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An American History of Addiction, Part 5: Vietnam, Veterans, and Vermin

If addictions are existential, and not biological, at their core, then we can start to understand why addiction is not always chronically and progressively compulsive and obsessive.

Addiction Treatment: How Many Meds Does It Take to Get Sober?

I started to wonder, “How many medications does it take to get sober?” In fact, the biggest correlation I’ve noticed with relapse and overdose is the amount of psychiatric medications being prescribed.

An American History of Addiction: Ardent Spirits

Our fears about drugs and drug addiction have allowed our society to accept court mandated treatment and the continuing militarization of police.

Snakes and Ladders: How Psychiatry Took Away My Choices

The psychiatric system takes away all choices and freedom and calls the resulting state "mental illness." Psychiatry justifies alienation rather than repairing it.

“Culturally Specific Treatment Center Knows That One Approach Doesn’t Work for...

"What was going on inside Turning Point was an experiment: a community-based treatment center designed to serve low-income African-Americans. After a few bumpy early...