Friday, May 24, 2019

Comments by Jo Ann Cook

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  • “Yeah, yeah, and that’s how they’ve got to children, isn’t it, with ADHD for instance? You show me a child with a diagnosis of ADHD and I’ll show you a family that needs some help of some kind. One of the problems with identifying the family as a cause or solution is that it’s seen as family blaming, and we’ve been told we mustn’t blame families. Well, that’s very well, that’s all good, but sometimes families do need some help.”

    I hope the help you will be giving families is to be upfront and tell them that the diagnosis is BS, the medication harmful and an exploitation of children and adolescents by pharmaceutical companies. Teachers are usually the first to diagnose students with ADHD because they have been extensively trained by the industry to view certain behaviors as a brain disease. This is a lie.
    It is the educational system that needs the help.. Parents do not willingly put their children on drugs. In my experience they are fearful and opposed to it but they are harassed by psychologists, social workers, teachers and doctors to medicate their children with mind altering drugs. Have you ever worked in the school system?

  • You are right Bradford. And yes the public does not know what is going on which is why I wrote my book. I am aware of the awful tragic situations you mention. It is not my intention to minimize what is going on. On the contrary I want the public to know that the mental health campaign in their schools is not about health, it is about expanding the market for pharmaceutical products while drugging and disabling children and adolescents.
    The parents and teachers in my schools all went along with the industry line that children were suffering from mental disorders. The “stated” goal of government and psychiatry is to create positive strategies to enable children to be successful at school and have better adult outcomes. The opposite is happening.
    The media has also aided and abetted this criminal activity. The real stories of children’s experiences with psychiatric drugs needs to be told. Some of these tragic stories have been described in my book.