Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Comments by Tricia T. Williams, MD

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  • Bob, Thank you for again distilling and presenting the abysmal findings of antidepressant research! You continue to give me courage to not follow the pack in my field. Your writing and work give me much needed encouragement and backing and to treat depressed patients without using pharmaceuticals. Until we can make real systemic change, I will keep sharing the message and keep finding other ways to help people- one suffering person at a time. Best regards! Tricia

  • Thank you for sharing your story and educating us. I am sorry for your suffering. I also agree with JeffreyC in pointing out that cognitive injury from psychiatric drugs is also frequently severe, persistent and also unrecognized by the medical community, the sales people, and society at large (outside of the MIA audience).

  • I am so encouraged by the broad reach of this article. I am especially thrilled that over the last couple of weeks after PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day on Oct 9, through Madinamerica.com we have been able to educate several thousand more people. Thank you. Parents, teachers, school nurses, therapists, counselors: everyone can make a difference to decrease the suffering of children incorrectly labeled and medicated.

  • Thanks so much for your comments. That is exactly why I have written this article. This is still a little known problem in medicine. I’ve been thrilled that I have been able to reach and increase awareness to so many people through Madinamerica.com! PANDAS and other medical causes must be considered before incorrectly labeling a child.