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How Healthcare Foundations Destroy Grassroots Advocates

We advocates are often told we're the key to progress in mental healthcare. Yet foundations continue to minimize our role and to damage us and our organizations every day. Here is how they do it, and what they need to do if we are ever to make real progress.

Burnout is Indistinguishable from Depression, Researchers Find

Despite burnout being officially recognized as a syndrome, research suggests it overlaps considerably with current understandings of depression.

A Clinical Social Worker’s Bane

We have all become assembly line workers in the factory of mental health. At the facility, I put in at least 50 hours and live with a constant dread of not having clicked a button, of not having made another phone call, of overlooking the sadness in someone’s eyes. The risk of burnout or empathy fatigue is high, yet the machine hums along.

A Review Identifies Characteristics That Increase Burnout Risk

From The British Psychological Society: "Burnout rates were higher in psychologists who were less experienced, and also in those with less subjective confidence in their...

To Fight Burnout, Organize

From The New England Journal of Medicine: "The social determinants of health — and physicians’ sense of powerlessness in the face of them — seem...

The Way Out Of Burnout

In this piece for 1843, a psychoanalyst explains why for people feeling “burnt out,” simply trying to relax doesn’t always work. "Burnout involves the loss of the...

Painted Boxes: Death of an Activist

I am an activist, and I am tired. I seem to be living what life would look like if ‘painted into a corner,’ met ‘put in a box’ in a car wreck, leaving the two a tangled idiomatic mess. Here are eleven examples of how activists and advocates are asked to cough up boundless energy while simultaneously being demoralized, devalued, diminished, and used.

Physician Wellness Programs are Lipstick on a Pig

From KevinMD: Many U.S. physicians are suffering from burnout and increased suicide risk. Physician wellness programs hold individual physicians responsible for becoming "well" rather than addressing the toxic health...

“A Burden and a Privilege” – Clinical Psychologists Look Back on...

For British Psychological Society, Christian Jarrett looks at the lives of nine senior psychologists and three senior psychiatrists in Norway. The in-depth interviews, published recently...