A new list of support groups (more to come)

Few things in life are as healing as getting together and talking.

To that end, below is a short but hopefully growing list of support groups (both family-specific and general, both online and in person). If you know of more groups we should include on the list, please email [email protected], and we’ll add them. The more info we share, the more easily we connect! So let’s build on this small list below.

(And as with Mad in America’s provider directory, we can’t vet or endorse any of the groups or programs below.)


*Family Alliance for Humane Mental Health Care group, which was created for parents of children harmed by psychiatric treatment. For information, email [email protected].

*Bay Area Hearing Voices Network
Offers three weekly online adult groups and two for family and friends.
For information, see bayareahearingvoices.org.

*Healing Companions Support Group for spouses and partners
For information, email MIA blogger Sam Ruck at  [email protected].

*Inner Compass — ICI Connect
Free platform designed to help people “who are asking questions or thinking critically about the mental health system find and connect with each other in person,” including family and friends of those affected. For more information, click here.

*Mad in America parent support groups
Weekly (US/Canada) and monthly (US/Europe).
For information, click here.


*The Fireweed Collective
Info on support groups: Click here.
Email [email protected]

*Freedom From Psych Drugs
In person, Durango, CO.
For more info, see its MIA page.
Email Jennifer at [email protected].

*Hearing Voices Network (USA)
Support groups generally: Click here.
Online groups specifically: Click here.
Email [email protected]

*Hearing Voices Network (UK)
Information on support groups generally, including in-person meetings: Click here.

*Inner Compass — TWC Connect
Free platform connecting people who are going off psych drugs (or thinking of going off, or have gone off in the past).
For more information, click here.

*Intervoice (International Hearing Voices Movement)
Info on many national networks around the world: Click here.
Email [email protected].

*Los Angeles Neurodiversity
For info, click here.
See its MIA page here.

*Visible Hands Collective
Integrative Community Therapy meeting (via Zoom) at 7:30 p.m. Eastern each Tuesday.
For info, click here.
Contact page here.
See Mad in America’s interview with the Collective’s founders here.



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