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The Role of Intergenerational Trauma in the Perpetuation of Childhood Maltreatment

A new study examines the role parent borderline pathology plays in the perpetuation of childhood maltreatment.

Is Spanking Harmful? Study Finds Link With Future Mental Illness

FromĀ The Kansas City Star: A new study from the University of Michigan has found a link between spanking andĀ serious problems in adulthood includingĀ mental health...

ā€œSilentā€ Forms of Child Abuse Strongly Tied to Depression

Psychological abuse and childhood neglect are strongly associated with depression in adulthood, according to a meta-analysis of childhood trauma and depression published in this monthā€™s issue of the Journal of Affective Disorders. ā€œThe findings clearly highlight the potential impact of the more ā€˜silentā€™ types of childhood maltreatment (other than physical and sexual abuse) on the development of depression,ā€ the researchers conclude.