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The Worst Thing: How My Motherā€™s Death Pushed Me to Overcome...

The goal of creating a legacy for my mother required that I go beyond managing my symptoms to confronting my OCD at its roots. I had to fundamentally change my understanding of anxiety.

Benzo Drugs, UK Fudge, Cover Up and Consequences

In 1980, the British Medical Journal published a ā€œSystematic Review of the Benzodiazepinesā€ by the Committee on the Review of Medicines. The committee denied the addictive potential of Benzodiazepines and limited their suggestions to short term use. The results have been devastating.

We Are Meant to Heal in a Community

In my last blog, I talked about how I was attempting to cope with a ā€œmini-relapseā€ without using psychiatric drugs. One Sunday morning in the midst of this episode I awoke in a particularly dismal state. I didnā€™t have a structure planned for the day. And without something to look forward to, both my anxiety and depression increased.