and Psychosis: From Heresy to Certainty

Presentation by John Read at the Meanings of Madness Conference. (Presentation begins at 5 minutes in.)

Twelve-year-old Ke’onte Cook Testifies in US Senate Hearing

A child in the foster-care system tells of his experience being diagnosed and then medicated with psychiatric drugs.

New Video: Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs: A Harm Reduction Approach

I want to thank Bob Whitaker for inviting me to join the bloggers at Mad In America. As an introduction to my work I...

Environmental Risk Factors For Schizophrenia

Recent Review of Environmental Risk Factors for Schizophrenia from Fuller Seminary on Vimeo. Recent Review of Environmental Risk Factors for Schizophrenia From the 2012 Symposium...

Peter Breggin’s Views on Psychiatry

In this, the first video of Peter R. Breggin's series "Simple Truths About Psychiatry," Dr. Breggin debunks the myth of biochemical imbalance and examines...