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Stop Saying This: Phrases That Sound Helpful, But Are Actually Gaslighting,...

Therapists seem to have a reference book where they go to find phrases that sound really helpful but are actually gaslighting and self-serving.

In Defense of Anger

The therapy industry has aided and abetted the rejection of anger our society is hell-bent on, and made it astoundingly difficult to know what healthy anger looks like. I clawed myself apart trying to “heal” from all this anger, which compounded with every failure to dispel the anger until I was basically a human-shaped sack of rage.

Helping Children With Angry Outbursts

Finnish psychiatrist Ben Furman reviews various non-drug therapies for children with aggressive outbursts of anger, including the Kids' Skills approach that he and social psychologist Tapani Ahola developed. These approaches focus on helping children come up with their own ideas for overcoming their problems with the help of family and friends.

The Importance of Anger: How Anger Management Falls Short

From GoodTherapy.org: A large portion of anger management literature focuses on suggesting ways to tame, control, avoid, reduce, minimize, and even eliminate feelings of anger...

New Data on the Adverse Effects of Meditation and Mindfulness

Study reports on the less-examined findings of difficult and painful meditation-related experiences.

Finding Clarity Through Clutter

For the last three years, I have been working with people, labeled "hoarders," who have become overwhelmed by their possessions in their homes. This has been some of the most interesting, challenging and thought-provoking work I have ever done. It is also an area that, I think, highlights all of the issues that challenge us in helping people who feel overwhelmed, for whatever reason.