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Real, Not Sham, Mental Health Coverage

Ruling on a class action lawsuit brought against the nation’s largest health insurer, Judge Spero concluded that it had adopted treatment guidelines focused on saving costs through limiting coverage to the management of acute mental health episodes. How much psychotherapy does a person need to achieve meaningful and lasting change in their emotional outlook?

Busting 7 Myths About the Practice of Psychotherapy

All in all, it is not enough that public policy pundits push for greater access to mental health services. Alongside improving access, there needs to be renewed focus on the quantity and quality of psychotherapy the average American currently receives. Health insurers need to reexamine their false assumptions about the effectiveness of short-term, quick-fix therapies.

Psychotherapists Offering Free Sessions to People With Brexit-related Anxieties

From The Independent: Psychotherapists are offering free counselling to EU citizens residing in the UK whose mental health has been adversely affected by Brexit. The scheme was launched...

The Woeful Underfunding of Psychotherapy by Health Insurers

Psychotherapy reimbursement rates have been in decline for decades, even though insurance premiums have risen sharply. This is mystifying given that the vast majority of people prefer psychotherapy over medications, science shows it rivals the benefits of medications, and it saves insurance carriers money.

Quebec Launching a Publicly Funded Psychotherapy Program

From CBC News: The Quebec government has announced that it will be making a recurring investment of $35 million into the province's first publicly funded...

“The Unfulfilled Promise of the Antidepressant Medications”

A new article in The Medical Journal of Australia laments that, while antidepressant use continues to climb, the research evidence shows that their effectiveness...